Saturday, 7 May 2011

Giraffe Sweater

I adapted this pattern for this little sweater  found  here      I missed out the cords on the front because I wanted to make it for a boy.  I then decorated it with a appliqué crochet giraffe 
The sweater took me about 4 days to do and I made it in Dk wool and used a 4.50mm hook.   I think probably it will fit a 6 year old.  The only problem I had with this pattern was crocheting in the front of the loop It took longer because I kept picking up two by mistake.  I was pleased at how it turned out and I will probably use this pattern again.


  1. I love this sweater, but the link to the pattern no longer works. Do you happen to still have the pattern written down anywhere to repost (giving credit, of course). I'm having my first boy in May and it's hard to find good crochet patterns for boys. Thanks! Love your site!

  2. Hi liza-lu yes I'm sure I have it somewhere, I will hunt it out as soon as I can :)

    1. Have updated the link it should be ok now :)

    2. I will have to search for the giraffe again though :)


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