Friday, 27 March 2015

Five on Friday

Hello and a very good morning to you, I hope that you have all had a great week, I would just like to thank you all for all the lovely comments I received for the Mini rings of change rug and the for the Easter Chicks, this simple little pattern has been so popular and it's one I always come back to time and time again and I will be making lots more this weekend.

For this Five on Friday post I would like to talk about gardening things, although it's supposed to be Spring it's still very cold here and as I'm very much a fair weather gardener I usually won't venture out there until the weather is a few degrees warmer.  

However this year I have been kind of forced into it because of the council imposing a garden bin emptying charge, yes you heard it! now if we want our garden bin emptied we have to pay for it.  Well because I have a huge garden I had to comply and the first collection was today which of course necessitated the need for me to get out there last week and fill that bin.

1. Pampas Grass cut Down

 This is what I was faced with, luckily all of the plumes had gone so I'm hoping that the birds have gathered those for their nests.

2.Pampass grass clear up

 So this is what it's looks like after having had it's haircut, can you see all the surrounding mess!

 After a tidy up, one very full bin and...

one overflowing bag which I will be taking to the skip this weekend.

3. The hidden jungle

After having been brave enough to venture out there and actually get started on the clear up I decided have a look at the bottom of my garden because I know that I sometimes find hidden treasures down there

 I got quite a shock because It was really bad this is a poor photo but what a mess! we have had a lot of gale force winds this year and their aftermath is very much in evidence but.....

4. Crocuses in hiding

 Amongst the mess these beauties have  immerged bravely pushing their heads up through the rubble and the gravel

and there wedged in the corner, plant pots upturned I found...

5. Lovely finds

This clematis which I thought had died, it had no blooms last year but I'm hoping that this year it will have a least a few, I have placed it on my patio where I can watch it's every move and also keep and eye on these..

hyacinths, they were bent over in one direction but seem to have righted themselves, I'm not expecting too much their growth has been quite severely stunted but I love them just the same. :)

Leaving you with....

Some pretty sunshiney daffodils to brighten up your day.:)

Have a great weekend each and every one of you xxx

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  2. Mooi hè, de ontluikende lente.

  3. We don't have to pay for our green waste bin, but we do always make sure that it is filled before it is collected! Like you we make a lot of garden waste so I am very grateful that it is collected. It is good that your garden is doing well after the winter with some treasures appearing! The hyacinths will be lovely!!! Hope that you have a good weekend and can get in the garden again. Thank you so much for joining in! xx

  4. Good to find something pretty under the leaves and rubble, the crocuses are lovely. And the hyacinths, they look so fresh and new in that lovely earthy pot.

  5. With Spring comes work in the garden...but what a pleasure to see flowers blooming !!!
    Have a shinny weekend !!

  6. I've missed a few of your posts too! I haven't been very good about reading and commenting. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. Anyway, I love the way your mandala (rings of change thingy) turned out. It's beautiful!! The little chicks are just darling. It would be fun to have a basketful of them on the counter for Easter. Yes, it's that time of year to clean up the winter mess and cut back all the brown things to make way for spring again. So worth the work!

  7. How lovely to see spring has arrived in your garden. The snow is slowly melting away here and perhaps in a few weeks we will have plants poking through the ground. I joined in the 5 on Friday for the first time this week as I've been reading your posts and thought it would be fun to do. Enjoy the weekend.

  8. Pretty flowers Linda.


  9. Good Afternoon Linda, I think this is the 3rd year that we have had to pay a yearly amount for our garden waste to be taken away.... frustrating I know, but at least it saves a trip to the council recyling centre. Your pampas grass is huge... that must have taken a while to cut back. I remember my mother had a pampas grass in her garden and when she decided to dig it up it was a monster to get out of the ground. I love the plumes, I think they are lovely.
    Like you I am finding lots of unexpected plants hiding beneath the undergrowth. I tend not to clear my garden in the winter as I think it becomes a haven for insects to overwinter.
    I do love your hyacinths, they must smell gorgeous.
    Have a lovely weekend. Apparently it is going to be mild.... I hope so as I was out shopping today and it was freezing.
    Best wishes

  10. Green and flowers - great!!
    Happy weekend.:*

  11. Well, that stinks you now have to pay to have your yard waste picked up :-( I like all your pretty flowers. Have a great weekend, Linda :-)

  12. Terrific plant filled post today. Love the flowers. Cleaning up the yard is tough but so rewarding.

  13. It's always good to get out and have a good clear up at this time of year. It makes you feel so much better. Lovely to find a few blooms popping up in between.

  14. It all looks really good. Cleaning up for spring feels great, doesn't it? I loved seeing your pampas grass. I have several smaller clumps of ornamental grasses in my front yard and one of my favorite yardwork tasks is giving them a haircut! I'm always relieved when I see the new green shoots come up from the old dried base, because I worry that I've managed to kill them with my haircut. :)


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