Tuesday, 14 April 2015

With Little Girls in Mind Baby Blanket

This little blanket was my March project for the 200 crochet Squares Cal using blocks from 200 crochet blocks by Jan Eaton. 

I enjoyed making this because the blocks were all very easy to make and I loved the pretty candy colours I was using.

Blocks used
Block 113 Wisteria 
This is one of my favourite blocks it's lovely to make and so very pretty I used nine.

Block 37 Pin Stripes
A very easy but really effective block I used four of these.

Block 36 Pink Stripes
Then the easiest of them all, I used twelve of these.

I sewed each square onto the blanket as I made it and weaved in the ends so when it was all done there was only the border to make...

I sometimes find that it's easier to make it up as you go along and this is what I did here very simple but effective and I love it, I was quite proud of the finished result. I think it's just right for this blanket.  I will be writing it out and will share it with you all when I get time.

So there you have it one cute little baby girl blanket all ready to be popped into the box destined for Operation Orphan.

Sugar and spice and all things nice. :) xx

Hope everyones having a great week. 

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  1. Lovely blanket, such delicate colours. The wisteria square is beautiful.

  2. It's so pretty, Linda. I love the soft colors. Some baby girl is going to be very warm and cozy under this lovely blanket.

  3. Too good to give away! I would save that in the future grandchildren drawer!

  4. So lovely and such soft colours.Linda

  5. What an adorable blanket Linda. It looks great.


  6. What a beautiful baby blanket you made Linda!

  7. Such a lovely blanket, Linda. The soft and lovely colours are beautiful. The Wisteria square is gorgeous. How lovely that somewhere in the world a little baby will be wrapped up in your lovely blanket.

  8. It is beautiful!!!! I love the colours that you used too. A lovely way to us some of the different squares. xx

  9. What beautiful colours. Perfect for a little girl somewhere :)

  10. Beautiful baby blanket, great pattern and colors!!
    Happy day.:*

  11. Congrats on the beautiful finish, Linda! I love the pretty colors you used. And I think Wisteria is my favorite of the three blocks. It will be well loved.

  12. Beautiful. I love the colors. It reminds me of ice cream.


  13. Your blanket is so lovely and the colors, so soft :) great job!! Love the wisteria square and also the border too is done brilliantly!!:)
    You are a fast crocheter!!

  14. A real beauty...
    Have a shinny day !

  15. very creative construction, Linda! so lovely and sweet ♥ Ana BC

  16. Beautiful blanket for a little girl Linda. Love all the different squares.

  17. Good Evening Linda, Gosh, you really do make some beautiful things. The baby blanket is going to be lovely for a little girl. I love the colours you chose, pink, lavender and green go together perfectly.
    Best Wishes

  18. Wonderful!! ♥ Nice colors and patterns. It will make someone very happy!!

  19. What a lovely blanket. I love the wisteria square. It looks like little love hearts!

  20. I like how the Corner-Holes pattern worked out over all... And LOVELY job on the Border!

  21. I love the squares you have used. found it at the link up :)

  22. It's a beautiful blanket, I think the wisteria block is my favourite, as well as all the gorgeous colours you've used.

  23. Thank you for entering my link up. You are welcome this week too :o)

  24. That Wisteria block is so interesting! I have yet to see one like that - until now.
    Thank you for sharing at the Yarn Fanatic Party, and for continuing to share with us!
    #34: http://eyeloveknots.blogspot.com/2015/04/yarn-fanatic-linky-party-34.html


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