Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Yarn Along

The Greg Mystery CAL continues with part five Bob

What I love about this CAL is it's in small parts so you don't feel too overwhelmed as it leaves you plenty of time to get on with other projects.

Bob is one of four large squares and we are making him a few rounds at a time so here's rounds 1-7 just one more round to go for this week..

I don't feel too guilty about leaving the charity knitting to make one of these a night so one down and three to go, part two of Bob will be out on the 16th November.

I'm really enjoying this Cal you can read all about it here

I finished reading this book last week, it's about a very mixed up girl who had a very traumatic experience in her childhood which has affected her whole life, she refuses to deal with what happened and it's left her very disturbed.  I read the book but I didn't really enjoy it that much, some of the story seems just a bit far fetched to me and the print was tiny so I could only read a few pages at a time.
Now I'm catching up on magazines but I'm hoping to take a trip to the library for the first time in ages to see if there's anything I fancy reading tomorrow.

I'm joining in with Ginny's Yarn along and Jennifer's Winter Project Link Party, why don't you pop along and see what everyone else has been making and reading. :) 

 photo e69a549e-0e33-465a-b88b-a6ebe916eaaa_zps34480328.jpg


  1. Hi Linda, thank you for joining in with my link party! I really like the look of Bob, what a nice design. That book sounds a little heavy to me, but maybe I'll add it to my list. I'm willing to try just about any book, which is sometimes to my great detriment. :) I hope you're having a good week, take care.

  2. Your Greg is coming along nicely. I'm watching this CAL closely and may join in at some point - but I've started so many things, I really need to get them finished. I'm enjoying seeing your progress.

  3. Shame the book wasn't your thing, but it sounds as though the crocheting is, so that is good! xx

  4. Lovely star !!!!!!!!
    Have a cosy day ! Reading a good book ;)

  5. The CAL sounds really good being in small parts, I'm taking part in one which has now finished but I'm still not even half way through. It's a shame the book wasn't your thing, I hope you find something you enjoy more at the library.

  6. HI Linda,
    I love the little square you made and you are always creating something beautiful. You are an inspiration and I admire all of your work. Thanks. Too bad about the book!
    Enjoy the rest of the week. Julie

  7. Beautiful block, Linda !:) I hope you find something to read. I have been reading few books this year because I took goodreads challenge.

  8. What a good idea. Im knee deep in design work, Christmas present making and yet the idea of another blanket sounds great. I might be a bit realistic and make it a scarf.


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