Monday, 4 January 2016

More about the Follower thing and a little ramble.

Well I must say that's a bit of a relief thank you for putting my mind at rest, it's good to know that I wasn't the only one to lose nearly a dozen followers overnight.   Blogger should warn us about this I think, anyway in light of all your comments I have reinstated the follower thingy but It's at the bottom of my blog where I can't see it and worry when I see someone has flown the nest as it were.

As for my follower numbers you must realise that I have been blogging since the end of 2011 and for the first year I had practically none.  Some blogs seem to be a hit overnight whereas for others it's a long slow process.   Having said that the number of followers you have is not a good indication of whether your blog is popular, I follow many blogs who's follower numbers are quite small but the comments they receive are many.  Surely that is a better way of knowing just how popular your blog is if people leave a comment you know that they are interested and will want to come back again. 

Then again sometimes you receive no comments but if you look at your stats you can see that people have been and read your post but probably just haven't had the time to leave a comment or perhaps they are just lurkers who just like to browse. 

I have noticed that many bloggers seem to have disappeared over the past year or so and that saddens me because I used to love to visit and see what they were up to, however there are always new blogs to explore when time allows, that is the main factor don't you think there is never enough of it.

Anyway I have found that many of the disappearing bloggers can be found on instagram probably because using instagram is a quicker way of doing things it's like a mini blog thing, take a photo add a little caption and that's it.  I have been a member of instagram for quite a while but I keep forgetting about it maybe I will try and be more proactive this year I'm lindasolaiman on there if anyone wants to follow. Do you use it and what do you think?

I have decided to continue with the stash-link party and thank you to all of you who want to join in with the stash-busting.  I'm going to take Preeti's idea and make it a fortnightly party and it will be launched on the second and fourth Sunday of each month so the next one will be this coming Sunday, I hope you will join in.

 I'm hoping to show you pictures of my Moogly blanket soon if I can find any decent ones it's been so dull and I had to take them in a hurry.

Speaking of picture's do you like the one I have for my header, this was taken locally by my brother who is a fantastic photographer he makes even the dullest landscape look spectacular.

Have a great week. :) 

 photo e69a549e-0e33-465a-b88b-a6ebe916eaaa_zps34480328.jpg


  1. Linda, I am glad you have managed to sort out the follower problem. Like you, I have an Instagram account but haven't used it very much, I tend to forget about it but have used it a bit more over the holidays. I have to confess to not understanding the Google followers in circle thing which seems to be a new type of follower tool, I have received emails to join someone's circle but there doesn't seem to be a link to their blog to see if it is someone you want to link with. Perhaps it is me being thick. xx

    1. Yes I don't really get that either Jan, sometimes I have complete strangers adding me to their circle but they don't even have a blog or anything in common with me whatsoever.:)

  2. Your header photo is lovely.I thought you had taken it from a book.

  3. Hi Linda thank you for the insight into blog followers. It's very informative. Your new header photo is lovely. Have a great week, Pat

  4. Lovely header photo Linda, your brother is very talented.
    I've only just joined instagram, but I can see what the attraction is. Sometimes a blog post seems to take up so much time to prepare. I'm determined to try to make more time for my blog. As you say, it's a pity when blogs you enjoy reading disappear.

  5. Glad you have worked things out and are feeling better about it. I hope that you keep blogging, because I have been following and reading you for a long time now and I would miss you! Beautiful header photo! xx

  6. I love the new header and I'm glad the follower mystery has been solved.

  7. I read about your loss of followers and didn't even clue in that it's probably the google changes. FYI Google Plus is the blogging that has "circles". I signed up for Google Plus at one stage, but suddenly all these people that were on there were people I was avoiding from Facebook! I didn't want to share my blog with them since I quit Facebook, so I scrambled desperately to remove myself from the Plus. It worked, but I won't be joining it unless google gives me no option. Many times I can't leave a comment on someone's blog because they haven't changed their settings to accept comments to anyone except those with Google Plus. It's a bit frustrating. I'm glad you're keeping up with Stash Busting Linda, as I think you get quite a lot of response to that. I haven't joined in for ages because I haven't been using stash wool for my projects lately (nor have there even been many projects!). I'm not on Instagram because I can't spend any more time on that. Already too much time spent on the blog. And lastly, I think your header photo is beautiful! I like your description of your brother's talent with the dull landscape ;) Enjoy your week my friend! And please don't even think about quitting your blog as I love chatting with you!!

  8. I sure like your blog, your texts are always so nice to read and your work is inspiring. Don't worry about numbers, but I must admit that I'm just like you and sometimes doubting and reflecting about my blog. Instagram seems great, but I haven't tried it yet. I personally like to add more text to my pictures, but that's different for everyone I suppose.
    Anyhow, Wishing you the best for 2016, and hope to read your blog for a long time to come.

  9. Glad your sounding better about the whole thing, I shall have a look at the stash buster party this Sunday xx

  10. I have an account on Instagram but I don't use it. I like blogging because it is more like talking to someone with similar interests. I find Pinterest more interesting than Instagram and there I haven't bothered about anybody following me. I just pin what I like. Your header image is beautiful!! Looking forward to see your blanket and the fortnightly link party too:)

  11. Hello from Finland! Your blog looks lovely, Linda, and you seem to have many enthusiastic readers. Don't worry too much about the follower number. I was following mine with interest, but when one of the followers closed her blog (and her Blogger profile) and at the same time many other followers "disappeared" (they are there but the number shown is wrong!), I decided not to care any more.
    I too had created an Instagram account but decided not to use it. I don't have enough time for it and prefer blogging and interacting with my blog readers and other bloggers.
    Happy New Year!

  12. Some of my followers are gone too but I don't mind...
    I have just one blog and it's enough for me. I don't want to spend a lot of time on my PC.
    Have a lovely day !

  13. I have been blogging a lot longer than you my friend and my follower list is small, but I think it is indeed the quality of your followers that counts, I would much rather have several really great friends who follow than thousands I don't know. Thank you for hosting lovely parties and for being a great friend.


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