Friday, 15 January 2016

Five On Friday

So here we are January is half gone already and I still haven't put my crafting plans for the year in place.  I need to have a plan and it needs to be written down otherwise I start new projects all over the place and nothing gets finished.  So this is what I've decided.. 

I will be working on five things a month two of which are monthly challenges which will take up most of the year the first is..

A sweater a month  to be made for little boys I'm so pleased that I've managed to finish my January sweater already, thank you to everyone who has left me such lovely comments you can see the sweater here. I have already chose the pattern I'm going to use for the February sweater now I need to look through my stash to decide on which yarn, now two colours or three? decisions decisions... I can't wait to get started but by making just one a month it will give me time to do other things.

Make at least two Teddy puppets for Operation Christmas Child, if you remember I made some last year when Occ Barton on Humber were trying to beat the world record, well they didn't succeed but would like to try again this year.

They are appealing to everyone to help out and make a Teddy puppet or two.  They are great fun to make and are great stash-busters too.  You can see what I made in this post and there are pattern links there too in case you fancy helping out.

Specific to January

Finish my Greg Blanket from the  crochet along last year, all the crocheting is done and 

I'm busy sewing the squares together, it's going to turn out much bigger than I thought it would, hopefully I'll have a completed blanket to show you before the end of the month.

I'm following another CAL it's super easy and I'm enjoying it, it's going to be ongoing for January through to February.  As always there are so many new crochet alongs and all of them are calling to me but for now I will stick to this one and will be telling you all about it in my next post.

It's hard to choose the last one because there is so much I want to do and I have so many wips to finish but I've chosen this...

The cardigan I began making for myself back here.  I was so excited to get started on it but it had to be put to one side because of more urgent makes. 

 I hate restarting something that's been put down, I have to reacquaint myself with the pattern and try to  remember where I left off.  My big problem is I rarely follow a pattern exactly how it's written I usually adapt it a bit, usually to make it fit better and then as in this case when I go back to it I can never remember what it was I did.  I know what you are saying well why didn't you write it down? well the simple answer to that one is I probably did but can't remember where!

This year will be different I have a new  notebook just for my projects and everything will be entered into there, now where did I put it?

Have a great weekend :) 

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  1. I'm impressed at you making a sweater a month, your needles must be on fire lol. Love the colours in your January Sweater :)

  2. Good luck with your 2016 craft plan agenda. I am also a serial starter but not so good at finishing things off but I am trying to be more controlled this year. xx

  3. You sound very well organised.I will try and make some teddy puppets but where do I send them?

    1. The address is not made public but just email Julia Wilson here email for the address. :)xx

  4. You have lot of things on your plan. Good luck to you!! I love the blanket squares and your cardigan color:) May be, you can attach the written paper with a clip on the sweater itself. Just need to remove while knitting and then attach it again.

  5. Such wonderful plans. Love the idea of a sweater a month and a lovely challenge with the puppets.

  6. Sounds like doable plans Linda. I love the colors you used for the Greg CAL.


  7. A great selection of projects. I hope you manage to keep to your plans - there are far too many distracting patterns and CALs out there. I'm trying to keep to two knitting / crocheting projects at a time so that I can fit in embroidery and sewing. So far so good, but I'm weak and I know it won't last.

  8. It sounds as though you have some great crafting goals for the year! I hope that you get to achieve them all and more. A new notebook to write everything in sounds like a great idea to me!! Thank you for joining Five On Friday! Happy Weekend! xx

  9. Five great projuects which I'm sure you will accomplish.

  10. I love seeing yarny goodness! I also love cals! I'm participating in 3 different ones this year. I hope you can stop by:


  11. I'm so impressed with your crafting goals. A sweater a month! (says a very slow knitter!) The wool in the last photo looks so pretty. Good luck with your goals.

  12. Great projects Linda I have a couple of cardigans to finish & a blanket. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress throughout the year xx

  13. Wonderful works and projects in this post and in the previous ones!
    Happy weekend!

  14. Glad to see the Teddy Bear challenge up and running again...I can spend all year doing those !

  15. You sound like you have some sort of plan in place anyway! lol
    It's always good to have a plan though. All the best for 2016.
    Cheers, Anita.

  16. You always have such lovely projects on the go and you're so generous with your charity knitting. Such worthwhile causes, I'm sure they're so very grateful for your help.

  17. Oh Wow! Your needles must click away at a rate of knots - well done Linda, that's very impressive. x

  18. You are amazing Linda. So much planned. I have a hard time picking a sweater back up and working on it after it has been put aside for a while, I have one staring at me from a basket as I type this.


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