Friday, 20 August 2021

Bunco and Zentangle Flower Mania

 Have you heard of Bunco? Well I certainly hadn't until quite recently. You see that's the beauty of the u3a you meet people that have tried all sorts of things that you have probably never even thought or heard of before. 

For those of you who haven't heard of it it's a game where you throw 3 dice. You need three tables and twelve people and that's the fun bit bringing twelve people together to play a very easy once you get the hang of it dice game. 

It takes a while to get it because you have to move tables depending on whether you are a winner or a loser. And remembering which table you should be moving to can get quite confusing until the penny drops the problem is everyone's penny drops at different times so there can be a bit of hilarious confusion.

My friend Paula organised it as a way of raising funds for Macmillan. We all pay a small fee to join in and there are lots of small prizes, like chocolate or maybe a bottle of wine.

 There are many talented crafty people in the u3a and many of them contributed by making knitted or sewn items for Paula to sell before we started playing the game and then again a week later at a Macmillan coffee morning.

I did some decoupage both on a bottle which Paula had kindly supplied and on some stones.

Painted Stones

Now we come to the zentangle flower bit, I was inspired by Linda from crafty gardener and this post.

Since then I have been zentangling flowers none stop, it's the easiest and most relaxing way to get into the zone as it were. I can do this for hours and I always love the results.

There are zentangle flower bugs all over my garden and they have found their way into friends and families homes and gardens too.

I am actually having a break right now because my neck is hurting a lot and looking down all the time can't be helping, that's the problem when you craft a lot it requires you to look down onto your work and I've been doing it for years, all my life really. I'm trying to lift things up closer to eye level which doesn't work for stone painting but I can manage to some extent for crochet. 

My brother's burns are healing very slowly but are now extremely painful we have had to get him stronger pain relief especially for when they change the dressings. 

He actually asked me to call into a warden controlled facility near to where I live to get a brochure so it appears he is beginning to accept that he does need more help.  I know that it will be difficult for him to find a place at Harbour Lodge  which is very close to me as there's always a long waiting list but it doesn't do any harm to try.

Have a great weekend. 😊


  1. Is there no end to your talents? I love the idea of Bunco, it sounds like great fun. And your Zentangling looks fun too. No wonder you have a bad neck - everything you do involves looking down. Glad to hear that Billy has asked for help and I hope he continues to recover from those horrible burns xxx

  2. I've never heard of Bunco, it sounds like a great game for a group of people. I have heard of Zentangle, your stones look great, as does the decoupage. Good news about your brother accepting that he may need some help, it's very hard seeing the ones we love in pain and knowing what the best thing would be for them, but it can be so hard for them to accept it. I do hope he gets some relief from the stronger painkillers, I can't imagine how much pain he's in. Wishing him a swift recovery.

  3. I have heard of Bunco, but it must be ages since I played it. Love your zentangle rocks, I need to get out and collect a few more rocks to make some more. Thanks for the link back to my site.

  4. I want that pink flowered rock, they are all amazing. So sorry to hear your brother is in so much pain, burns are so horrible. I am hoping the increase in medication will help and that he will soon live where he can get help. That will ase your burden a bit. Stay safe Linda.

  5. I've not heard of Bunco, but it sounds fun.
    That does sound encouraging that your brother is more accepting that he may need help.

    Enjoy your weekend, and the coming week.

    All the best Jan

  6. I heard of Bunco years ago, but I've never played it. You make it sound very fun. If I'm given the opportunity to play, I'll try to not pass it by. Your stones are so cute. I hope you brother get relief soon - perhaps he already has. As hard it it may feel to him, I'm glad for him and you that he's willing to accept more help.

  7. I have heard about Bunco but I've never played the game. You painted rocks are beautiful. I hope your brother heals and feels better soon. Have a nice week!

  8. What a delight it must be to walk through your garden Linda! I would love to see all your painted rocks and the Zentangle design is outstanding! I don’t think I have heard of Bunco before now. It certainly looks as if you and your friends are having fun now that you can get back together again. Keep well! Amanda.


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