Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Star Stitch Success!

I love star stitch but never managed to get it quite right but at last I've succeeded while making the second square of The Last Dance On The Beach CAL.  The great thing about this whole process is the video tutorial by Esther for each one of the squares...

I managed to turn out a perfect square, however getting the sizing right wasn't as simple because one of the downfalls of using stash yarn is two different brands of the same thickness yarn will not come out the same size. As I mentioned before I'm usuing Aran yarn which is working up like a chunky, however the yarn I used for this square is labelled Aran and works up like an Aran so I had to increase my hook size considerably to get a ten inch square.

This square was designed by Kirsten from Haahmaarraak.nl and I love it.  I'm really regretting not following this CAL as it was unfolding but at least all the patterns for each square are still there for us to follow as and when we like.
You can find the pattern for this square along with the video tutorial here 

This CAL has quite taken over my life I'm enjoying it so much because a square works up quickly and as I'm only making three of each  I'm not getting bored and can't wait to start on the next one.

It's been fun seeing your finished blankets too and I'm so glad Ive inspired some of you to join me, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's squares as they unfold

A note to self for future reference and for anyone living in or visiting the UK ...
Poundstretcher Aran yarn works up like chunky, Aldi Aran yarn works up like Aran.

Thank you for the great response from my last post you are all lovely for taking the time to give me your advice about choosing a camera.  I will look into all the camera's you have suggested before I make my decision.  

Have a great week.

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  1. I saw many people on IG doing that CAL with lovely finishes. Not all yarns are created equal, that's for sure. I much prefer to work with thicker varieties.

  2. The squares look lovely. I'm glad you're enjoying the CAL so much. Clearly variety is the spice of life. Looking forward to watching your progress.

  3. They are very pretty. I like the texture. I haven't tried this particular star stitch, but I did use a somewhat similar one for a blanket, a hat, and a diaper cover. But I'll need to master this star stitch too! Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Your squares with the star stitch are so very beautiful Linda.
    I did like to make them too.

  5. Your squares are lovely , Linda!! :) I like this stitch and have it on my todo list. I have done two different star stitches recently and one of those is ready and I will post today.

  6. The squares are lovely well done! I love a video tutorial, I'd never have learnt to knit and crochet without them x

  7. That's a really pretty and delicate stitch! I made a hat in something You are one determined woman when it comes to CALs! I admire your perseverance Linda ;)

  8. What a beautiful pattern !!!!!!
    Have a nice evening !!!

  9. I have never tried the star stitch before but is very pretty and effective xx Looking forward to seeing your finished blanket :)

  10. It's a pretty stitch, Linda, and your squares turned out perfect! Great job :-). Happy Sunday! Nata xxx

  11. Hi Linda, I'm so glad to see your star stitch success! It looks great. I've been wanting to learn this stitch for a while - I even have a project in mind - but have not yet tried to figure it out. I'm glad you were able to get it right, it gives me hope for myself. :)

  12. the star stitch tutorial by esther is not there anymore is there somewhere else i could go

    1. Hi Janet I've refreshed the link it should be ok now. :)

  13. Hello Linda,
    I love your squares Linda and what a beautiful crochet stitch!! :)
    Enjoy the weekend.


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