Tuesday 7 January 2014

Pom Pom Baby Hat

At the beginning of the stash-buster challenge last year I had a huge baby stash some kind person had donated.  I was thrilled of course and concentrated my efforts on busting it. I'm pleased to say that I did manage to use a huge proportion of it and I was feeling just a teeny bit smug. I was ready to move on to pastures new as it were and start concentrating on other projects, maybe even finish my blanket which has now been on the go for two years.  
As most of you know I work in a rehabilitation Day Unit for the elderly, we have a sweet guy called Ron who comes for physiotherapy a couple of times a week.  Ron is a quiet chap who sometimes watches the ladies and myself (if time permits), knit and crochet.  Have you noticed that not only does crafting sooth and calm the person who is doing it, it seems to also have the same effect on those who watch.  Anyway one day Ron asked me in his shy quiet voice if I need any yarn because his daughter in law had lots she had accumulated and wanted rid of.  What a question to ask a stashaholic like myself! do I need any yarn?, " of course I do Ron, please just ask her to bring it in and we will put it to good use"...so she did..............

 Lots of lovely baby yarn

Ah well I do love making baby things :)

Preemie Hats 3

PomPom Baby Hats

These little preemie hats are easy to make and as quick as can be.

These are made with 4ply yarn.

and these are made with Dk

I'm sure you don't really need a pattern for these but I will write it down anyway.

Basic Pattern
4 ply Version

Written in English terms
tr = dc
dc = sc

6 grams 4ply yarn 
3mm hook

Make a Magic ring
Round one - ch3 and 15tr into ring, ss to ch3 at beg of round. (here and throughout ch3 counts as 1tr)
Round two - ch3, *2tr into next tr, 1tr in next tr* rep from * to * around, ss to top of ch3 =24 tr
Round three - ch3, 1tr in next tr, *2tr in next tr, 1tr into next 2tr* around, ss to top of ch3 = 32 tr
Round four - ch3, 1tr in next 2 tr, *2tr in next tr, 1tr in next 3tr* around ss to top of ch3  = 40 tr
Round five - ch3 1 tr in each tr around, ss to top of ch3 repeat this round until 10 rounds have been worked.
Round eleven - loosely reverse dc (crab stitch) in each treble around, finish off, weave in ends.
*make sure that you work the final round loosely so that it's not too tight to fit onto a fragile babies head.

Add a cute pompom if you wish

Double knit version

4mm hook
9 grams Dk yarn

Work as above until round three =  32 tr, then continue on these stitches until 9 rounds have been worked, finish off as above.

 NewBorn Size

Made with Dk yarn
Follow preemie version until round four then
Round five - ch3 then 1tr in next 3tr, *2tr in next tr, 1tr in next 4 tr* around  = 48 tr1st
Round six - 3ch, 1tr in each tr around ss to top of ch3, repeat this round until thirteen rounds have been worked.
Round fourteen - loosely reverse dc (crab stitch) in each treble around, finish off, weave in ends.

Please let me know if you make any of these I would love to know if the pattern works ok for you.

preemie,baby,hats,pompom,easy,free pattern

Ten cute little hats

75 grams of yarn busted.


  1. Oh my! Ron and his daughter are a gem! How lovely of them. The hats are cute! BTW I also notice crocheting can have a calming effect on others. My husband says the sound of me crocheting (the hook going through the yarn etc) makes him feel really warm and fuzzy. Aww!

  2. How lovely Linda. That was so nice that they both thought of you. That's a lot of yarn to give a away....so thoughtful! Love all the little hats. You sure can whip them up really fast!!!
    xx Shari

  3. Great start with all those baby hats made... They are SO cute! That reminds me I need to make some to send for the hospital. I will add some pompoms for the cuteness factor ;-)
    I am thinking you will be busy with all that new stash (as if we needed an excuse, right?)

  4. How very nice of Ron and his daughter to give you some yarn. And thank you so much for making the little hats for our guardian grandmas project. :)

  5. What a lovely addition to your stash! You've made a good start at busting it, though. Lovely little baby hats.

  6. There should be more Rons in this world!!

  7. That was very sweet of Ron; he must have known you are the queen of the baby items :-) Adorable hats. Thanks for the pattern; you can never have too many versions.
    Blessings :-)

  8. How sweet is he! and the hats too! :)

  9. Hi Linda- it's great to work through donated yarn. My friend has some that she wants me to go through with her, I am teaching her how to crochet and we both can use it.

    I do have a question on the pattern. The first part of the pattern you list a "4-ply version" and "double knit version". Is that referring to the difference in the weight of the yarn and that is why the pattern is a little different?

    Also, would you have any suggestions as to how to make these hats for a 0-3 month baby vs. a preemie?


    1. Hi Lori, yes that's right the 4ply is finer than the dk yarn. It will be easy to adapt this for a newborn, you just need to continue with the increase rounds, give me a little time and I will post a new born size too once I have worked it out. :)

  10. Oh my goodness that is like baby yarn Heaven! Ron found the right person for all that yarn.

  11. It comes and it goes! lovely little hats x

  12. Love the hats, so simple but so cute and the pompoms take them over the top!

  13. I think I'm not doing something right. Only I can could mess up a simple pattern :-) For round 2, I get 21 stitches, not 24. The only way I get 24 is if I do 2 stitches in 1, 1 stitch in the next 1 (not 2). What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks :-)

  14. No Kate you haven't messed it I have, thank you for testing this for me, I think I have put it right , please try it again and let me know if it works out ok. :)

  15. How lovely all that baby yarn! And thanks for the pattern I do need it!! Xx

  16. Oh wow! How absolutely fantastic. What a gift! Will certainly keep you busy. How lovely that you get to crochet and knit with the ladies. I have a whole bag of knitted baby hats that my father-in-law's wife made after he had passed away. She needed something to do while she grieved and adjusted and I had read an article about the donation of knitted preemie hats. Never did get them sent off, there's about 20, I think. Will have to dig them out and send them to Debbie. Best wishes, and happy yarning, Tammy

    1. That's a great idea Tammy, Debi will be glad to receive them. :)

  17. Thank you for all your lovely comments everyone. :)

  18. Hi Linda :) I'm glad the yarn you received is yarn you can use :) and for such amazing projects - you have a very generous heart! Thank you for linking up at the party and Congratulations! This project was one of the featured designs at Link & Share Wednesday! http://www.oombawkadesigncrochet.com/2014/01/link-and-share-wednesday-party-25.html

  19. Thank you for the new born crochet pattern. Its only the second time I have used a crochet pattern. Your explanation is so clear. I even made the crab st. OK. Picture is on L H general chat. under My First...

    1. Thank you for your feed back Pat I'm glad it worked ok for you, I'm off to take a look. :)

  20. Love your website! Found it through another crafter on FB. I live in the US and make many baby things for gifts or donation. I love the hats you posted here!


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