Sunday 30 January 2011

New project work in progress, crochet square blanket

I have bought myself a new crochet book about motifs and squares.  To justify the buying of this book I feel must  actually make something out of it.  Actually I do like the book but it must be said not as much as I thought I would,. however it has given me some ideas and I like looking through it.
Here is the first project started last week, made out of wool bought in Durham Market.

These little squares are very easy to make, my aim is to make 22 squares a week so that I sew two rows together at the weekend.  That's 122 squares altogether, I am enjoying it honest and I already have my next blanket planned.  Watch this space : )

Ready to go for Winter 2010 Callenge

These are all ready to go for little Bravin the Kenyan boy for the winter 2010 challenge.

Sunday 16 January 2011

Coconut Ice

My friend Julie came into work a few weeks back with a grin that stretched from ear to ear.  She had been having a clear out at home and in the deep dark recesses of a cupboard had come across some yarn.  She had no idea how long it had been there and although some garment was a third of the way through she couldn't remember what she was supposed to be doing with it.  She jubilantly thrust the bulging carrier bag into my hands.  Well I love donations of this sort but at that time I had no idea about the challenge which awaited me.
It was a navy fleck fluffy type of wool which was called coconut ice.  I did research it online and found that it had been discontinued ages ago and there was not a pattern for this type of yarn to be found anywhere.
I decided that it would make a lovely jumper or jacket for a child so out came my patterns and I started with great enthusiasm, however, attempt after attempt was pulled out, the tension wasn't right, I was getting more and more despondent.  the stuff was awful to knit with and because it was a dark shade I couldn't see the stitches either.  In sheer desperation I appealed to the ladies on loving hands, one of the ladies suggested I use one of her patterns because they worked with all types of yarn.  I did as she suggested and although I had to adapt it quite a bit I finally managed to make a little sweater.  It's lovely and soft and I hope it will keep some little child warm.

There are three balls of this stuff left and they can be found in the dark depths of one of my cupboards now, I will use them one day but just for now, I just want to forget about them.

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Snowy December

 My snowy garden.

I have never felt so cold as I did last month, it reminded my of my childhood days where snow was the norm, of walking to school in knee high snow, wearing wellies and knee socks, of red knee's and snowball fights, of building snow forts and battling with our next door neighbours, of parents shouting at the trail of snow we walked through the house.  We have been spoilt of late. Those long cold winters nearly forgotten because of the milder winters of the near present.  It looks like we will have to get used to those cold winters once again as the climate seems to be coming more extreme.
My poor car stood abandoned for two weeks resulting in a flat battery and a stalled engine.  

We had only a few clients at work because the ambulances couldn't get to the side streets to collect them.  A very lonely  time for many elderly people isolated in their homes.  We will have more snow before the winter is out but at least now I am more prepared I have a brand new snow shovel a christmas present from my brother so no excuses for snow laden path and buried car.

Icicle view through bedroom window