Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Snowy December

 My snowy garden.

I have never felt so cold as I did last month, it reminded my of my childhood days where snow was the norm, of walking to school in knee high snow, wearing wellies and knee socks, of red knee's and snowball fights, of building snow forts and battling with our next door neighbours, of parents shouting at the trail of snow we walked through the house.  We have been spoilt of late. Those long cold winters nearly forgotten because of the milder winters of the near present.  It looks like we will have to get used to those cold winters once again as the climate seems to be coming more extreme.
My poor car stood abandoned for two weeks resulting in a flat battery and a staling engine.  We had only a few clients at work because the ambulances couldn't get to the side streets to collect them.  A very lonely  time for many elderly people isolated in their homes.  We will have more snow before the winter is out but at least now I am more prepared I have a brand new snow shovel a christmas present from my brother so no excuses for snow laden path and buried car.

Icicle view through bedroom window

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