Friday 4 November 2022

Even More Christmas Mosaic

 As Mosaic Crochet becomes more and more popular our talented designers are creating the most amazing designs and as Christmas draws closer they are tempting us almost daily with a new festive pattern release.

Here are those I have come across so far this year, I will add to them as more become available, if any of you find any that I have missed please send me the link...

Starting off with a free pattern from Yarnspirations...

Evergreen Mosaic Blanket

This is Inset Mosaic and you can find the free pattern here

Winter Night by Gaëlle Urbanet
Paid pattern here

Frosty Friend by Marissa Tetmyer
Paid pattern is here

Lovely Wintertime and Advent Calendar Below

The designer is  Susanne Toth and she has a 50% discount on all of her patterns at the moment to celebrate SUTO Crochet Design's one year anniversary 

Her Ravelry Store is here
Facebook page here 
Ho Ho Ho by Rosina Plane
Ravelry Store here

Magda Christmas table Gaëlle Urbanet
Paid pattern here

In the Spirit of... by Anke Wintermans

Santa's Visit 
by Marissa Tetmyer
Paid pattern here

Snowscape by Abi McIntyre
Paid pattern here

Wintery Forest by Ana Morais Soares
Details here

by  Lucille Schubert

Oh Christmas Tree by  Ana Morais Soares

Click below for more great Christmas Patterns.....


  1. All beautiful mosaics !
    Not talented enough to do one of those...
    But you can :)
    Have a nice evening !

  2. That is such beautiful designs and patterns. Wishing you a happy Friday and weekend Linda.

  3. So how many of those Mosaics are you planning to make Linda? I think you've already done HoHoHo, haven't you? I like The Spirit of...

    1. I haven't done hohoho yet Babs but I have the pattern, it's finding the time! x

  4. Each and every one is a work of art. X

  5. I love this post, and love the colourful Christmas tree, but how many unused patterns do you think we have.

  6. They're all beautiful, aren't they. I'd be very tempted by most of these if my crochet skills were up to scratch.

  7. They are all so nice.
    Happy crocheting :)

    All the best Jan

  8. So many talented and creative people coming up with really lovely patterns. If only I weren't such a lazy crocheter :)

  9. There are some very talented designers out there . Each of the designs you have shown are amazing . I love them all but I think my favourite is 'Wintery Forest'.

  10. Wow, these are stunning! You've gathered some great designers for us. I think I'll pick the Winter Night as my favorite but it is a very close call.

  11. The mosaic crochet afghans are fantastic.


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