Tuesday 8 January 2013

Stash-buster Challenge 2013

Hello fellow stashers, I am so pleased to know that I am not alone, it looks like we all have stash overflow, and once again thank you for all your lovely comments and suggestions on the subject.  The question is then what do we do about it, do we really want to rid ourselves of the stash or do we love it too much ?   I think we love it but not too much to let at least some of it go but we have to be gentle with ourselves and do it gradually that’s why Ana from lanas de ana. and myself would like to propose the stash-buster challenge 2013

Why not challenge ourselves to use up a part of our stash every month?  would you like to join us if so there are just a few tiny rules.


  •   Leave a comment on here or on Ana’s blog if you want to join in. 

  • Copy the challenge photo to your side bar and link it back to this or Ana's post.

  • Show a picture of your stash or part of the stash you want to use up next.

  • Once it's all used up show us the stash busting project/projects you have managed to make with it,    (tell us about them and add a pattern link if you like)

  • Reveal the next bit of stash you want to use next and so on… see so easy.

Don't forget to link up your projects in the monthly stash-buster link party you can find the link in the right side bar or in the index at the top of my blog

We can encourage each other and make suggestions along the way as to how we can use our stash and what to do with the things we make.

Remember this is just for fun and there is absolutely no pressure whatsoever, if however you want to do a bit of serious stash busting why not weigh your projects, I can keep a count of all totals and reveal just how many grams of yarn you have managed to use each month and you will have a grand total by the end of the year.

If you decide to join the challenge I will add your name to the list below and add your blog to the stash-busters blog roll on the right hand side of my blog, I can then see what lovely things you have made for the challenge.
By following our blog and adding us to your side bar you will be able to see all the latest posts about the challenge as they happen.
Visit back often to see what fellow stash-busters are up to.

If you have any questions please let me know.
Let’s get stash-busting!  

Ana BC @ lanas de ana
Tammy @ Ts Daily Treasures
Ali @ Random Wooliness
Val @ yarni gras
Delilah @ love,laugh,sew
Kate @ Stitches Scraps and sparkles in the sun
Astri @ Apple Blossom Dreams
Nicole @ dabbling all day 
Julia @ Jaydee's Ramblings
Kara @ Petals to Picots
Julie @ Mack and Mabel
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Paula @ The Nutty Knitter
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Fiona @shanghailily

From Loving Hands

Maureen S 
Mary (lostmathread)
Shirley b
Pat A
Mrs Moneypenny
Anne G

And at Ana's

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Celia @ Esmeralda Manualidades
Sandra @ Costurera, costurerita novata
Janina @ El Baúl de Crochet y Telar

Rhondda @ oombawka Design


  1. I just blogged about it -- count me in. Thanks, Tammy

  2. I'd love to Linda...It'll take me a bit to get organised...but I'm certainly keen - and have several ideas already formulating!
    Looking forward to seeing what everyone makes for their stash busting projects!
    Ali x

  3. Fantastic welcome to the challenge ladies I have added your names, I'm looking forward to seeing your idea's, there's no rush Ali we have all year. :)

  4. Hi, Linda! I am so excited about starting the Challenge. There are more friends joining through my blog, and you can count them in. Some of them do not have blogs, but I told them it is ok. We are ready to start busting our yarn stash ;-)
    Ana BC

  5. Joining in as well but will have to post later in the week so I can take some photos first! I'll go ahead and grab the badge right now though.

  6. okay, went ahead and got the post up too! yay!

  7. What perfect timing! I have been wanting to use up my stash. I have been making slippers. I would like to participate as well.

  8. Count me in! I need all the motivation I can get :-)

  9. Me too!

    OK, step one done...probably won't be until the weekend until I can take care of step two and beyond.

    What a great idea. Thank you for hosting this!

  10. Hi Linda, Stash busting is definitely what I need in 2013. But I am not sure whether I should put my name down(commitment phobia, I think) :)
    But I will certainly be coming back here for inspiration and I will send you the link if I do manage to do Something.

    1. Great Sangeetha, just let me know if you decide to join and I will add your name :)

    2. Hi Sangeetha! You and I should totally do this..I'm in how about you?

      TracyAnn from www.crochethappy.com

  11. ooh i was just thinking about doing this yesterday! glad to have some company to do it :D
    i'm in!

  12. I'm keen :)

    Still working on getting the picture up

  13. Fantastic welcome everyone this is going to be fun :)

  14. Well - comment - done. Pic on blog sidebar of my blog - done. Photo of stash - hmm, not sure I want that documented! ;)

    1. haha I know what you mean Julia..be brave :)

  15. I'll join you too. I'm documenting my stash busting each week on my blog and sending the items to Greenfields Africa, but I'll give some monthly totals for you as well. Seeing what everyone is gettingnthrough will keep me motivated :)

  16. Im in now Linda (blog now up and running!) Im f1widow from Loving Hands but im Jaqueline on Blogger - blog name Opening the Front Door - so am all up for the challenge ! xx

  17. Fantastic ladies your names are added :)

  18. Hi Linda! I would like to join the challenge. Thanks:)

  19. Welcome ladies I have added your names :)

  20. Hi Linda (and Ana)! Count me in. Pics and blogpost will be up during the weekend :-)

  21. welcome to the challenge Inga Helene :)

  22. I'd like to play too - I'm currently knitting socks and have plenty of suitable yarn in my stash. Putting up a post shortly.

  23. he he this is fun
    my stash bust for this week amounted to ...... 145g I'll pop them on my blog later - hope everyone is getting on well x

  24. Count me in. It will be sock yarn first. :-)

  25. Paso por acá a contarles que ya hice mi primer progreso en el reto.
    Estoy trabajando en otro progreso, que espero mostrarles pronto.
    Besos tejidos con lanas acumuladas.

  26. What a great idea! Would love to join in. I will post the pics and buttons this weekend! Thanks!

  27. Please ..I would like to join with the stashbusting!

  28. I love this idea, but am new to blogging and am learning how to get mine set up :) I would like to join and as soon as I figure out how to do the linking, please count me in.

    1. I have added your name Christine just post me a link when you have your blog set up :)

  29. Oh, yes please! What great timing - I'd posted last week about needing to cut down my yarn stash, and I'm looking forward to working through some of the nicer bits... I might need to get creative with some of my mistake buys though.
    I've added the link on my blog, and will try to dig out my stash to see what I've got soon - I think some of it might be too well hidden though ;-)
    Thank you!

    1. I've taken some pictures now...

  30. I am definitely joining! My stash is on the verge of taking over my bedroom....

    T'onna @ http://www.navywifeypeters.blogspot.com

  31. I would love to participate. It isI hard to walk2 around my craft room, awful. Maria

  32. Ive busted 260g this week Linda - hope you and all the other "Bustees" are doing well this week xxx

  33. This sounds great, I'm in :)

    My blog is http://paperwoolyarn.blogspot.com

  34. My daughter sent me a link to your blog this morning. I told her I wanted to start working on all the projects I've been collecting. I think it will be fun to join this challenge. Please include me.

  35. Linda I'm not clear on where / how we are to show our stash busting.
    Do I post about it on my blog then....what? Do I continue to post it here in the comments?
    If yes...here is my stashbusting post for the week

    1. Yes Tracy just post on your blog, I will find it as I am following you and have you in my side bar :)

  36. Hello! I'm already a part of the challenge, but I have a new blog address now. There was some weird Mal-Ware issue with my old blog. So my new address is http://usscrafty.blogspot.com.


    T'onna a.k.a. Navy Wifey Peters

  37. Hi! I would like to join the Stash Buster Challenge if it's not too late.

  38. Thanks for the idea Linda, may be my stash will diminish a bit. I even look at new yarn today, and said, No I will not till my stash is HALVED. LOL. Who am I trying to kid? Pat x

  39. Hi Linda! Sign me up :) My stash needs to be brought under control :)


  40. Oh wow what perfect timing! I can't wait to see what progress everybody makes!

    Here's my blog link:


    I've got the sidebar up, and my actual stash-busting post will go up when I'm able to get home and take some pictures tonight. :)

    Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to do this! It should be a lot of fun.

  41. Hmm one more thing. I can't seem to find a "follow" bar for this blog. I can find individual post follows, but not one for the whole blog... am I missing something obvious? :)

    1. I have moved it to the bottom Ashley I hope that makes it easier to find, welcome to the challenge :)

    2. Thank you! But it's still only subscribing to individual posts... maybe my operating system is malfunctioning, who knows. ;) I'll just keep checking back on everyone's progress manually!

  42. If it's not too late I'm shyly and nervously in for this challenge. I don't have much stash at the moment only tiny littles as they are all still part of unfinished / work in progress projects.

    will put the post up later and the side bar, well I hope it works this time. Is this through 'Add my own gadget' option ?? As this option seems to be broken in my blog for some reason. I'll try again and let you know if does not work.

    My blog is:http://countrymaison.blogspot.com.es/

    Thanks !

    1. Nothing to be nervous about Eva, it's supposed to be fun haha, I'm pleased to see you managed to get the picture up, welcome to the challenge and thank you for following :)

    2. Eva, it isn't add your own gadget. Just go into the regular gadgets and select "add picture." It'll ask you for a link and everything. :)

  43. Only 100g busted for me this week - slipped this week thats what comes of tackling something bigger for me xx
    Worse thing is hubby came home with a gift from lady in shop - yes you guessed some wool !!!!! dont get me wrong I LOVE WOOL and it was a gift but I am supposed to be busting !!!! whoops xxx

  44. I posted a comment and its disappeared somewhere to be approved (I think) anyway this weeks total of busting was 100g BUT hubby came back with a gift of a bag of wool from lady in shop in town whoops xx

  45. Whats happened to my posts - I cant seem to post to you Linda ??

    1. Don't worry Jaqueline I have comment moderation on been getting loads of spam mail just lately, very nice of hubby to bring you more wool Jacqueline never mind just means more for you to bust haha

  46. Hi Linda,
    Just found out about this Stash Busting Challenge and would love to join! Is it too late? I hope not. I have a stash of my mother's yarn I would love to work through, and this challenge just may be the ticket! Please let me know that I'm not too late to tag along with you all :) Wendy

  47. Of course you can join Wendy, you are on the list, welcome to the challenge :)

    1. Great! This has got me pumped about knitting now :) Wendy

  48. I'm most definitely in! I have a lot of cotton to use up. I'll post about it on my blog soon :)

  49. Hi Linda,
    I have a large stash and just last month I started working on it again. I would love to join you on your challenge. I am just studying up on creating a blog so I don't have one yet. I don't know when it will be ready yet but when it is I will definitely let you know. Thank you for starting this challenge so I will have more motivation to move forward. Patrice

  50. I'd really love to join in. My closet is overflowing with yarn that is asking to be used. http://acraftycook.blogspot.com

  51. Welcome to the challenge ladies you are on the stash buster list and your blogs are featured in the side bar.

    Patrice just let me know when your blog is up and running and I will add the link :)

  52. I want to join the "stash buster" list!! I hope to be able to post your button on my side bar. I didn't see the html button.

    janie @ joyforthesoul.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Joy and welcome, I have added you to the list :)

  53. I would love to join but I'm having trouble joining through google. Also, I don't have a blog. Can I still join another way?

  54. We just got new carpet and had to empty rooms. I had trash bags full, boxes full, plastic boxes full of YARN! My hubby wants me to thin it out a bit. Now I can tell him I joined a website that will help me do that without having to actually give it away as is. WHEW! Please let me join even though I don't have a blog. I need this so bad.

    1. Hi LindaSue of course you can still join, I will add your name to the list. Just keep popping in to see what the others are up to for inspiration and if you like weigh the things you have made and leave me your totals at the end of the month. If you want to be more involved you can email me and tell me about the things you have made and leave a picture. :)

  55. Better late than never...please sign me up. Thanks to Apple Blossom's post today I just have to join you gals! I'll post on my blog and add the link to my sidebar. Thanks for organizing such a fun and much needed stash buster plan!
    Eileen :)

  56. I want to join in,too. My english isn't so good. I hope I understand everything.


    1. Welcome Lisa, if there is anything you don't understand please just say and I will, try to help :)

  57. Hi, I am wondering if I am too late to sign up? I have been stash buting since January but wasn't aware there was a challenge running.
    If I can sign up that would be super.
    Kind regards

    1. Yes of course you can join Natalie, I will add your name and welcome to the challenge. :)

  58. Just found your site and loving it. Not enough hours to see everything,
    However, I wanted to share what my daughter and I are doing with our stash and our scraps.
    The local Michael's store (45 miles away) is having Warm Up American. They are asking crocheters and knitters to make squares 7x9 and bring them to the store. Then they will have a party to sew them all together to make blankets for disaster relief. So far we have made 35 squares and cant wait to make more between our projects.

    1. That's fantastic Lynn, it's great to have the whole community joining in and I bet it will be great fun getting together to sew up the blankets. Thank you for visiting :)

  59. Hi!
    I'd like to join in too. Hope it isn't to late.


    1. Hi Annika it's never too late, welcome to the challenge :)

    2. Please let me know if you have a blog Annika, so I can add it to my side bar :)

    3. Great! Here ist the Link to my Blog: http://spitzmaeuschen.blogspot.com/

    4. ... just call me Annika, please.

    5. Thank you Annika all sorted :)

  60. I have been sewing away! Thanks for the motivation to rid me of my growing supplies!

  61. I would love to join! I haven't bought yarn for about a half a year so 2012 was a bit of a stashbusting year for me. In 2013 I want to continue using my stash only this year! I am a slow crocheter though... Will blog about it today or tomorrow if it's not too late to join?

    1. Hi Barbara, no it's never too late, welcome to the challenge. :)

    2. Fun! My blog is over at busyfingersbusylife.blogspot.com

  62. We've got 100 people stash-busting! Woo!

    BTW, my scale has been lost amongst all the boxes I am currently living out of. :p I'll find it eventually.

  63. I know I am a bit late, but would still like to participate in this challenge. Have lots of stash to bust, lol. Thanks

    1. Hi Erika, welcome to the challenge, please let me know if you have a blog so I can add the address :)

    2. Yes I do. http://www.erikascraftscorner.blogspot.com
      Thank you

  64. Hi Linda,
    Do you have an actual button to use on my blog?

    1. Hi Barbara, have answered on your blog :)

  65. Hello all first week of March and all Ive managed is 127g - really must pick up the pace a little tee hee - hope you are all well and enjoying this as much as me xx

  66. Hi :) I know I'm a bit late, but can we still enter the challenge? I would love to join in, have lots of stash to bust, and the challenge looks like fun.

    1. Hi Hilde of course you can join it's an on going challenge so you are never too late. I will add your name :)

  67. Yes, please count me in. Kathy

  68. Thanks, great :) I will post about it tomorrow.

  69. Love to join! I've lots of wool and cotton, like to knit and crochet. Just started with some knitting in lovely spring colors.... Stephanie (www.handwerkjuffie.nl)

    1. Welcome to the challenge Stephanie :)

    2. I would love to join!

      My stash is not enormous, but I have enough to knit and crochet for over a year and still have stash left, so I've put myself on Cold Sheep.

      I already have the challenge photo on my blog, and linked it to here.
      My blog is written in Dutch, is that a problem? If it is, let me know, then I'll write in Dutch and English.

      Looking forward to have fun with you all!

    3. Hi Anja welcome to the challenge your blog being in Dutch is no problem at all. Can you please give me the link to your blog so I can put it on the blog roll of stash-busters :)

    4. Thanks!
      My blog is called: www.paarsedraad.blogspot.nl
      Paarse draad is Dutch for Purple String, and it reverse to a Dutch saying; in short it means that handcrafts are always around in my life, and purple is my favorite color.

      Can you tell me how/where I send the picture with my stash for this month?
      Thank you!

  70. I am joining also and hopefully I can remember how to do the linking.


    1. Welcome to the challenge Elaine, looks like you managed with the liking ok :)

  71. Hi, my name is Jill. I saw this challenge over at sweet Astri's(Apple Blossom Dreams) and thought maybe I was too late. No time like the present!!! I would love to join, as I need motivation to finish what I start. My stash is not too big, but big enough when projects are not getting finished.
    I blog at www. homespunseasonscottage.blogspot.com

  72. As I was blogging about the puppets I've been making, it became obvious that I'm actually making them all from my stash this year, so I thought I might as well join in the challenge. Hope I'm not too late!

    1. No of course you are not too late, welcome to the challenge :)

  73. Hi Linda
    Can I join in on this? I am doing a blanket out of my stash so I have kind of started already. But I will go ahead and take a picture of my stash that I am going to be using.
    Thank you for this, I think this is just what I needed.
    Edda Soffia

  74. Hi Edda, yes of course you can join in and welcome! Can you please tell me which blog you would like me to link up as I see you have two. :)

  75. Hi, I am sorry I forgot to link you up with my blog. This is it http://hvitarrosir.blogspot.com/?m=0 I am going to be writing in English now.

  76. Hello Linda,

    I found out about your stashbuster through my mama(Edda Soffía)who is this comment above and I think this is a great idea to use up some of my stash. Can I join in?


  77. Hello Birgitta yes of course you can and welcome, your blog is lovely! :)

  78. I've just found this challenge through Elizy Art and I'm so excited about it. In January I made a promise on my blog that I would not buy any yarn/fabric for the whole year. But I will admit that I had to buy three balls to finish a toddler balnket but I used them all up anyway. Does that count?? i'd love if I could join in this too. Sounds like fun.

  79. Hi it's Rosie again. I was trying to add in your tab and link to my blog but I cant remember how to do it. I've done it before but I'm always forgetting how I figured it out. Would you mind explaining please?

    1. Hi Rosie you are most welcome to join have added your name and blog, I have left a message on your blog regarding the link.

      If you buy wool for a specific project and you use it up it's not stash however if there is any left over and you don't use it up straight away them that can be called stash, haha but remember there are no hard and fast rules after all this is supposed to be fun :)

  80. Hi I would love to join this as well. I'm at:


    My name is Chris Stachura

    I have THREE GARBAGE bages of yarn that I need to crochet. :/

  81. Hi Chris and welcome to the challenge, looking forward to seeing your makes and have fun! :)

  82. Hi Linda, can you email me as I have some changes to let you know. I could not find your email anywhere.
    blessings, jill

    1. Hi Jill, sorry about that my profile seems to have disappeared, I will sort it tomorrow, my e-mail is Lndyf9@yahoo.co.uk but I will email you anyway :)

  83. Hola, ya empecé con el reto de las lanas así que dejo mi link acá también.
    Hoy subo unas fotos a mi blog para que puedan ver lo que estoy haciendo.
    http://lanasycosturas.blogspot.com.ar/ . hasta luego!

    1. Hi Gisel and welcome to the challenge

  84. Could you add me please my blog is http://the-nutty-knitter.blogspot.co.uk/

  85. Hi! My mom and I would love to join... our blog is http://keswickartsandcrafts.blogspot.ca

  86. hi linda
    what a great idea! i would love to join in this stash-buster challenge as well. just started crocheting few months ago after an absence from this craft. pls add me in your blog roll too, i've linked to yours at:


  87. Welcome to the challenge Fiona :)


Thank you for your visit, I will always answer any questions but due to time constraints I'm not always able to reply to your comments, please keep them coming I read and appreciate each and every one. xx