Thursday 31 January 2013

Stash-Buster January Review

The first month of the stash-buster challenge is over and Ana and I have been overwhelmed by your enthusiasm, as I write this there are 77 of us stash-busting so far! Thank you to everyone who has joined us and I hope you will continue to enjoy it as much as I know we will. 
You have all got off to a great start and thank you for sharing your stashes with us here are some of them can you spot yours?

There are some really good ones out there and you have began to put them to good use already. I know there are lots of works in progress but here are some of the lovely finished projects we have done this month. 

Random Wooliness

lanas de ana
        Ana has made some lovely projects this month and all the patterns are on her blog.

Apple Blossom Dreams
Visit Astri to see the beautiful things she has made this month she has given us the patterns and even shows us how to make them.

Restoring her legacy

Teddy Wares and Flutterbies

Country Maison
                    Eva tells us how to find the sweet little hat pattern on her blog

Arctic Strawberries

Opening The Front Door
                  Isn't that little dress so cute, visit Jacqueline's blog for the pattern link.

Mack and mable
                       Visit Julies blog to see where she is sending all her lovely makes.

Jaydee's Ramblings

This is just a sample of what Julie has done this month many more lovely projects on her blog
mariannas lazy daisy days
Marianna is a new blogger and she is also a member of Loving Hands, I know that the things she makes are always beautiful,so you can look forward to seeing some lovely projects, why not pop along and say hi.
You can find the pattern for Mariannas hats here  

mistea crafts
Family, Books and Crochet

Visit Shelly and follow the links to see how she made those amazing Christmas decorations.  You can find more on her blog.
T's Daily Treasures
                               Tammy made these beautiful wash cloths to give as gifts.

Crochet Happy
Yarni Gras

....and from the lovely ladies from Loving Hands, these ladies do a tremendous amount of work every month to give away to various charities, this is just a very small collection out of the hundreds of donations they are sending away this month.  Follow the link at the bottom of the page to see just how much stash they have busted this month.

                                               Pet blanket and 7 scarves 

This is just one of the 24 dog coats Pat has made this month, she couldn't find a dog to model it so this little sheep kindly volunteered :)

  • If you would like more information about Loving Hands and the fantastic work the members do just click on the name.
  • If you have seen something you like and would like more information just leave me a comment and I will do my best to find out for you.


  1. So lovely to see what everyone is up to. So much inspiration. I have more stash to bust since my husband came home with 25 skeins from Bangkok. :/ Must start busting again but always seems to be something else to distract me. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Goodness, lots of productivity and such wonderful projects. Your collage of the stashes makes me giggle...we are not alone!

    You've put a lot of time into this Linda and it is really appreciated. :-)


  3. So many amazing creations already! I can't wait to see next month's update.

    Do I need to do something differently to get mine posted in that list? :)

  4. Wow. Didn't we all do well. Some crafters must never sleep ! I love being part of this. Thank you Linda for showing us what has been busted so far....

  5. Thank you Linda; I got your reply! You're going to force me to weave in my millions of ends, aren't you? ;)Ah well, someone's got to take charge of those wispy little things...

    I agree Marianna... I saw that Pat A has already used over 2000g of yarn! :o

  6. Thank you so much for putting this together. This challenge has really busted my stash already. I'm still on no-buy, and thanks to the challenge I've gotten lots of ideas how to use my stash :-)

  7. I thought my 3 carrier bags of wool were a lot until I read some of these totals. I think I'm the odd one out because I'm trying to build up my stash. But I only buy bargains and I knit quite fast so the stash is static at the moment.

  8. I'm busy at wotk on my stashbusting project :) in the meantime, I shared about your challenge on my blog today.

  9. I'm starting a new project today taking part in a cal. I'm still using up my sock yarn, but will mix in some other colours. I don't want to get a blanket that looks like my scarf, do I? Have a nice weekend. And thanks for showing the different projects. :-) Regula

  10. Thanks for this, I've been wandering around catching up on all the gorgeous projects out there and trying not to be too distracted from my own.
    It really is nice to see what everyone is up too.

  11. Linda thank you for doing such a fantastic job with the review and well done to all the "Bustees" there is some wonderful stunning work - also lots of projects to add to my "to do" pile xx

  12. Thank you everyone I really enjoyed doing it, I'm out collecting your pictures for the February review so looking forward to seeing what you all have planned for next month :)


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