Saturday 29 September 2012

Crochet or Knit ?

Autumn has arrived with a vengeance and one of the things I love about the cooler weather is the excuse to make scarves, I love to have a cosy scarf wrapped around my neck, I have a drawer overflowing with them all textures and colours.
There are some brilliant free scarf patterns on line and if I could I would try them all, my intention was to make a selection of scarves using the free patterns that are available to all of us and that is still my intention but because of my hands it will take a little longer than I intended.
I made these a few weeks ago, the pattern appealed to me because I had never tried this stitch before in fact I didn't even know about it, so simple and so effective.  I know they look as if they are knitted but they are crocheted honest :)

Made with a soft and dreamy mohair with a 6 mm crochet hook, I made this one nice and long to wrap round and round.

Made with chunky yarn and a 7 mm hook, thick, warm and unbelievably quick to make.

Brown and cream chunky yarn makes an unusual stripy effect.

Do have a go at making at least one of these they are lovely to do starting with a long chain and then crocheted width-wise, find out how to make them here

I made these scarves for Loving Hands their destination will be for Operation orphan who are helping people in Serbia and Hungary this October.

Saturday 22 September 2012

Cute Bonnets and Hats

 When I made the little Ribbed Cardigan, I thought while I still had my Linda Permann book open that it would be a good idea to make a little bonnet to go with it.

So sweet don't you think, 
 I think they go well together.

Thank you all for your lovely kind comments about my poorly hands and of course suggestions about how I can fill my time,   I have tried to be good this week and it was going quite well, I was doing just a bit of crochet and the numbness and tingling had all but gone, then on Wednesday I did something really silly, I clipped my privet hedge, I started with clippers but then decided my electric hedge clipper would be best as it would be quicker and kinder to my hands, WRONG! that evening not only did I have pain in my hands but pain right up my arms too, it continued all through Thursday, it must have been the vibration of the clippers.

So the crochet has stopped completely for now and I am resting properly, the remaining hedges will have to wait as will housework and everything else.

Luckily I still have some things to show you all and hopefully once I have gone through them all my hands will be better. Having time on my hands has given me time to think about blogging idea's and to make a few changes to my blog I hope you like them, beware I will probably chop and change till I'm satisfied as it's still not quite the way I want it :)

I enjoyed making that little bonnet so much I had to make some more.

Another lovely easy pattern from this book, I don't think I will be satisfied until I have gone right through it.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and once again thank you all for your support it means such a lot 
Love ya xxxx

Sunday 16 September 2012

Having to Slow Down.

I was warned but I didn't follow advice and now I am suffering, so please let it be a warning to all you crafty people out there. 
 If you remember back in June I was complaining about pain in my thumbs, here.  I knew then that I should rest and give my hands time to heal but how can you stop when crochet is your passion and you love to hook. 
I have so many projects on the go for charity, friends,family and for myself, I love to do a bit of everything each day.  It's not just crochet that hurts, knitting and sewing too sends pain right up my arms not to mention house work... it's funny but that last bit doesn't seem to bother me so much :)
 I knew I had to address this as the pain was getting worse and even more scary the base of my thumbs feel tingly and numb so I made an appointment with my GP and I was diagnosed with this please read it because it can affect anyone who overdoes it with the hook or needle. 
I am honestly trying to be good, though I can't completely stop or I would get withdrawal symptoms haha

If I only to do a little each day and follow my GP's advice I'm hoping that the damage that has been done won't be permanent.
So all project targets will be extended and finished whenever and I am going to try and make just small things so hopefully I will still have something to show all you lovely readers now and then. 
Now here is where you can help, suggestions please how can I fill the large hole where crochet has been, almost everything I do with my hands hurt.  If anyone else has had this or similar problems please leave a comment and tell me how you coped, that would be helpful to me and to anyone else who is reading this and maybe has the same symptoms.

My plan.
Just do a little bit crochet each day.
Hand exercises see video here
Use inflammatory gel as prescribed (I cant take tablets, they hurt my stomach)
Use a splint to rest my hands whenever I can. 

Another month has flown by and it's New moon day and time to display my TUSAL jar again. Please excuse the pictures it's very dark and gloomy here today

As you can see full to the brim once more.

Then emptied into here I can see there will have to be some serious squashing down of contents soon, I am going to squash and squash until I can't get another single scrap in there. 
Next New moon is October 15th.  
You will be able to see then if I have been following the Docs advise by how full my jar is. :)

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Lacy One's

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who commented on the little cardigan in my last post, I love to read them so please keep them coming, also a big welcome to all my new followers I hope you will keep popping in. 

I have fallen right behind with the beyond the square challenge, has anyone completed it yet?  I know Barbara is nearly there already and all her motifs are so neat, perfect and beautiful, I enjoy looking at the gallery it looks so pretty with everyone displaying their motifs on there.
Here is my collection of lacy motifs taken from each chapter of the book. 

I have made these motifs with Patons 4ply cotton and used a 2.5mm hook.

and did you know they grow on tree's too :)

 I thought that making lacy ones would be quick and easy after all they are mostly made up of chains right, well that may be right for the neater even tension crocheters amongst us but I'm afraid not for me.  If the tension is wrong then so is the shape and it doesn't matter if you block them or not they still don't look right, so many of these were pulled back a few times until I thought  they were acceptable and after blocking they were passable.  
Lacy motifs are always beautiful for decorations, trimmings and making doilys and when they are made in a fine cotton they look good in frames too. 

Progress 61 made out of 100.

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Ribbed Cardigan

Another busy crafty week has gone by and progress has been made on all my projects except the granny sampler.  We have started the sewing up process this week, not one of my favourite tasks and I have to say it has got me puzzled a little, I am still trying to figure how to join all these different sized squares together, I know it has been explained but it will take a while for the penny to drop, so amidst all these musings and wonderings making this little cardigan has given me great pleasure, something simple sweet and straight forward, don't you just love it.  

Another design from Little Crochet by Linda Permann, it's made in one colour in the book
but I wanted to add more colour to it and I love the colour combination of pale teal and lilac. I have made the largest size 12 to 18 months but it is easy to make a larger version just by increasing the size of the squares or using thicker yarn and hook, then all you need to do is make the skirt wide enough to stitch onto the bodice, so versatile, I will have to make more of these to send to Loving hands and maybe one for my granny drawer too :)