Tuesday 28 May 2013

Kids Sleeveless Tops

I think sleeveless tops are invaluable for little one's because they can be warn at any time of the year, pop one over a T shirt when the weather gets cooler in the evening, or over a shirt for a smart look, also good in the cooler weather to add that extra layer of warmth. 

It's so quick and easy to make these little tops I'm sure most of you will be able to improvise and make your own, but this is how I made mine. 

A for Apple Sleeveless Top

To fit 18 months/2 years
Dk wool  100gram
3.75 mm hook   
4.50 mm hook                                
US terms         hdc (hdtr/UK)           sc (dc/UK)
Tension 18sts and 12 rows to 4 inches over pattern

3.75 hook
Chain 44
Sc in second chain from hook and in each chain to the end, 43sc. work 4 rows.
Change to 4.50 hook

  • Work one row hdc (wrong side) 2ch turn. (foundation row)
  • Work hdc in back loop of each st across, 2ch turn. (right side)
  • Work one row hdc in front loop of st across (Wrong side )

The last two rows form the pattern continue working until the piece measures 8 1/2 ins or desired length.

Shape Armhole

  • ss in first 3 sts, chain 2 in 4th st (counts as one hdc) and keeping pattern correct work across row leave last 3sts unworked and 2 chain turn.
  • Keeping pattern correct cont on these 37sts until armhole measures, 4 ins, 2ch turn.

Shape back neckline
Work across 9st, 2ch turn and work on these 9sts until work measures 1, 1/2 ins from the start of neckline shaping.
Repeat on the other side leaving 19st unworked in the middle fasten off.

Work as back until armhole shaping.

  • ss across 1st 3sts, 2ch in 4th st and work across 16sts, 2ch turn.
  • Dec 1st at neck edge, work to end, 2ch turn.

Keeping pattern correct and armhole shaping straight, cont in this way decreasing one st every alt row at neck edge until 9sts remain and work measures the same as back. Fasten off.
Leaving the centre 3sts unworked, complete the other side to match the first.
Join shoulder seams

V neckline

  • 1st row with right side facing beginning at beg of v neck shaping work 1 row sc evenly around entire neckline,(working 2sc, tog in corners to form shaping at back neck.) 1ch turn.
  • 2nd row work sc, around neckline, working 2sc tog for shaping at back neck corners.1ch turn
  • 3rd row as 2nd, fasten off.

Overlap edges at centre v and sew into place.
Work one row of sc around armholes.
sew back and front together.
 Then either leave plain or have fun decorating.
You can find how to make the letter A here and the apple here

measurements as back

If you try the pattern and there's something you can't understand or if you find any mistakes please let me know.
Have fun!

300 grams of yarn busted just in time for the end of May :)

Don't forget to link your May stash-buster projects party ends soon!


  1. Him Linda! Lovely vests :) Can I make the same for a 30 years old kid? ;)

  2. These are adorable, Linda, I particularly love the grey and blue one, it´s perfect for a little boy!

  3. Lovely tops, Linda!! All of them are cute !:)

  4. I love these! Thanks for sharing the how to! Just adorable!

  5. They look very handsome Linda. Thanks for sharing your pattern with us. :)

  6. Very cute little vests Linda.
    Hugs to you,

  7. Very sweet vests, Linda, thanks for sharing your pattern :)

  8. Very nice vests, Linda. I like them so much!!!

  9. Wonderful vests! I love all the colour variations ♥ It i sgreat that you wrote the pattern (I always find it hard because it all depends on the yarn and how tight/loose one crochets, but you were right onby making the graphic of the measures.) Thank you! It is always good to have a basic pattern to go to.

  10. These are sweet. Wish I knew some little people.

  11. Really cute vests!

  12. Lovely vests Linda! The apple applique is adorable x

  13. Love the appearance of your vests, they are very cute! Thanks for sharing at the link party!

  14. Hi Linda lovely jumpers... how would I adjust the size for a 6 month old?

  15. Hello this is great thanks. Can someone tell me how to make it for 3 years old?

  16. Love these vest. Thank you for sharing.
    You don't have a pattern for a 3 month old vest. Thank you.

    1. Sorry no I don't but if I find the time I'll try and make it with different sizes.


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