Wednesday 12 February 2014

Sweet Lacy Flower Heart

I know there are lots of hearts out there at the moment and all of them are beautiful but because I find my sweet lacy hearts familiar and because I know the pattern so well that's the one I tend to make when I need a heart for a special occasion.

This time though as I was playing with my hook I gave the sweet lacy heart a bit of a twist and came up with the sweet lacy flower heart.

 What do you think?

Here is the pattern if you would like to give it a try

English crochet terms
dc double crochet = sc US
htr half treble = hdc US
tr treble = dc US
dtr double treble = tr US
ss = slip stitch

Use any yarn and hook size of your choice.

Magic ring
Round one - 8dc into the ring ss to first dc and ch3, (counts as first tr for next round).
Round two - 1tr into same place as 3ch, 2tr into each dc around, ss into 3ch =16tr
Round Three -  you now have 16 tr  
(each bracket represents a treble)
into 1st tr ( dc)  (dc, htr, tr, dtr) (4dtr)  (3dt ) ( 3tr )  (htr, htr) (htr, dc) (2tr, 1ch) then 1dtr into space before next tr to form the point at the base of the heart, (1ch,2tr) (htr, htr) ( htr, dc) (3tr) (3 dtr) (4dtr) (1dtr, 1tr 1htr, 1dc) (dc) join with ss to 1st tr              
if you want to use the heart as appliqué go straight to **  or...

Make two the same.

make central flower

Tie all ends securely on the wrong side of work, no need to weave them in yay!
Add a small button or bead if you wish.

Place wrong sides together and dc round the heart through the front loops only, leave a space and fill heart with cotton wool, yarn scraps, poly fibre or a lavender sachet, whatever you wish really, then continue around the heart until the space is closed ss to first dc
**  ch4, miss next st then ss into next st, all around making a long chain loop at the top of the heart and fasten off.

So will yours be

Sweet lacy Flower Hearts

Sweet Lacy Hearts

or maybe some of each! 

I know it will soon be Valentines Day but the gift of a heart can be given at any time of the year.....

Make some for your friends to show them how much their friendship means to you.

Make one for someone special in your life.

Make one for a new born baby.

Give one to say you're sorry

Give one to a stranger and watch them smile

Give one as a token of thanks

Give one to someone who is feeling ill

Give one as a token of appreciation

Give one as a good luck gesture

Give one to the bereaved 

Make one for yourself you deserve one too!

Make one just because it's fun :)


  1. Both designs of your hearts are beautiful Linda! xx

  2. Very pretty hearts. I'm sure lots of people will make these this week.

  3. Your hearts are all beautiful Linda and I really love the new little twist, well done! Love to you, Joy x

  4. These are so pretty and I could not agree more about the need for more lovely hearts in our world x

  5. Very sweet, indeed !
    Have a nice day !

  6. Hola Linda:
    Es muy bonito tu corazón a mí se me dan muy mal hacer corazones. Voy a intentar hacer el tuyo.
    Un beso
    Mª Paz

  7. Wonderful, Linda, both styles!! ♥ I will give them a try, thanks for the pattern(s) (just printed them) :-))
    Greetings, Nata

  8. These are really cute Linda! The flower in the centre is the perfect touch. Love that lavender one in bottom right :) Wendy x

  9. I think they're very pretty. Thanks for sharing your pattern with us. :)

  10. I just love this little heart! Its adorable and I'm going to work it today, thanks Linda!

  11. This heart is SO SWEET, Linda! I need to try it...thanks for sharing :-)

  12. wundervolle Herzen ♥
    Liebe Grüße,*Manja*

  13. Love them both Linda.
    I will try them and give them away as you suggest. Nice idea.

  14. Really cute! Love the little flower in the middle.

  15. Ooooh, that's really pretty. I love it. Thank you for the tutorial!

  16. So many beautiful heart out there to make, and I have not even made one! Hugs to you Linda,


  17. Very beautiful hearts. Thank you for the tutorial and for the kind tips: there's always a reason to give a heart! Tina

  18. Both hearts are lovely and it's nice to know it's a tried and tested pattern because you have made the original heart so many times. I love that you listed all the reasons for making, giving and receiving these beautiful heart makes :-)

  19. What pretty hearts Linda - combining the flower and heart is a great idea!
    Fabulous reasons to spread the love too!
    Thanks for all your motivation and inspiration
    Ali x

  20. Oh I love these. Now if you could just stop showing me beautiful things I might actually get my "to do list" to be shorter rather than its current ever growingness! (sorry about the terrible grammar and making up of new words!)

  21. Hi Linda, I love these hearts that you crocheted and perfect for today. Happy Valentines Day.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  22. REALLY cute! Visiting from Annemarie's blog!


  23. It looks as though your pattern is in English terms not US is that right? I love both patterns.they are very beautiful but the flower one is my favorite.

    1. Thank you rutho yes it's in English terms. :)


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