Sunday 20 November 2022

The Work is Done and a Big Birthday

 I know it's been a while but at last I feel that I have emerged from a very long tunnel.  I can now thankfully announce that the bathroom and kitchen renovations are completely finished. Looking back it has only taken four weeks but it seems so much longer.  It was the getting up and getting dressed at 7 30 am that really got to me and having the whole house in disarray, no bathroom and then no kitchen, boiling the kettle in my bedroom and having all of my kitchen contents spread all over the house. 

Then when the last bit of silicone was stuck into place and I waved my builder off for the last time I was left with the aftermath, the painting of the kitchen walls and ceiling, I painted my kitchen ceiling six times and it still looks patchy! I have had enough, I just won't look up and as for the patchy wall I shall cover it with wall art and a beautiful clock.

Then of course the filling of the new kitchen cupboards trying to decide what to keep and what had no place in my new shiny kitchen, trying to rid the whole house of the dust and dirt that had accumulated because of all the banging and drilling.  

Today it's nearly all done I'm down to this room my little bedroom that I use for my office/storage place and I will sort it out next week, I need to make one last trip to the tip, there is a small mountain of stuff lying on the garage floor patiently waiting to be taken to it's final destination, it will be my fifteenth trip to the tip and my poor little car is showing the effects, it will need to be valeted inside and out and given some TLC after all the hard work it has done over the past month. 

Enough talking let me show you my bathroom as it was...



I could go on and show each day from then but it would take forever, it's amazing to think it could go from that to this..


I forgot to take a picture of the whole kitchen before the work started but you can get an idea of what it was like here, this was the floor and you can see the colour of the cupboards 

they were dark and the room quite gloomy because there's very little natural light, I needed to brighten it up as I found it quite depressing..


When everything was ripped out, the walls were in a state behind the cupboards and apparently there was evidence of little visitors, I had never seen or heard them and it may have been before I even moved in but thankfully the walls are now repaired and all the pipework was changed and this is the completed kitchen...

I had the hall and the cloakroom  floor changed too to match the kitchen and a new vanity in the cloakroom.

There were lots of ups and downs during the whole process but I guess that it's normal when you are getting work done, but as a friend told me it's like delivering a baby, hell when it's happening but once you have that new baby in your arms you forget all about the pain. I haven't quite forgot it but now I can put it behind me and enjoy the results.

All of this work was a birthday present to myself it's a big one 70 years old today so I figured I deserved it😂 I can't believe I'm 70 where have the years gone.  I have had visits from friends leaving lovely gifts this morning and I'm going out for a meal later today, in fact the celebrations will be continuing into next week so it's all good.

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and I'll be back soon to show you what I've been up to craft wise. 😘😘

Friday 4 November 2022

Even More Christmas Mosaic

 As Mosaic Crochet becomes more and more popular our talented designers are creating the most amazing designs and as Christmas draws closer they are tempting us almost daily with a new festive pattern release.

Here are those I have come across so far this year, I will add to them as more become available, if any of you find any that I have missed please send me the link...

Starting off with a free pattern from Yarnspirations...

Evergreen Mosaic Blanket

This is Inset Mosaic and you can find the free pattern here

Winter Night by Gaëlle Urbanet
Paid pattern here

Frosty Friend by Marissa Tetmyer
Paid pattern is here

Lovely Wintertime and Advent Calendar Below

The designer is  Susanne Toth and she has a 50% discount on all of her patterns at the moment to celebrate SUTO Crochet Design's one year anniversary 

Her Ravelry Store is here
Facebook page here 
Ho Ho Ho by Rosina Plane
Ravelry Store here

Magda Christmas table Gaëlle Urbanet
Paid pattern here

In the Spirit of... by Anke Wintermans

Santa's Visit 
by Marissa Tetmyer
Paid pattern here

Snowscape by Abi McIntyre
Paid pattern here

Wintery Forest by Ana Morais Soares
Details here

by  Lucille Schubert

Oh Christmas Tree by  Ana Morais Soares

Click below for more great Christmas Patterns.....