Friday, 22 January 2016

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Happy Days!

 Hello all you lovely people please be warned if you want to read a nice smiley post it's not going to happen here because to put it mildly I'm just a bit fed up and really need to vent.

Last year was pretty awful for me healthwise and I was determined that 2016 was going to be different, the trouble is things happen over which you have no control, when a virus strikes you just have to get on with it and so for the past three weeks I have had painful blocked sinuses, runny nose, walking around with tissues stuck up your nostrils is not a good look! 

I have gone through two boxes of tissues and two packets of flu remedy pills which haven't really helped BUT I have perfected the art of nostril packing, I now cut a narrow length of tissue paper and roll it up until it fits inside the nostril comfortably and it gives me at least fifteen minutes of dripless relief so you see all is not bleak, surely after three weeks it must have run it's course, I keep saying tomorrow I will be better....still waiting, hum 

So what does everyone think about Windows 10? I was still using Windows 7 when we were given the option to upgrade.  I was quite happy with Windows 7 but my son happened to be visiting and encouraged me to go with the upgrade. I did and I would love to say that I've never looked back since but that's not the case, I don't like it at all, apparently it has lots of exciting new features but to be honest I don't know how to find them and don't really need them anyway.

Since I upgraded my laptop has slowed down and keeps freezing, then there's the dreaded blue screen that comes up and says a critical process has died we are going to close down your computer 'AHHH!! no don't I'm in the middle of something!' but it still does it anyway, then I have to start all over again. I now have to log in WHY? no one else uses this laptop it's not necessary, then after I've gone to the trouble of entering my password it tells me it hasn't been recognised and THEN takes 10 minutes to close it down, I could go on and on and on... all I'm saying is if you haven't done it yet then don't, it really isn't worth the hassle.  

Back on the subject of health, before I had my gall bladder op last year I used to go to the gym but didn't get back to it because of one illness after another and then the awful impacted wisdom tooth extraction thing,  So I decided to buy a treadmill it was my Christmas gift to myself...

pretty impressive eh? thing is I haven't been able to use it because of (see number one) but last week I decided to start very slowly and build up, I was determined to get fit again.  Yesterday when I was walking on it my foot began to hurt and now my instep is  throbbing like mad! so instead of the flu pills I'm now taking paracetamol and brufen so much for getting fit!....

Not to be daunted I decided yesterday evening to make myself a nice healthy meal of salmon, broccoli and mash I do love a bit of mash don't you? anyways I put it on to cook and thought to myself now I just have time to have a quick shower I limped upstairs (see number three)  turned shower on undressed and stepped in, the water was FREEZING! remember I'm a sick person! I can't be showered with freezing cold water but my electric shower had kindly decided to pack in.  

Are you a shower or a bath girl? I am definitely a shower girl I don't like to take a bath, not for me the soaking and the scented candles I could knit a jumper in the time it takes to fill the bath and soak, then you have to wash your hair seperately, no I'm a jump in the shower and lets get it done with sort of girl, but last night I had to have a blinkin bath! THEN wash my hair under the sink tap which made me feel even more dizzy in my already weakened state. Have you had enough there's just one more little thing I promise.

After having the bath I pulled the plug out and went down to have my meal which was very nice by the way ( at last something positive I hear you say) and then went back to the bathroom to clean the bath only to find the water hadn't drained out!! so just to top it all I have a blocked drain to contend with too! 

Things can only get better.....can't they?

Have a lovely trouble free weekend. :)

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  1. Oh Linda you poor thing! What a lot of horrid things to happen all at once!!! I do hope that your cold thing stops soon, although you did make me laugh with the packing thing, I do that too!! I thought that surely no one else could do it, but I bet that we all do really!! Take care of yourself, I hope you are all better soon and that everything gets fixed and back to normal - whatever that is! - and that you can get on with a great 2016!!! Hugs to you. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, happy weekend! xx

  2. Oh Linda, how I feel for you. What an awful start to 2016. However keep positive, surely you have got all the bad things over with and the rest of the year can only be an improvement - well let's hope anyway! xx

  3. Oh dear, sounds like an awful week that can only get better. I really do hope that you are feeling better soon and manage to have a GOOD weekend. Take care.

  4. (((hugs))) I sure hope you feel better soon and that everything gets sorted out. My goodness!

  5. Looks like Mr. Murphy has paid a visit to you! I do hope you get well soon and that the next week goes without troubles !

  6. I'm sorry to hear of your woes. One thing after another. The main thing is to recover from the virus and rest your strained foot, although I can see that you need to deal with the other issues i.e. the blocked drain, the problem with the electric shower. As for the computer. I haven't got Windows 10 yet I get crashes from time-to-time especially at the moment for some reason and have to start all over again with whatever I'm typing. If I don't hear from you I'll know why and understand. You have a lot on. Take care.

  7. Oh dear! Not the best of days, was it?! Hopefully things will improve.

  8. No luck ! I'm still on window7 and have no will to change it. I've bought a treadmill and sold it a year later. And had the same problem with the drain in my shower yesterday...fortunately my husband take care of it.
    Have a cosy weekend ! I hope you'll be better !

  9. Oh dear, Linda, it's certainly not been your week. I'm sorry you've not been well. Try and have a relaxing weekend resting that foot (but keep the tissues handy!)

  10. Oh dear! That all sounds dreadful. Thanks for the warning about Windows 10. My computer wants me to upgrade, but I have only just got the hang of Windows 8.1 and it does everything I need it to. There is a way you can go back to your old system I think. This might help

  11. Good Afternoon Linda, Oh you poor thing, what a week you have had. I am sorry to hear about your 'poorlies' it seems to be taking ages to clear. I know my mum caught a virus and it took her weeks to recover.... just to say you are not on your own.
    As the song says 'things can only get better'. You've had enough negativity, now it is time for all your bloggy friends to send you tons and tons of postive vibes.... I send you mine..... then things will get better.
    Take care of yourself.
    Best Wishes as always.

  12. Oh dear, sometimes these unpleasant things seem to snowball into huge issues. I hope you soon feel better (nose and foot) and that the other things will soon be arranged. I'm a shower person, too, although once in awhile, if I'm feeling a bit under the weather, a long, hot bath is a delightful thing. Happy weekend.

  13. Oh Linda, I do hope you get better soon. Can you go to the doctor and get some prescription medicine for your sinuses? Looks like everything went bad all at once for you but it has to get better. Please take it easy and take care of yourself. I wish you a speedy recovery, Pat xx

  14. I think you're getting all your bad luck for the year out of the way in January. It can only get better from here. I hope you get better soon Linda.

  15. Good luck with the treadmill, my husband loves his. We've have the sinus bug too, but it's mainly coughs, deep, roaring coughs. I love a bubble bath in the winter and a shower in the summer.

  16. Oh I'm so sorry for all of the problems your having Linda. Like Janet said, hopefully you'll get it all done and over now. Hope you feel better soon.


  17. Oh Linda, I'm so sorry to hear of all these things. I must say, however, that you write in a very inspiring way. I'd love to write about our problems with Windows10 and about my beloved treadmill that somebody broke... :)
    I hope you get well soon. Do you ever rinse the nasal passages with salt water? It was suggested to me by our GP, and first I was sceptical, but doing that has almost changed my life: fewer colds and no more sinus infections.
    Take care!

  18. Oh dear!WHat a load of problems.Hope you sort things out soon.yesterday someone slashed two tyres on our car.Mindless vandalism.

  19. Oh no what a nightmare you are having. I always say exercise is bad for you. I hope you feel better soon, sinusitis is so painful and annoying, it takes so long to go. Take care and I hope you get your blocked drain sorted xx

  20. Oh Linda, poor you, what a list. I do hope you're feeling better very soon and that your foot sorts itself out. I feel your pain when it comes to computers and changes and things crashing, it drives me absolutely bananas. I'm not a bath person either, can't remember the last time I had one. I hope you can sort the shower and drain without too much problem. And I'm wishing you a lovely disaster-free weekend.

  21. Linda how awful for you and not like you to complain at all BUT quite understandably so - you sound thoroughly run down you need lots of rest lots of TLC and a pick me up - a plumber and some yarn, chocolates and a few days on the sofa with some crafty stuff x only wish I could get to you to pamper you - lots of hugs and I hope next week is better xxx

  22. Oh my Linda you are in the wars. I hope next week is a shiny one for you.

  23. You poor dear, what a week! Not feeling good just makes everything worse doesn't it? I am glad you let it all out, we are here for you cheering you on. My prescription for you this weekend is rest, crochet and tea, repeat as needed.

  24. Hi Linda, Sorry about the problems you are going through. About the Windows thing, I haven't upgraded but my laptop but last time we had a technician called for to reinstall the OS as it was running too slow. That guy said only C drive needs to be taken care but unfortunately all my data until now got lost from all the drives and I had not taken the back up:( I have sinus problem too but opposite to yours. My nose runs dry and it becomes unbreathable every now and then. Unfortunately all the troubles are running in parallel for you. So just breathe and leave the work and things and do only what will make you happy. Hope you recover this weekend and things will turn better next week.

  25. My husband & son suffer from sinus all the time so you have my sympathy Linda.
    Winter ailments are awful and it's also when we are feeling at our lowest ebb.
    Keep warm and make some nourishing soup - it does wonders!
    A course of Vitamin C works for me in Winter.
    Wishing you all good things in February Linda , chin up!

  26. I hope next week better, take care.

  27. I have just the remedy for you. I can't remember where I heard this, but try it.

    Find a nice empty space inside or outside. Walk counter clockwise in a circle five times. This is supposed to reverse your luck. They didn't say how big the circle should be, so just choose for yourself. Hey! It can't hurt, right?

    Let me know if this helps. I might need to use it someday.

  28. Oh Linda! Get well soon, and I wish all your troubles will be gone soon too!
    We all were down with cold too last week, first my Little A , then D and the me . But we are completely fine now.
    Take care and keep warm (check the water in the shower before going in :))

  29. FWIW - if your eyes are watering along with the running nose, you might want to switch to an antihistine rather than flu meds - it could be plain ol' allergies. That's how I found out I had allergies. I thought I'd been sick with a cold for a month. Doc put me on Claritin, and within a few days I was on the mend.


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