Tuesday, 19 January 2016

So Which One Did I Choose?

I knew that it would only be a matter of time before the pull of a crochet along would have me in it's grasp once more, this year I'm determined not to follow one unless I can use the project for a specific purpose.  Usually My heart rules my head, I see something and I have to make it even though there will be no where for it to go once it's done. Luckily apart from one which I fell out of love with and is just a quarter finished, all the CAL projects I followed last year have found a home, except the Greg CAL blanket which I'm in the process of sewing up, there's no rush for this one to finish because it may be a long time before I can give it to the person it's destined for and I'm mentioning no names just in case she reads this post.

This year If I am to follow a CAL it has to meet the following criteria...
  1. It has to be a great stash-buster because there is no way I'm buying yarn for it. Not with the amount of stash I have anyway.
  2. It has to be practical and be destined for something useful.
  3. It has to be easy I have no time to be following difficult patterns this year, I need to bust some stash very quickly indeed.
  4. I would like it to be boy orientated although unisex is allowed.
It has been a very difficult decision because as usual there are lots of beautiful crochet alongs that have started already this year. When I first saw this CAL I fell in love with it but wasn't going to do it because it didn't meet criteria 4, I felt that the squares were too girly even though it has been said it would look okay with boy colours I wasn't convinced.  I went through my stash and came across this yarn, yes I know that there's pink in there but I don't honestly think a little baby will know or mind.

This yarn was donated to me last year by Judy now I have mentioned Judy before but for those of you who are new to my blog, Judy is an elderly lady who attends the Day Unit where I work, she often donates yarn for me to use for my charity pursuits. 

Anyway this is chunky baby yarn which although is very pretty and soft I think it's just too bulky for baby wear, however it would be perfect for a blanket so it's destined to be either a cot cover or an incubation cover dependant on how big I can make it with the yarn I have.

I'm talking about the Cheerful Child Crochet Along which is hosted by Carolyn from  Pink Mambo  it began on January 7th and it runs through to February 17th. you can read all about it here

It consists of 25 squares 13 of which are identical and 2 different squares are to be published each week to make the total up to 25  I will make it bigger by repeating some of the squares if I have enough yarn. Here's what I've done so far....

blocks squares CAL baby easy cute afghan pretty

I think they are really pretty although the lighting doesn't do them justice and are very easy to make too.  I'm really enjoying this so far and I'm hoping to join them as I go.

What Cals/Kals/Sals do you plan to follow ?

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  1. Hello Linda,
    I love your squares and they will make a beautiful blanket!
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J! :)

  2. The squares are lovely and I think suitable for boy or girl. How long before you see a CAL you just fall in love with and all your rules fly out the window. I hope you have a lot of willpower.

  3. I know that whatever you make, it will be lovely. One day I might join a KAL. But it will have to jump out at me. I'm not actively looking for one!

  4. That is very pretty yarn, Linda. I'm going with you on this CAL, but with double knit rather than chunky, so mine will be a fair bit smaller!

  5. I love that yarn, it's perfect for any baby. One of my first real crochet projects, eleven years ago, was a blanket for my older child that I made while I was pregnant with him. It's a variegated yarn in white, mint, yellow, blue and pink. I started it before I'd had my ultrasound showing he was a boy so I went with general baby-looking yarn. He used it and my daughter did too. They love that blanket, even now. They've always called it "Nursey" because they know they used to have it on them when they were nursing, which is a happy thought for them, I think. :) I hope you're having a good week so far, Linda.

  6. Life wouldn't be complete without at least one CAL. Your squares look great, they'll make a beautiful blanket. So far I've only succumbed to one CAL, the Block-a-month one on Ravelry - but it's still early days yet and who knows what the year will bring!

  7. Your squares look lovely,Linda!! :) That's great that you are sticking to some stash busting projects.

  8. I try not to have to many w.i.p. but fail! That is going to be one pretty blanket when its finished.

  9. They are lovely squares & Judy is very thoughtful passing yarn onto you x

  10. I love these squares, I think those colours will be suitable for either sex. I might steer away from CAL's this year as I am planning to make 12 sunshine blankets to donate to a local residential care home to get rid of my huge stash mountain. Having said that I am sure something will come up that I just cannot resist joining in with, as long as it is not as time consuming as the Waterlily CAL from last year. xx

    1. That's the one I fell out of love with Jan I have a feeling it may never get finished. :)

  11. Lovely colors & patterns, Linda! Your squares are great and I'm sure the blanket will be super sweet. Have a great day! Nata xxx

  12. Looking really lovely so far.

  13. I don't do CALs because I know I will never ever keep up with it and finish. I lack focus when it comes to crocheting. I just make stuff for the act of making most of the time though I'm doing more charitable projects now. Everything takes time. Your blanket is coming along nicely. Have a good evening. Tammy

  14. I am also doing this Cal! I am using "I love this yarn by Hobby Lobby " I changed the pinks to make it a boy blanket as my sister is having boys yea I said it Twins! I am only making one. I think for baby B I am going to use the same colors and just do solid granny's I am not sure. Just know I want something different for each baby. Your colors are great and will be very beautiful when done! Thanks for sharing! Wish Carolyn had a Facebook where we could share our blocks as we take them. I am also doing Moogly Cal block's and Nadia at Yarnutopia's 365 days of Granny squares. I am challenging myself as a beginner crocheter.

  15. Lovely squares, very nice colors!
    Have a great weekend, hugs.:*

  16. It is going to be beautiful, I love that it is made with donated yarn.

  17. It looks good so far, I think your colour choices are perfect.

  18. The colours are beautiful - a great unisex project:)

  19. Everything is so pretty! Cannot wait to see the end result!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  20. Thank you for sharing in my link up last week, a New party is now open


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