Sunday 5 March 2023

Lots On The Go

 Hello and a happy Sunday morning to you all, as always a huge thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post.

I have unearthed something which I bought several years ago (although it just seems like yesterday) I had quite forgotten all about it until I decided to sew some seed beads in the centre of my embroidered flower and it stirred the memory..

I have brought it out from under the settee where it was residing and I will work on it now and then, the top part is finished so now on to the sea of poppies. I'm hoping that I have enough of the beads to finish it as the company I bought it from has gone out of business, that will tell you how long ago it is since I bought it. 

I seem to have quite a few sewing works in progress at the moment...

My lovely heart and flowers embroidery is coming along nicely I think the hardest part is trying to decide which colours to choose...

Then of course The Year of Doodles stitchery and as you can see I'm well into the month of March

I have also started a cross stitch this little gnome here...

you can find the pattern here, I'm finding it hard counting all the little squares it's certainly not good for my eyes. I've only managed a few stitches so it's going to take me forever but there's no hurry is there?

As for the Marina creatures a big thank you to my lovely friend Babs who has added these cuties to the family...

At the moment I am busy crocheting a banner to advertise our u3a, it's going to be two meters wide and I'm finding the crochet letters quite a challenge, this is what I've managed so far..

The crochet alphabet is a free pattern and can be found here

So I have lots to be getting on with, I hope you all have a peaceful Sunday and a great week ahead.😘😘

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