Saturday 19 April 2014

An Easter Bunny Story.

I have been sewing! it's ages since I've had my sewing machine out and I'm not really much of a sewer but I've wanted one of these bunnies for ages. So out came the machine from under the stairs, I dusted it off and then the hard part... threading the needle! it takes me ages, I know what you are saying, why not use a needle threader, well I did but it takes me ages to thread that through the needle too, honestly the actual threading of the needle is the part I hate the most about the whole sewing process, if there is any advise from you sewing experts apart from a new set of eyes of course, it would be most appreciated...isn't it sad to think it can only get worse :(

Anyway I would like you to....
Meet Becky

This was Becky when I first made her, complete with hat, but she cried and went on something terrible, she absolutely hated her hat and so, just to quieten her down the hat had to be removed.

 She was so much happier when I took it off, she asked me to tie a ribbon in her hair instead, she also said that she would like a bracelet to match the flowers on her dress so of course I had to comply and I made her one.  

Now Becky was very least for a while, and then she said she was bored, so....

I sat her in the bay window where she could watch the comings and goings in the street and that kept her happy for a long while but then she started complaining again, I began to think that this bunny of mine was going to be a bit of a handful, I tried all sorts to pacify her but nothing worked, I soon began to realise that poor Becky was lonely so...

Meet the twins Betsy and Bernard 

Now I have to say, apart from in the beginning when he was first created, Bernard hasn't been a bit of bother, at first he kept crying for ice cream, now how a bunny would even know about ice-cream when he hadn't even seen any before was way beyond me but you should have heard the racket he made so as you can see I have embroidered him his own personal ice cream cone and I haven't had a peep out of him since. 

As for Betsy she didn't want to know about ice cream, "I have to look after my figure" she said, which I thought was very strange coming from one so young, all she wanted... and she did ask very politely, was for a small bunch of flowers on her dress and a ribbon in her hair to match Becky's.

Now I'm pleased to say that everyone is very happy, Becky is delighted with her new family and plays with them all the time, I can see that Bernard is feeling just a little bit uncomfortable with all this hugging malarkey...typical male! 

I used a linen table cloth donated from a friend to make the actual bunnies.
Becky's dress was made from a pair of curtains which someone had attempted to make but never quite completed.
The twins clothes were made out of a denim dress which I bought for myself years ago, I wore it once and decided it just wasn't me, I'm so glad it has been put to good use. 

I have to thank Shari from The Stitch Pattern for the bunny inspiration, from the moment I saw her bunnies I fell in love and have wanted one ever since.  I made the bunnies from this book.

I love this book there all sorts of cute things to make in it.

Also a big thank you to Joy from Joyjinks creations who has inspired me with her beautiful embroidery, I know I just embroidered a small ice cream cone but I was ridiculously proud of it and it reminded me of how much I used to love to embroider, I made many pictures in the past  but have forgotten the how to so, I ordered a book and it has just arrived while I was writing this.  

Can you believe it? now you know what I will be doing this weekend.

I had so much fun making these bunnies apart from the threading of the needle of course, the house has been more of a mess than it usually is with bits of material and thread all over the floor mixed with the usual bits of anyone else as messy as me? 

I'm pleased to say I  have tidied it all up for Easter, the machine has reluctantly been put away but you know, I have a feeling that my bunny family is going to grow. :)

Have a Great Easter Everyone !

With lots of love


  1. Absolutely adore your Bunny me the itch to get my sewing machine out again. Yes and Yes the threading of the needle and getting the thread up from the spool is a real pain (because I am a sewing machine newbie!!!). I am going to be eagerly looking at other comments here to see if anyone has a nice easy trick for threading the needle!!!
    I've been thinking thinking about getting Joy's book ....should I?...shouldn't I sort of!!! I think I will though now on reading your comments.
    As I said love those Bunnies Linda!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  2. You are multi-talented talented for sure Linda. Your new bunnies are just adorable. Have a great day. :)

  3. awh the bunnies are so cute! Have a lovely Easter.

  4. Hi Linda - lovely to see your new family have arrived just in time to enjoy Easter. Those patterns are lovely, aren't they? Maybe your little family could get to know mine - Grace and Frank are very happy in their new home here Hope you have a great Easter, too. x

  5. Oh what a sweeet family! ♥ Great job and so perfect for this season :-)

  6. Hi Linda! I just love them! They remind me of Tilda, have you heard of her?I've been a Tilda fan for years. Beautiful post! Thank you! :) Hope you have a beautiful day!

  7. Ahh! It is a Tilda Book! :) I don't have that one yet, but will look for it. :)

  8. They are all so adorable, I love each bunny. You are so talented my friend. I have the bunny from Alicia's blog to make but she just sits in the wrapper she came in, I am scared to death I am going to ruin her, my sewing skills are not good at all.

    I think you made your bunnies just in time for Easter,
    Well done,

  9. It appears you can sew pretty well. The bunny family is so so sweet! All the little details add so much character. You did a wonderful job. Enjoy!

  10. Cute bunnies !!!
    Happy Easter to you and your family !

  11. Very intricate work, Linda. I spent time researching gadgets to help with threading sewing machine needles a few months ago. I didn't find anything suitable for my machine. I think some more expensive machines claim to be self-threading, but I like my machine and intend to keep it. I find a bright light helps and so does holding some white paper behind the needle. The hole shows up a bit better against white. I wonder if holding a magnifying mirror behind the needle would work. I have only just thought of that as a possibility.

  12. What a lovely surprise with your blog post today, I love the way you told us all about this most delightful bunny family. Your sewing talent is wonderful and the bunnies are simply adorable :-)

  13. Your bunnies are beautiful! You did a great job with them. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  14. So nice and cute bunny family,wonderful!!
    Happy Easter!!

  15. Hi Linda, even with a bin beside me I still manage to get threads and yarn bits everywhere!
    What a delightful bunny family :-) Happy Easter to you and your family,
    Tracey xx

  16. I LOVE THEM Linda!!! They are so cute! I envy their little outfits for I can't sew there little clothes that well so that's why I crochet them! Well done!
    Happy Easter
    xx Shari

  17. Pity Becky didn't like the hat, I loved it! Happy Easter x

  18. Always cut the thread with sharp scisors. Needle in the highest position. Maybe you use a thread that is a bit fuzzy? I recommend Polyester, even if you sew cotton. Needle Nr. 80.

    I love the jeans clothes of the little bunnies. So cute! :-)

  19. Hi Linda
    Your bunnies are gorgeous!

    I have nominated you for an award!

    Greetings Joanita
    Creative Crochet Workshop

  20. OOh Linda - what fabulous bunnies! Fab to hear their tales (tails!) and to read all about their details - you are so talented!
    Creative re-loving of materials too!
    Look fowrard to more of your colourful stitching delights!
    Ali x

  21. Gorgeous Easter bunnies :0)

    A good light and a good magnifying glass work wonders for threading sewing machine needles!

  22. Your bunnies are adorable. And gosh!!...they are so demanding! :) :) Regards

  23. Hola Linda:
    El conejo de pascua está precioso, con gorro y sin él, con lazo y sin él.
    Los otros dos conejos son también muy muy bonitos y hacen un conjunto los tres precioso.
    Un besito

  24. I love this post ^_^ Your bunnies are beautiful! XOX

  25. I love your bunnies Linda, they are too gorgeous! And I love your story based around them and think it would make a great children's book! You have done a wonderful job my friend, and your sewing is great - I want to see more! I was so surprised to see my name up there, thank you, and am so happy that I brought you a wee bit of inspiration - that book really is so good and covers so many subjects so you'll be having lots of good times with it. Keep up the good work! Love, Joy xo
    PS re the needle threading - something white behind the needle does help - my Bernina supplies presser feet with white 'shanks', and they are very helpful; I was also thinking of a magnifying glass and as a last resort some strong specs for doing 'close-up' work? Such a nuisance isn't it! xo

  26. Hi Linda!
    The bunnies are so cute and beautiful! I adore little clothes you made and all the embellsihed things. O could never sew anything as lovely as your bunnies! :) Have a wonderful day!

  27. Your bunnies are adorable!!! Congratulations! Your post was one of the featured favourites at Link & Share Wednesday on April 30, 2014!

  28. I'm waiting for crocheted clothes for these adorable bunnies, Linda!

  29. Hi do you have a pattern for Becky at all? I have just had a sewing machine 😊 I'm untidy too x

  30. Hi do you have a pattern for Becky? She is lovely 😍 I too am untidy

    1. Hi Nicola The pattern comes with the book shown in the post, it's well worth the money because there are some delightful patterns in there.:)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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