Friday 4 April 2014

Block a Week Friday

Block 31
Seeded diamonds

This was another block which needed lots of concentration, it took a while for the penny to drop and it finally did on the last pattern repeat.  Once you have got it, it's easy and I love the finished result

Rating - intermediate
Curl - 1
size - 6" x 6"
ends - 2

Another example of this block

Made by Una

Progress -  number of different blocks made = 16

Numbers - 1417, 24, 30,31,344041, 42, 45, 525667  98113,153
(Click on the number to see the block.)

Number of blocks altogether = 19

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Have a great weekend!


  1. Well done for keeping going on this! How many blocks are you planning to make? xx

  2. Beautiful blocks! :)

  3. This one is pretty. It looks like it has a nice texture.

  4. nice texture! and love both colors :-)

  5. It's a lovely texture Linda
    Tracey xx

  6. Hello Linda, your blocks look nice. I haven't knitted in so long, but seeing so many knitted pretties on other blogs make me want to start again.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    P.S. I greatly appreciate you comment on my last post. Thank you!

  7. This is an interesting one, with the vertical stripe between each diamond, very nice Linda x

  8. Your blocks are glorious Linda. Happy Spring hugs Judy

  9. This is a lovely texture Linda! I love both the shades of yarn for your and Una's blocks. Wendy x

  10. A very pretty block Linda and I should think it was a bit tricky to get into the pattern; you did well! Love, Joy xo


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