Monday 28 April 2014

The Never-ending/Mood Blanket Reveal

At last the the big day has arrived and I'm so happy to present...ta daaa....

The Violet Meadow Blanket

Please be prepared for visual overload!

Because of the size of the blanket I could only show you the full view by laying it on the lawn with sheets underneath it of course.

I have got lots more pictures but I made myself stop here ;)

I used border number 74 from the book Around the Corner by Edie Eckman

So what do you think? do you like it as much as I do?

I started making this blanket on January 23 2012  and have continued making it on and off since then, in the main I have enjoyed making it very much and I'm feeling a little bit lost now that it's done.

The finished blanket measures 264 cm x 224 or 8ft 8ins x 7ft 4ins
It contains 754  squares
Ends..... 6034! all weaved in as I worked so when I eventually finished the blanket there were no more ends to worry about other than the two for the border.
It took around 3500 grams of yarn.

You can find the flower in a square motif pattern here.

I used the join as you go method with Robin Double Knit yarn using the colour VIOLET.
Most of the wool used for this blanket was from my stash of Robin Double knit, which I can highly recommend, in my opinion it's as good as the Stylecraft Double knit yarn and comes in a great variety of colours.

Using a colour that is not a neutral colour for such a big blanket does take courage and a lot of thought, the obvious choice is always white and white is lovely however, I know that white does not stay white for very long, it does tend to loose it's sparkle after several washes unless you have superior yarn of course.

This is a huge blanket and I know that washing it will not be easy so a darker more practical shade had to be used. 
  • I want this blanket to last forever I want my great great grand children to say " this was made by crazy granny Linda way back in 2014, it took her more than two years to make it and it still looks new!" 
  • I wanted a colour that would blend well with every colour in the blanket and it had to be a colour I loved.  
I know that purple is  a colour you either love or hate and I have said several times  that I LOVE all shades of purple from the most gentle lavender to the deepest purple. 

Thank's to all of you who have joined in the fun and taken a guess or three

So who guessed correctly?

We had so many colour choices the biggest choice with 10 votes was grey mentioned in all it's shades with white coming second at 8, no one guessed the exact shade so I'm going to go with the closest which was.....

guessed by Jacquie from Living with Ethel

Also a consolation prize goes to Daphne from Ivy Phyllis and me for a very near miss, Daphne actually chose the correct colour and then changed her mind!

Congratulations ladies please email me with your addresses.

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  The new Stash Link Party will be up and running on Thursday along with your favourite March projects and for those who are counting please don't forget to leave me your stash totals.

Have a great week everyone!

With lots of

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  1. Stunning, Linda - you must be feeling very proud (and not a little relieved!) It will bring a smile to your face every time you go in the room. Have a great week - you deserve it! x

  2. Wow !! Would have never imagine !! It looks gorgeous !! Very original !!! What a hard work it looks like lots of squares !!

  3. Hi Linda!
    i lOVE The blanket!!! OH my!!! It is huge! You've done a great job, and must be soso proud now and you should be proud! You chose the colro sperfetcly well, I like purple in all its shades too. White has been used so many times already for a background that a change was required :) It is marvelous balnket, so much hard work.
    I mean, I cannot tire to praise you :)hehe
    Have a wonderful week head!!!

  4. What a assiduity work!!! A wonderful ceiling...
    Greetings, Charly

  5. WOW! That is a massive blanket! A big pat on the back for finishing it and it looks wonderful. I see why you feel a little lost after having it for so long to grab and work on from time to time. This is the biggest stashbusting I have ever seen. Great job Linda!

    Birgitta xx

  6. Beautiful Linda!!! Really so lovely I cannot say and I really do hope that it is a treasured family heirloom in generations to come! Hope that you love using it even more in the here and now though! It looks great on your bed, I can quite see why you took so many photos! I love the choice of joining and border colour, it really pulls all the other colours together well and makes them shine out as well. I would never have thought of this colour as a joiner, I was thinking of something a little lighter, but I think that this looks so pretty! Definitely well worth the 2 years of work that it has taken!! xx

  7. A lot of work for a gorgeous blanket !!!! You can be proud !!!!
    Have a nice week !

  8. Wow! Whoop Whoop! Amazing,amazing amazing. And it's finished. Linda it's superb and I love it. You can only appreciate how much love and devotion has gone into every stitch when you have made a BIG. Blanket. Well, I can because mine is waiting to be finished. I am so happy for you .

  9. I seriously LOVE it Linda - it's an absolute stunner - and you chose one of my very fave colours as the surround - like you, I too love all shades of purple/mauve! It looks magical on your bed and you just have to be so proud of such a huge accomplishment! And I bet you are so happy to have it finished! Very well done!
    Love, Joy xo

  10. That is absolutely gorgeous. I can see perfectly why it took 2 years to make. I hope you have sewn a little name tag on it somewhere for posterity.

  11. Happy Monday Mrs Linda....what a gorgeous project,beautiful and enormous ....huge is a lot of work.....I love it....I still learning knitting and having fun with it ....I like very much...;)
    Have a wonderful week.

  12. WOW!!!! it's a beauty Linda! and the border is gorgeous! What an amazing accomplishment!!!
    xx Shari

  13. I love the blanket Linda and purple is my favourite colour. It's fab!

  14. Wow, this is gorgeous. A lot of work but it turns out great.
    I wish you a nice week.


  15. Wow! That's a huge afghan! Beautiful!

  16. Oh. My. Gosh. Linda - this is such a gorgeous blanket. I love that you chose the violet color for the border - it fits so well with all the other colors. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Have a lovely day. :)

  17. Hi Linda,
    I'm thrilled that I won. Your finished blanket looks amazing and will definitely be an heirloom.
    Jacqui xx

  18. WOW!!!! Linda that is one truly gorgeous blanket!!! And so huge, you can live in it! Great job!

  19. Wow! It's so beautiful, Linda!! Congratulations on all your hard work. I LOVE the joining color you chose. It makes it so much prettier than if you had chosen a neutral. And congratulations to the winners of your giveaway :-)

  20. Linda, it's stunning! Wow. I can't believe it's so big; my flower-square blanket is only going to have 192 squares in it. I admire your fortitude! :) It's really beautiful, you did a great job with it. Well done. x

  21. This is amazing and so beautiful! You now have your own meadow in your house, to cheer you up whenever you want! Well done!! It is an inspriration!


  22. Oh my goodness Linda!!! This is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I can't get over the size of this blanket, but what a great statement it makes when draped down the sides of the bed like that. I just love the soft shade of purple/mauve/lavender that you have chosen, it looks so soft and cozy. Love the full shot views of it laid on the lawn outside. You must want to just sit and admire such a beauty! You must be thrilled to have it finished now after such a long haul, but it was truly worth the final result. Have a wonderful day! Wendy xox

  23. What a big project and what a great result! Congrats to you for your patience! Greetings from Germany, Sabine.

  24. Wow! (not the most original comment, but it was my first reaction!). That is absolutely amazing, and I have no doubt that it will be treasure for many years in the future - hopefully, many GENERATIONS! I'm bowled over by it - it's simply stunning, and I LOVE the purple.

  25. Wow! What an incredible accomplishment! It's huge! And, it's beautiful! It must feel amazing to have completed it. Enjoy! :-)

  26. I am speechless Linda ...well nearly!! It is a great piece of work and yes I can imagine your great great grandchildren still enjoying it. I really like the purple is just the right colour to use!!

    Amanda xx

  27. Oh how beautiful! Linda, your blanket is just gorgeous! Congratulations to the winners too for guessing correctly the color! :) WOW!

  28. Wow!! That's a huge blanket!! Congrats on such a beautiful and great work , Linda!! :)

  29. Absolutely stunning. Congratulations.


  30. It is magnificent! Love Love Love the border colour!

  31. The size and beauty of this is mind-boggling! So pretty! I love purples too...any shade will do. This is a lot of work, but I bet you'd say it was all worth it. Way to go, Linda! I'm so impressed with your patience.

  32. Congratulations on finishing your blanket, it is gorgeous! The colors you put together all go so nicely together. Take care, Heather

  33. Wow. Your blanket is absolutely stunning Linda. And it's perfect joined in violet!
    I really love this. Well done. It will be loved for years and years!
    All your hard work and perseverance really paid off! Congratulations.

  34. Congratulations, Linda!!! Your blanket is gorgeous and so big. It was definitely worth the effort and time invested. I can imagine you will enjoy it each and everyday. I never imagined you'd choose violet for the background, and it looks great.

  35. Wow. Its huge and gorgeous love your colours.

  36. Magnificent!! Bravo for persevering .... it is simple magnificent!

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  38. Wow wow wow!! I'm in love ♥. Your blanket is really fantastic, Linda! And the violet is perfect, as well as the nice border :-).Great job!!
    Thanks again for your link party and have a sunny day!

  39. It is GORGEOUS Linda! Wow it is huge! I'm so glad I was wrong about the colour 'cause the purple looks fabulous...
    Tracey xx

  40. Wonderful,this is awesome,congratulations!!!

  41. Wow, wow, wow, amazing and beautiful Linda, I never imagined how big your blanket was going to be and it looks absolutely stunning on the bed. I love it, well done on keeping at it to completion, such a gorgeous family heirloom piece xxxxx

  42. WOW!!! Linda its gorgeous. I love it. You have done a wonderfully beautiful job here. I cannot believe how massive it is. You have completely amazed me. I love the purple. Its my favorite color ever. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for taking on this journey with you. Happy Hooking my friend.

  43. This is beautiful! I wonder what is the amount of yarn you needed for this project?

  44. Wow Linda - thats an incredible blanket - fabulous hierloom...and lots of (happy!) hours of creativity!
    Congratulations on its completion - may it have many happy years of use!
    Ali x

  45. Good Morning Linda, Oh my word, your blanket is so very beautiful and it will be the most wonderful family heirloom. It looks so lovely on your bed and you are very clever, because the white bedroom really highlights the beautiful colours in the blanket. You could have so easily made the job simpler for yourself by making a blanket topper, but by going the extra mile, you have created a blanket that you and future generations will be so very proud of.
    How exciting..... I've won a prize..... it's my very first.... thank you so much Linda. I will email you my address.
    Best Wishes to you.

  46. Good Evening Linda, I have hunted high and low for your email address and do you think I can find I can't. Would you mind emailing me at and I will email you my address tomorrow. I think it is an age thing.
    Best Wishes

  47. This is just beautiful--love the colors! :)

  48. Is there a world record that you might have beaten?

  49. Having seen this lovely blanket ( in the making and completed ) in person, I must tell everyone that it is even better than the photos. Well done xxx

  50. Fabulous blanket. You must feel so proud of it. Great work!!

  51. This is very beautiful, and very encouraging. I've been working on a blanket for a couple or years that is made out of lot's of little motifs. I think my pattern calls for 96 squares. It's good to know that I'm not the only one.

  52. Wow congrats on finishing it, it is beautiful. Im doing a mood blanket but has been sitting in a bag for a month or two you have inspired me to carry on!

  53. Hi and WOW! What an amazing blanket you made! It's so beautiful and colorful and you worked really hard to make such a nice bed spread. Enjoy it.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  54. WOW!!!! It is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!! You are great!!

  55. So many squares! I can never bring myself to do granny squares because I am just no good at connecting them! This blanket is GORGEOUS!


  56. Simply wonderful...such a work of art. I wish I had your dedication. You have created such a beautiful family heirloom.

    Alicia Rice - Nashville TN

  57. I had to follow the link to this post. It's just fabulous Linda. The color is so "royal". I am going to come back a look at this again, I am sure.

    The time you spent to create this was well worth it!

  58. This is a gorgeous blanket! So interesting and lovely to see violet used to join all the elements! I have just come over from My Rose Valley!


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