Tuesday 1 April 2014

April Challenge, your February Favourite's and a new Party

Happy April everybody I can't believe how quickly these months go by... a quarter of the year has gone already! 

The March link up is full of your beautiful makes, I think you are all doing so well with the stash-busting.

So did you accept my March Challenge did anyone manage to bust 100 grams of their least favourite yarn? If you did I would love to see the yarn and what you made with it, if you didn't then don't worry because I'm challenging you again in April, go for it! I can't tell you what a kick it gives you to use up that yarn that's been lying around for ages gathering dust.
I was feeling pretty smug because I met my challenge here BUT I have lots of yarn I don't really love so I'm continuing the challenge I will be showing you the yarn I'm using later but first...

Your February favourites!

There were so many beautiful projects in February  but these were the one's you loved the most

Julia's Granny Owl Cushion

Shari's Blanket

Marianna's Baby Cardigan Jacket

Well done ladies!

Are you counting? if you are then please leave me the total number of grams you busted this month either in a comment here or in the stash totals section and thank you to those who have done so already.

My total bust for this month 1299 grams

April Challenge

This yarn was also donated to me and I know the colours are pretty but the texture is not, however I refuse to be defeated, this yarn will be well and truly busted before the end of the month, I can see another scarf coming on. :)

April Stash Link Party

The April link party is now up and running and you can find it here 

Please remember when you are adding your link to click and visit at least two of your fellow stashaholics  and leave some nice comments.

Have a great April and happy stash-busting. :)


  1. The projects are lovely! I am plannign to make something with the owls, may be those owls which you liek dmakign so much :)
    This challenge is great, and I would like to see what you come up with in April :)

  2. There are some great makes aren't there! Love the owl cushion, and of course Shari's blanket - but I am biased because I love all of Shari's things! Could your mystery no so keen on it yarn make an easter bunny with it being fluffy? Happy making in April!! xx

  3. Aww...that is some cute stuff! Love the little owl cushion. I've been thinking about making a pillow lately. It's been awhile. Have a good week.

  4. I've had owl squares on my mind for awhile. I need to get on with trying to make one.

  5. Wonderful projects! I love the owl cushion. The challenge is a good idea; who doesn't have unappealing yarn lying around?

  6. I used up quite a bit of the "ugly" yarn in March and will be sending some scarves in perfect colors for men (you know - brown, grey, dark green) to a charity in OH that serves the homeless. YES! I love it when I find the perfect place to send something I would otherwise not know what to do with.
    I've tried making a "mood blanket" twice now and have not been happy with the results either time. January's creation ended up becoming a scarf. February's was too small, so I skipped March altogether. For April, I'm frogging February's make and coming up with something else. No idea what yet, but its my stashbusting project of the month. Anything else done will be gravy.

  7. Oh ~ it's lovely to see my little baby cardigan was popular. That will encourage me to write up the instructions ..... !
    Thank you again Linda for all the hard work that you put into the link parties, stashbusting etc.
    It's always a joy to see so many lovely pictures.

  8. I knit up some ugly yarn, but I forgot all about linking it up! I'll get a move on that. These makes are beautiful and what great inspiration as always here on your blog Linda. Wendy x

  9. I feel so honoured to know people have liked my owl cushion, I am working on some more stash busting projects at the moment but I'm afraid I never count how much I'm using (not that organised!) I love all the great inspiration I find here, thanks.


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