Monday, 31 March 2014

The monday smile

I hope you have all had a great weekend and all you mums had a fabulous  Mothers Day.  Mine was lovely it started with a thud on the mat when I went to look my daughter had posted a card through the letter  box on her way to work.  The most beautiful card and the sentiments made me cry so did this...

Aww so sweet.

My lovely son and daughter in law then took me to buy some tropical fish for my tank...much better than chocolates I think.  In the evening my daughter arrived after work laden with all sorts of lovely eats, this along with phone calls from my two sons who couldn't be there made it a perfect day for me. :)

Many of you have probably seen this before but I saw it on Facebook and thought it was hilarious hope you do too

This dog is not allowed on the bed, this is what he does when his owners are away.

Have a great week! 

All you stashaholics it's the end of the month already please tot up your totals for the month if you are counting and look out for the new link party tomorrow. :)


  1. Oh Linda, what a laugh - our little Pika goes through all those actions on the lounge room carpet and we call it rap dancing! Did you notice how the dog kept pausing to check if he could hear anyone coming? Thanks so much for that! Your Mother's Day was lovely wasn't it, so nice to be spoiled and made a fuss over, and you deserve it!
    Love, Joy xo

  2. I love the way that the cat sits there just watching the whole thing and then bats the dog on the nose to say go away!! xx

  3. omg, that's too funny. It looks as though every so often he stops to listen if anyone's coming, I'm sure he would say 'take that' to his owner if he could.

  4. Hi Linda! I am glad you had such a good Mother's day! :) I didn't know you have 3 children!!! Lovely!
    I am yet to experience motherhood but I am sure it is a nice journey...
    Have a nice day!! HUGS!

  5. Happy Mother's Day to you. Loved the dog video - he was so cute, but something tells me he might be in a little trouble when his Mom comes home. :)

  6. I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day, Linda. This video is so funny! He was having a party on that bed. How did the bed stay so neat with all of his movement? I love the interaction with the cat at the end, she was not happy with him! Haha. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That made me laugh. Loved it!

  8. Linda you day sounds lovely, mine was long distance contact from both my children, my daughter took me out earlier this month for a meal when I last visited as a Mother's Day treat. My son, who often needs reminding of such things, actually remembered all on his own with the sweetest card arriving on time and with the correct postage on. Believe me when I say that this was unexpected and thrilled me to bits!
    I hadn't seen this dog video before, what a rascal and what fun he has when the owners are out lol.

  9. Sounds like you had a fantastic day!


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