Friday 21 March 2014

Block a week Friday

Block 14 Troika

A fair-isle pattern which is worked from a chart...I needed a magnifying glass to see it! I think that you need to be a dedicated knitter to work in fair-isle.  

I really love the finished result but not the making of it, carrying the wool across the back and the counting of stitches does take a lot of dedication to get it right. My finished block was wider at the top than at the bottom, which means I must have carried the wool too tightly across the back.

It would be fun to use it on a small project like a hat or a border for a little sweater or cardigan.  It's not really a difficult pattern but I would say it was fiddly and you are left with 14 ends to weave in.

Rating - intermediate
Curl - 2
size - 6"
ends - 14

More examples of this block

by Appledumpling Loving Hands
by Ftm Loving hands

Progress -  number of different blocks made = 14

Numbers - 14, 17, 24, 30,344041, 42, 45, 5256, 67  98113,
(Click on the number to see the block.)

Number of blocks altogether = 18

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  1. That is a lovely pattern and your work is very neat and flat. I like fair isle put can end up with pulls and holes if I'm not careful.....

  2. Fair Isle...that must be fun but also tough. I started out as a knitter before crochet took over. As I am a "thrower" I find that knitting really hurts my shoulder compared to crochet. Have a lovely weekend. Regards :)

  3. I love the look of fair-isle and these are beautiful examples. I am sure I could live to be 150 years old and never learn how to do it correctly. :)

  4. I really like it, but I am with you all that yarn carrying and counting can become tedious.

  5. My sister used to swiss darn on top of stocking stitch for small amounts of fair isle rather than carry the wool across the back, sounds like a plan to me haha.
    This is looking neat and your brave effort with fair isle is to be applauded dear Linda, you are braver than me :-)

  6. It looks very fiddly!!!! But it has a great effect! xx

  7. It really does look lovely Linda, and the colours are so nice together, but I understand about all that carrying over and then the tying off . . . . full marks for patience and perseverance! Joy x

  8. The good news is you persevered. I certainly don't like difficult patterns. Find it so amazing what some folks are capable of producing. Have a wonderful day. Tammy

  9. Ooh, that does look special but a bit too fiddly for me. I knitted 2 blocks this week. But they are identical to 2 I knitted a few weeks ago, so I haven't taken any photos. Just one more month to go before I have enough squares to sew into a blanket.

  10. A wonderful block. Never tried fair isle for the reasons you said xx

  11. I've been knitting them is strips to save on the sewing up. All will be revealed a.s.a.p.

  12. This block is so cool. Thank you for sharing the blocks that others have made; it is super fun to see them in different colors


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