Wednesday 5 December 2012

Christmas Tree Cushion

Tunisian crochet is ideal for cushions and I thought how nice it would be to make a Christmas cushion and this is what I have come up with.

I have made this for myself but I think this little cushion would be lovely as a gift too.   It was very easy and quick to make so there is still plenty of time to make one if you wanted to.  

This is how I made it.

Dc = double crochet UK or Sc US

Using  a 4.5mm hook and Dk yarn chain 16 and work 12 rows in Tunisian crochet as shown here for each colour.
As you can see, I alternated green and red and made three strips.  I then used Dc. to join them together with white yarn. (that's supposed to be the snow you see)

I then made five little Christmas tree's to decorate the front, you could use any  
Christmas applique really but the tree's were easily made just by using triangles.

Tree make 5 
Beginning with 10 ch, work one row Dc  and decreased at each end of next and every alternate row until there is one stitch left, fastened off then Dc in white around the tree.

Beginning with a 4 ch, work 2 rows of Dc, sew to bottom of tree.  You could crochet them directly onto the tree but I found that making them separately and sewing them on gave a neater finish.

For the back I just made a simple granny square.
I then joined the two sides together  with a row of Dc in red and finished off with a white picot border (more snow) and you can find that here 
(Remember to leave a gap at the top to insert the cushion)

Three little buttons for the top and that's your cushion all done.  
My cushion measure's twelve inches square but you could make it any size you like.


  1. So lovely! I like how you combined the tunisian in the front and the granny at the back. And the trees are so cute.

  2. Oh Linda this rocks! What a great festive project. Thanks for the words!

  3. Thats a smashing cushion Linda - love the trees and what a great idea to make a smaller item first! Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket sometime next year!
    Ali x

  4. Cute, cute cute! Those little trees are perfect. :)

  5. Happy Sunday Mrs. Linda,nice Christmas Cushion.Well done ,love the trees.Love all granny patterns,what can't you make with them?.....a lot.

    Nice week, :0)


    1. Happy Sunday to you too Luna, thanks for your lovely comments yes granny's are so versatile. :)

  6. Hi, Linda! I came from Did You make That?:) Loved your cushion cover, very nice idea to make it so Christmasy! :) I am following you now!Have a nice day:)

  7. Hello again Linda,

    I have posted about your adorable cushion here:

    Thanks again - I love this!


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