Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Collection of small Motives

The end of the year is almost upon us and I still have to complete  the Beyond the Square Challenge so please bear with me because the rest of this month will be mostly devoted to this along with a few Christmassy things dotted between.  

For the next group of motifs I have picked out some of the smaller one's in the book.

Motif #27

Motif #43

Motif #44

Motif #48

Motif #69 

Motif #92 

Motif #104 

Motif #139 

My favourite out of this group is motif #44, it's supposed to be a hexagon,  it hasn't turned out quite that shape but I love it just the same. :)

Progress 82 out of 100


  1. I like them all....they all favorite a snowflake in some sort of way!
    Have a great day!

  2. They're all so pretty! Number 43 is my favorite. I know you can finish the challenge in time! You can do it!

  3. oh my, your # 44 is really THE beauty!! Makes me wanna do it again, too!

  4. I liked the #44 too when I saw it. The next one is also nice. Great motifs to decorate Christmas gifts:)

  5. I love them all -- brilliant and so pretty.
    Thanks for your encouraging comments over at Chalky's World
    Kindest Regards Linda


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