Sunday, 30 December 2012

A Promise of Spring and the challenge is complete!

The Last four! I can't believe I have actually done it 100 motifs all done and just in the nick of time.
I chose pastel Spring shades for these remaining motifs inspired by motif #123  which to me is the ultimate sunshine motif, it cheered me up because I have quite forgotten what the sun looks like.

As you can see the sunshine is gleaming through the clouds :)

Motif #123
Motif #121
Motif #107
Motif #63
I love all of these motifs especially motif #121 but the prettiest I think is motif #107 and it's lovely to make, it would be easy to just keep on going and make it as large as you like.

So in conclusion I have enjoyed making these motifs and I would urge anyone to give them a try.  The ones I liked the best are the hexagons and the triangles the least.
I bet you are wondering what I'm going to do with them all, I will probably use a lot of them for embellishments.  I intend making wall displays with some, coasters of course and going right back to the first motif I made I have a work in progress using that very 

motif, it's very pretty but to be honest I'm not sure yet what it will turn out to be, blanket, shawl or throw that depends on how far the yarn will stretch :)

 and so one last picture just so they can take a bow ta da..........

Progress 100 out of 100 :)

Wishing everyone a happy, peaceful, prosperous and above all healthy new year. xxxxx


  1. Congratulations, Linda!! The colors for this last set look so beautiful again! And no - I will not rub it in that I've made more motifs than you... *gg* (remember our little private challenge at the beginning of the year?)

    Anyway: I loved seeing your progress and I'm looking forward to whatever you're showing us next year!

    Have a happy new year!!

  2. PS: you blanket/shawl/throw looks awesome so far! And counting those motifs, too, you probably DID make more motifs than me!!

    1. Thank you Barbara, haha no I hadn't forgot our private challenge I think you have still beat me even with those counted in, tell you what I will count them and let you know. :)

  3. Wow! what a awesome accomplishment! Happy New Year!

  4. You have set a challenge for me now, I have the book, and intend to attempt the 100 during 2013.
    Happy New year to you,
    Joy xx

  5. Ha ha, I've just got my book out, and I notice there are 144 motifs and your challenge was to do 100 of them. I might try to do the whole lot, but maybe it will take more than a year to complete!
    Joy xx

  6. Great work Linda! I too like the motif #107..hopefully i can pick up from where i left and make more of the same. The would-be shawl/blanket/wall art looks very promising..

  7. Congratulations Linda......and these last three are really lovely.....beautiful colours....look at them all together what a picture they make!

    Happy New Year Linda!
    Wishing you much happiness and good health in 2013

    Amanda xx

  8. CONGRATULATIONS, Linda!!! Your collections looks so pretty, and it has been a joy seeing each one of them featured. Your project with #1 is gorgeous. Can´t wait to see what comes out...
    Have a WONDERFUL new year 2013!!! Hope to see you in my new blog (coming Jan 1st)
    ♥ Ana BC

  9. Congratulations on reaching your target. Great work. I'd like to improve my crochet in 2013 - this seems a good way to do it. Happy new year!

  10. Yay! Congratulations ... what a fun challenge :)

  11. Hi Linda, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  12. Lovely colours. They remind me of an ex-colleague who was a great quilter. Her local library was thrilled to create a window display of her enormous quilt surrounded by craft books.

  13. Congratulations on your century Linda - what an achievement! Love the spring colours and the collage of completed motifs is fabulous!
    ...I wonder what you will be challenging yourself to next!
    Ali x

  14. Congratulations, dear Linda! Your motifs are so beautiful. I like these colors, fresh green and yellow, and the sunny one also reminds me of lemons ;-). Your picture of all motifs together is absolutely gorgeous!! ♥

  15. Congratulations Linda! What a great feeling to finish a challenge... The blanket looks divine!
    Hope you have a wonderful New Year! Long forward t see your new challenges. :)


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