Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hexagon scarf

Good morning everyone from a very cold and frosty morning here in the North of England.  I'm going to venture out in a while to post my Christmas cards and I'm hoping that the sun will have melted some of the ice from the roads and pavements my car went into a skid the other day and it was very scary.  It's very tempting to stay indoors on a day like this but I always feel so much better for getting out into the fresh air.
I am still working away at my motifs and for the last ones I thought I would experiment with different textures. I have lots of odd balls in my stash which have been donated form various places  most of them have no labels and are probably obsolete now but it's a shame not to use them.

Motif #37

I only had one ball for this and was afraid there wouldn't be enough to make the scarf long enough but I am pleased with the result.

The yarn was like fine ribbon and surprisingly lovely to work with, I used a 6mm hook and it was finished in no time.

I think it gives a nice finishing touch to a plain top.  The colours as usual are poor because of the lighting but there is a purple sheen to this scarf which goes well with the purple top.

Progress 83 of 100

Just before you go I have been neglecting my scrap jar! (TUSAL) at least I haven't really been neglecting it just failing to show it for the past few months, because I have had to cut down my crocheting to rest my hands, so today being the last New moon of the year this is a combination of the last three months.

Gathering jar
I know pretty pathetic compared to the others.

and here is my display jar as you can see it's nearly full but...I want the contents quite compact because yes I do have a plan not telling yet haha.  It will take a while so I will be continuing into next year, and when it is full and I have put my plan into action I will show you (if it works)  :)

Right I'm off to brave the ice and try and catch the mid-day post, have a great day !!


  1. Hi Linda....Your scarf is so pretty! Very Elegant! It is also very cold here. There is a blanket of thin ice everywhere you's so pretty! It might be the closet we get to snow for we are just to close to the Gulf.
    Have a lovely out!

  2. Your scarf is very pretty Linda. Be careful out in the weather. :)

  3. Love your hexagon scarf! It is a statement piece. And that yarn is gorgeous.

  4. OOh Linda - love your scarf - the motif is pretty the yarn looks interesting and such a great colour.
    Hope all went well on your venturing - there have been lots of beautiful frosty pictures posted on the web toady...not the easiest of weathers to stride out in though!
    Good to see your Tusal jar...mine is much smaller but as all my Christmas projects are getting finished its started to overflow so I have been stashing the ends in smaller receptacles all over...some of the colour combinations of things I have not intended to go together look so good I'm trying to keep them for future reference!
    Looking forward to seeing what your plans are.....!
    Ali x

  5. Hi, Linda! The idea of making a scarf from hexagons is so good!scarf looks very nice and very elegant as Shari said:)take care and enjoy your holidays!

  6. Woow your hexagon scarf is really beautiful.. It looks like doilies.. So soft and romantic..:))

  7. oh my, glad you didn't get hurt when your car went into a skidd!
    your scarf is beautiful & elegant!

  8. Thank you for your lovely comments everyone, you will be glad to know I survived the ice. :)


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