Friday, 28 December 2012

A Great Giveaway a Motif and a bit of a panic!

If the Beyond The square challenge has inspired any of you to try some of these motifs or in fact to challenge yourself in 2013 you must pop over and visit Amanda at Crafty in the Med because she is giving this book away! along with some lovely yarn if you have the book already.

and this is my motif for today and yes I know I still have seven more to go... I have finished them but.... it's raining and dark outside, such dreary weather! and getting a good photo is practically impossible, just 3 more days to go will I do it ??????

Motif # 43

A pretty motif and very quick and easy to make it's fun to use different yarns just to see the difference it makes in size and texture.

Progress 93 out of 100


  1. Yes, you will, Linda! :)
    But I've also experienced that the real Challenge in this Challenge was taking the pictures, editing them and posting them in time! Oh - and weaving in those ends. I often had dozens of motifs lying around but I never felt like weaving in the ends. Half finished motifs means no blocking, no pictures, no posts.

    Sending some sunshine your way,


  2. Thank you for the encouragement Barbara, yes you are so right, actually making the motifs is easy compared to all the preparation prior to posting. :)

  3. Many thanks for this mention Linda. I am pleased I decided to put this book forward for the giveaway it is a real boon and I like the idea that others will benefit from all those lovely motifs and seeing them "live" on your blog will give a real perspective of the finished item. Only 7 to go ....nearly nearly there!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. 7 is really easy peachy when compared to the 93 you have already done! I am completely sure you will get to 100+.. I agree tho that light, photo shoot and blogging takes more time than actual hooking. Kudos to Barbara for managing to enthrall us with such lovely posts and pics for every motif!


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