Friday 16 February 2018

Something for the weekend.

Simple Long Skinny Scarf

Sometimes you need a scarf to compliment a plain sweater or dress, this simple skinny scarf is just the thing and can be made in no time at at all.  You could use an odd ball of yarn that you have lying in your stash just keep crocheting until it runs out.    

I used 60 grams Dk yarn 
4.50 mm crochet hook

Stitches used 
sc single crochet or UK double crochet.
dc double crochet or UK treble.
crossed double crochet or UK crossed treble.

See how to make the crossed dc here, or YouTube video here

close up of stitches...

Chain 13
Row 1 - sc in second chain and each chain to end = 12sts, 3ch turn

Row 2 - 1dc in first st, skip next st then work 5 crossed dc across remaining sts, work 1dc in last st, 1ch turn.

Row 3- 1 sc in each st to end, 3ch turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you have the scarf the length you want it finishing with row 3, 1ch turn, 1sc in first st, chain 3 miss one st, 1 sc in next st, repeat to end of row, Fasten off and tie in ends, repeat at the other end of the scarf.

You could finish it off the way you prefer of course maybe a fringe, tassel or picot edging all would look good. 


Have a great weekend. 😊


  1. A lovely way to add a little something and to use a single ball of yarn too!

  2. I've never heard of a crossed treble before but I like how the stitches work up. They scarf is lovely, a great stashbuster. X

  3. Lovely !!!
    Have a nice weekend !

  4. A scarf always makes a great accessory. It can add some interest to our outfits and keeps us warm at the same time. I like how it looks against your sweater.
    xx Beca

  5. What a great little make :) Have a lovely weekend and thank you for sharing xx

  6. Your scarf is lovely, Linda! Thanks for sharing !

  7. Every scarf is welcome, your small scarf is beautiful and has a nice pattern!

  8. This is a pretty scarf, Linda. It teams perfectly with your cardigan. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  9. Nice scarf and I love the color you chose. It will be perfect for Spring!

  10. Beautiful scarf. I haven't mastered the cross stitch yet. It will come.

  11. I love this pretty scarf you made and yes scarves always add something special to an outfit. I will have make one of these types of scarves too. Thanks for the pattern and sharing at our C&C with J&J.
    Have a nice weekend Linda.
    Julie xo

  12. Scarves make great stashbusters. This one really accents your outfit beautifully!

  13. Such a beautiful scarf Linda, lovely pattern. Cathy x


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