Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Something To Make You Smile

I am a member of a lovely group called The Knicky Knack Knitters who are part of Seaham and District U3A.  For the past year or so we have been making all sorts of marine type objects from seaweed to mermaids the plan being to provide a nautical display for Seaham Marina


We all met early one sunny Friday morning and set about tying the display to any available railing.  

I was quite sceptical about the whole project to be honest, a lot of work went into the making and planning and I was afraid that the whole display would be ruined by the weather and possibly by vandals.

I'm so pleased that I was proved wrong, nearly two weeks later it still looks as good as it did when we first put it up and we have had a lot of wind and rain.

I have never really been a big fan of yarn bombing I've always thought that the yarn could be put to better use but I completely changed my mind on that first morning, as people began to drift down to the Marina the huge smiles on their faces as they caught their first glimpse of the display said it all.

 Some pieces are displayed inside the cafe's and shops too. 

My beach hut display resides in one of the cafe's, which hut would you like to rent? 😊
lollipop anyone?

We all need a bit of light relief away from the madness of everyday life and if this can put a smile on someones face and provide them with that then it's all been worthwhile.  Thank you to Pamela our amazing group leader for the great idea and her endless encouragement and enthusiasm.

 I hope you are all having a great week.😊

Monday, 29 April 2019

One Lovely Blanket

The Spring Garden Afghan 

I really enjoyed making this blanket and managed to finish it in time with the ending of the CAL a lovely blanket in less that five weeks is a great achievement for me.

 It's so frustrating trying to get a good photo of a blanket because my photo's can never capture the beauty of the blanket in real life, I really love the colours but they don't look true in the photo.

This was made for charity but as always it's difficult to let a pretty blanket go, but there are only so many blankets a girl can house.

The blanket was made with Sirdar Hayfield Bonus Dk in shades, Salmon, Lemongrass, Ladybird and sunflower all of which I already had in my stash, it took 648 grams of yarn and measures 51 inches by 40.
The free pattern and tutorial is available on The Crochet Crowds website here

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Have a great week.😊

Monday, 8 April 2019

Whats On My Hook

I have been totally engrossed these past two weeks in yet another stitch along this time it's one hosted by the Crochet crowd, The Spring Garden Afghan, everything else has been put on hold as I want to try and keep up with this, it only runs for Five weeks and today is the start of week three.

Week one consisted of 22 plain squares..

The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn but I used Dk so I had to do an extra round to get the squares 5 inches, I also used smaller stitches for the corners so that the holes weren't too large.

Week Two consisted of 20 squares..

Week Three

Just out today, I've been playing around with this, the flower is much bigger in the pattern but I have used smaller stitches to make it smaller and neater, just 20 more to go! 

Is anyone else following this too?

I love a project like this, one that's not too difficult and totally engrosses me, the housework and everything else has gone out of the window 😂 

Whats on your needles or hook?

Friday, 15 March 2019

Blanket Round Up Five

Yes can you believe it, the blanket round ups are still on going because I really love making blankets, and it's just as well because there is always a great need for them, from the tiniest preemie blanket to  bed sized blankets, Loving hands members have even made huge sized blankets for orphan elephants 

This particular blanket is much smaller than that, it's just the right size for a lap blanket, but I have to be honest I love it so much I haven't had the heart to send it on yet.

Sometimes when I'm visiting my favourite blogs I come across something that I just have to make and this was one of those things.  The reason I liked it so much was because I was intrigued by the corner to corner join as you go method which was shown along with a great a tutorial on The Patchwork Heart. Can you imagine hardly any ends to sew in and no joining! 

I then had to search through my scrap yarn and decided that this particular blanket  would be a great contender for the coned yarn that I have stashed up in my loft. As always throughout the making of a stash blanket you are never sure if you'll have enough yarn to complete it, luckily I had enough to make it to a decent size.

Coned yarn is usually 3 or 4 ply so I used three strands together which works out more or less as an Aran weight and wound it into lovely yarn cakes with my yarn winder. I'm sure I took a photo of that lovely yarn all ready to be used but if I did I can't find it anywhere.  It's always a great feeling when you get to the middle of one of those cones because they seem to be never ending. 

You can find..
The corner to corner tutorial here
Who needs your blankets here

Have a great weekend! 😊

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