Sunday 18 February 2024

Another Finish , Flowers, Rabbits, Chicks & New Yarn!

 Thank you for all your well wishes last week they are very much appreciated.  Nothing has moved forward regarding the MRI scan. I did pop into the GP surgery to make sure that the referral had gone out and the receptionist assures me that it has, I will give it until next week and then I will call the MRI department and ask there. The tingling  sensation in my head and face continues but mostly when I'm using my phone, I have hardly used it this week and when I do I hold it at arms length, if I have to make a call I will use my hands free and push the phone as far away from me as I can.

I'm pleased to say that my teeth have settled down after their brutal attack at the dentist, I have an appointment to have the new crowns cemented in next Thursday but I think that should be straight forward. 🤞🤞

Kevin's Socks Ta daa!!!

What can I say, I'm worried in case they will be too big, I hope not.  I didn't enjoy knitting the stripes and won't be knitting anymore stripy socks in the future.  These socks are in no way perfect but then I have yet to knit a perfect sock. I'm just pleased that Kevin will have them in time for his birthday. I will let you know his reaction.


I used two 50 gram balls of each colour of this yarn and I have still got lots left over. I washed and blocked them and I'm so glad that I did because the colours ran, I rinsed them until the water was clear and I'm hoping that the colour won't run in the second wash. I did use a touch of fabric conditioner in the final rinse and they are lovely and soft and smell divine. 😊

New Yarn!

Can you remember Teds Poncho back here, well as a thank you Ted gave me a gift voucher to use in a yarn store, this one in fact. (wow it's ten years since I wrote that post and the shop will have been there more than 51 years now!) 

I made the journey last Friday and came away with this. Four balls of lovely sock yarn and it only cost me 78p! Thank you Ted. 😘

When the ladies in my LIp Reading class heard I was making socks for Kevin they all said, make me some! and so I made each one of them draw around one of their feet and measure the width, then I asked them to write down their favourite colours. The plan is to make these slowly through the year and present them with them at Christmas. I think I can safely call this the year of the sock. 

Chicks and Such

Now every year at this time, various charities ask for knitted chicks and rabbits to sell to boost funds, in fact my Easter Chick Pattern is usually right at the top of the list from January well past Easter.  I always feel obliged to make some but because I have made so many in the past I find it a bit of a chore.  This is my meagre contribution for Macmillan this year.  I did do a post on our u3a website asking our members to make some if they wanted and I added my pattern along with some others and hopefully the ladies from my crochet group will make some  too, every single one counts right?

I tried to make bunnies this time but I'm not that impressed with my efforts I gave up after three. 


As I mentioned in a previous post the lovely Pamela from the u3a Knicky Knack Knitters group is always on a mission to brighten up and add colour and cheer to our Marina and Train station.  This time it's the turn of the station the theme being Spring, as you know I have made a few butterflies here and now have thrown these simple flowers into the mix, a great way to use up scraps and an ideal flower to teach any new members in my crochet group on Monday, I'll take lots of colourful scraps of yarn and we should have a whole heap of flowers at the end of the session.

Year Of Woodland Flowers Embroidery

Stems all finished and I'm looking forward to sewing the daisy this afternoon.

We are patiently awaiting the arrival of grandson number three he's due to arrive on the 19th so it could be anytime now🤗

What are you up to today? whatever it is I hope that you have a peaceful Sunday. 😘😘

The sun is shining today and the Spring Bulbs are making an appearance. 😊

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  1. You have been busy, Love the stripe in the socks, I have used that brand and iot great for socks.

  2. All those socks will keep you busy this year! Good to start now to have them all done in time. Lovely embroidery and fun crochet stalls to use up your scrap yarn. Gail at the cozy quilter

    1. That should be smalls. Not stalls!

  3. I wish I could sit with you, Linda, and have you show me all the ins and outs of crochet. Your knowledge and pretty makes always amaze me. Gosh, I hope you like knitting socks as it sounds as if there will be a pair on your needles all year. Kevin's socks look fabulous. He is going to love them but such a pain though the colours ran.

  4. I like the socks.
    Your Easter Chicks and Rabbits look cute and the flowers so colourful.
    Your embroidery is coming along so well too.

    We have been enjoying the sunshine today, always nice to see a blue sky.

    Have a lovely week ahead, not long now before you welcome your new Grandson.

    All the best Jan

  5. Oooh, pretty spring bulbs. Nice stripy socks, did you have lots of ends to sew in? How kind of you to knit socks for your group.

  6. Glad you are ok :)
    Lovely socks and crafts !
    Spring is showing is nose here too...
    Have a shinny week !

  7. Oh, I love those stripey socks, I'm a lover of stripes, but I know they can be a bit of a pain when you're alternating yarn. I tend to go for self-striping yarn to knit them with. It sounds like you're going to be busy with sock knitting this year. How exciting waiting for the arrival of your new little grandson, I wonder if he'll make an appearance on his due date. It's Daniel's birthday today, though he was a couple of days early.

  8. I am so sorry about the tingling feeling in your head and face. I do hope the doctors can find a solution for you and have it go away. I love those socks you made and the chicks and bunnies are adorable. I hope you feel better and enjoy the week Linda.

  9. What a lovely post! I adore the creatures you made and am tempted to try the knitted chicks! And I love the flowers you are making - so much beauty added to the world! Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  10. Those socks are lovely and look absolutely perfect to me. So kind of you to offer to knit one for the ladies!

  11. The socks look great and I'm sure Kevin will love them. Cute crochet chicks and bunnies for the charities you support. The flowers will look beautiful at the station and lots of people can enjoy them. Lovely to see the progress on your woodland flowers embroidery.

  12. I love the Woodland Flowers Embroidery. Your chicks and bunnies are cute. I totally get not wanting to crochet more chicks. I feel the same way with the many pups I have made. I like your flowers and Kevin's socks are fantastic. Yarn store gifts are always welcome.

  13. Linda, those stripey socks sure look pretty perfect to me. :) I'm sharing in your mouth discomfort this week. I had a cracked tooth prepped for a crown last Thursday, and between the numbing shots and then the tooth whittling, I'm still a bit sore - nearly a week later. So many cute and pretty things you have going. You inspire me.

  14. Those socks are gorgeous! Who doesn't love having cosy feet.
    And it is just lovely to see spring flowers making an appearance. X

  15. Hi Linda, I just enjoyed a lovely first visit with you. You do a variety of stitching like I do so I am interested in it all. The year of the sock is great and I admire the skill it takes to knit striped socks. Adore that hand embroidered pattern too. Happy Stitching from me in Canada!

  16. I'm so sorry to hear about the weird tingling in your face/head. Perhaps it's an irritated nerve or something. I have scoliosis and a pretty severe "spoon chest", (where my sternum caves in). It causes all kinds of weird tingles, twitches, pins/needles, feelings. Sometimes numbness too. I go to a chiropractor once every other month or so to get adjusted and it's been a huge relief. If I put off going to the chiropractor, the outside of my left hand and left foot actually start to go numb and I get a tremor. Kinda freaky, lol. But it goes away when I get adjusted. My thought was perhaps when you lift your phone up, it exasperates the nerve irritation. That was just my first thought when I read your post. I am certainly no doctor and have no experience in the medical field. But I hope you get it all sorted out soon and that you feel better. Sending *hugs* from across the pond. :-)

  17. I'm just catching up with your last two posts Linda, and am hoping that you have some positive news now regarding your health issues, and those of other family members. I am thinking of you all. Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying getting to know your two new grandsons. xxx

  18. Those little easter chick's made me smile


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