Wednesday 30 November 2016

How Do You Eat Yours?

Just for fun I'm answering Rachel (radiostar) from eternally 28 who asked these questions...

How do you eat...

Maltesers... place one in my mouth and just let it melt away (it lasts longer that way)

Yogurt... Gently peel off lid  and scrape yogurt off with teaspoon  then stir yogurt until it's all the same thickness and savour slowly.

Crisps...For some reason I can't eat them anymore they give me heartburn...I really miss them😟

Fry's Turkish delight...I love to bite into it and hear that sound of breaking chocolate into pink yumminess, then it's nibble nibble till it's all gone.

Sunday Dinner... Yorkshire puddings are usually eaten when I have room left on my plate to cut into them usually after some of the veggies have been gobbled, I usually save a bit till last though.

Kit Kat...I like to bite the chocolate off the ends trying not to get any of the wafer then nibble the chocolate off the sides at the base, then I eat the rest, the second stick is quickly dunked and the soft chocolate sucked off the end, repeat till all is gone.😋

Crunchies... I like to bite as much chocolate off as I can, then I eat the crunchie bit in the middle, mind you crunchies sometimes get a bit of dunking too.

Chips... I like them golden but not brown and they must be cooked through, I hate dark chips that are raw in the middle.

Toast..I like it evenly lightly browned, still warm with butter and marmalade or jam or better yet cut in half with jam on one piece and marmalade on the other. 

Pasta....I like it just cooked not under or over and it must be wholemeal or (see crisps above)

Soup...I like it with bread liberally spread with butter.

Bacon butties...bread without butter with a dash of ketchup or brown sauce I'm not fussy but ketchup has just got the edge. :) 

So how do you eat yours join in it's fun!

See Rachel's answers here

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Sunday 27 November 2016

Slightly odd and not quite perfect

At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to make a sock a month but as usual my well meaning targets always go by the wayside, I started this particular pair back in February when I intended making five pairs this year ha!

As you can see they are odd and they certainly aren't perfect  but I love them just the same.  

I wonder if I'll ever manage to make a pair that actually match, have no dropped stitches and have the perfect shape.  I always start out with good intentions but it never happens I wonder why.

The thing I have learnt is, sock making is very forgiving if you do drop a stitch or they have the odd hole here and there it's easy to weave away the mistakes and once you wear them they look just fine. At least they are fine if I'm going to wear them myself, I have yet to make a pair that have been perfect enough to be gifted apart from these (men don't look so closely) My daughter says she wants them she loves them even if they are slightly odd so that's where they are going.

The yarn is Sirdar heart and sole in shade  hip hop 0107 knit with size 2.5mm circular needles using the magic loop method and following this pattern.
I've already got another pair of socks on the needles hopefully to be gifted to a the friend who was supposed to get these last year and didn't but lets just see how they turn out first shall we.

Have a great week.😊

I will be linking these socks to all the great parties listed on my right sidebar.

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Sunday 20 November 2016

More Sweetness

Thank you for all the lovely comments especially those with regards to Joanie, I'm pleased to say she is getting better and she has been transferred to another hospital closer to home which makes it easier for friends and family to visit, the next step will be deciding where she goes from there. She isn't really safe at home anymore so some tough decisions ahead for both her and her family.

She absolutely loves her poncho so I'm so pleased that I've managed to make things a little easier for her even if it is in a small way.

I managed to finish the dresses for the twins ....

one with a pink trim

and one with white

This is a vintage pattern revisited you can see those I made previously here but this time I have left it without a ribbon trim as younger colleagues have convinced me they aren't practical and the dresses look better without anyway. 

I used donated poundstretcher yarn.

This works up brilliantly and is such good value I have loads left enough for lots more cute baby items.

My group met up last Thursday and have made the sweetest things for the twins too which I'm dying to show you but it's been too dull and gloomy to take any photo's, I will be taking some as soon as I can. 

I hope you all have a great Sunday, it's my Birthday today so I'm off out to lunch with my lovely family.

See you soon :)

See all the great parties I will be linking up to this week in my right sidebar.

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Sunday 13 November 2016

Twice as Sweet.

One of the great things about charity knitting and crocheting is that you get to make all sorts of things that you wouldn't normally have a use for.  If I know that something that I have made is going for a specific cause and that it's really needed then that's all the motivation I need.  This time I had a request to make outfits for twin girls who are due in December.  I was thrilled to bits I love making little girl things so this is what I've done so far....

Two little jackets

I like to keep things very simple for newborn babies and this design is just that, in fact it's a joy to knit it's made top down all in one with just the sleeve seam to sew up,  I hate the sewing up part don't you, so that why this lovely pattern is such fun to make.  It's Marianna's top down with sleeves and you can find the pattern here

Two hats

This is the hat pattern that goes with the tops, to be honest I could just sit and knit these all day you can find the pattern here

Two Pairs of Mittens

The most simple I could find, I'm not sure why they all look different sizes in the photo when they are all exactly the same in real life.  Another design by Marianna you can find them here

Two Pairs of little Booties

Ribbon bow booties, thank you so much Marianna for sharing so many great patterns! you can find the bootie pattern here 

The yarn I used was bought years ago at my local Aldi store I just knew that I would find a use for it someday, I love the colours and the fact that although I'm making two the same of everything the variegated colours make them just that little bit different.

I'm now in the process of making two little dresses and I'll share those when they are finished.  The NELH group are meeting at my home this Tuesday and they have all been making things for the twins too, I can't wait to see what they have been making. 

Linking these to the stash-buster party only 185 grams of yarn used for them all but great stashbusters just the same. Look at my right sidebar to see where else I'll be linking this week.

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Sunday 6 November 2016

November Stash-Buster Link Party.

Hello and welcome to the November Stash Link Party.  Thank you to all of you who linked your stash-busting makes last month, there were so many and all were fabulous, these were your favourites....

1. A lovely blanket made by Barbara from Yarning Away.

2. A pretty pattern stitch by Pradeepa from the Lazy hobbyhopper.

3. The beautiful Napperon Doily made by Anna from Annasimplecrochet

3. Blanket with fish  by Diane from Crea Diva

Congratulations ladies!

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