Sunday, 27 November 2016

Slightly odd and not quite perfect

At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to make a sock a month but as usual my well meaning targets always go by the wayside, I started this particular pair back in February when I intended making five pairs this year ha!

As you can see they are odd and they certainly aren't perfect  but I love them just the same.  

I wonder if I'll ever manage to make a pair that actually match, have no dropped stitches and have the perfect shape.  I always start out with good intentions but it never happens I wonder why.

The thing I have learnt is, sock making is very forgiving if you do drop a stitch or they have the odd hole here and there it's easy to weave away the mistakes and once you wear them they look just fine. At least they are fine if I'm going to wear them myself, I have yet to make a pair that have been perfect enough to be gifted apart from these (men don't look so closely) My daughter says she wants them she loves them even if they are slightly odd so that's where they are going.

The yarn is Sirdar heart and sole in shade  hip hop 0107 knit with size 2.5mm circular needles using the magic loop method and following this pattern.
I've already got another pair of socks on the needles hopefully to be gifted to a the friend who was supposed to get these last year and didn't but lets just see how they turn out first shall we.

Have a great week.😊

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  1. They look just fine. I like mismatched socks . I too have yet to make the perfect pair but as long as they are wearable :)

  2. I think they look fine. I feel that hand made items that have a slight variation in them are more special.

  3. The socks are lovely. You can get perfect socks from a shop (most of the time), handmade socks are special particularly when they have their own unique qualities. Don't give up on the sock knitting.

  4. I think they look perfect. I have never made a thing that isn't a little odd, it shows character.

  5. Looks perfect to me !!! And very comfy !!!
    Have a cosy week !

  6. They are just beautiful, I like the red toe on one sock ;-)

  7. I think the socks look great Linda. I would love to have a pair of knit socks but I hate to knit.


  8. They look lovely!! I am trying to make crochet socks for home use only and mine will surely be out of measurements.

  9. I like wonky and mismatched. I'm quite impressed that you can make socks. A friend brought me back a gift set of yarn from Germany that includes 4 balls of yarn and 5 tiny metal needles. I don't knit and those 5 needles have me quite confused. I will take a jab at trying one more time to learn to knit. But honestly, I tried twice years ago and just couldn't get the hang of it. Crochet is quite alright with me. :)

  10. I knit lots of socks and have never worried bout perfect matching. I just started the second of a pair and got the match fairly close and I am happy with that. I have a waiting list of peeps who want socks so I don't think that anyone bothers about it. They are happy socks and I am sure that your daughter will love wearing them.

  11. Hi Linda, wow your knit socks are beautiful. I will have to learn how to knit socks sometime in the future.
    Thanks for sharing at C&C with J&J.
    Enjoy the week.
    Julie xo

  12. Pretend the non-matching was a design feature! My daughter is another one who would have no problems wearing these.

  13. The socks you made look great I know that we knitters can be perfectionists with the final product but we are usually harder on ourselves and others think what we made it perfect. I love the label on the socks they look very professional! I know what you mean about resolutions at the beginning of the year, they are so hard to keep we always have good intentions but other things get in the way. Hope you have a good week!

  14. If you want perfectly matching socks, you buy them! These are great. Maybe I should try magic loop to make the partner of the one sock that I have completed (a couple of years ago).

  15. I think they look great!

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  16. Thank you for sharing in my link up last week.
    A New party is open. Welcome.


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