Sunday 13 November 2016

Twice as Sweet.

One of the great things about charity knitting and crocheting is that you get to make all sorts of things that you wouldn't normally have a use for.  If I know that something that I have made is going for a specific cause and that it's really needed then that's all the motivation I need.  This time I had a request to make outfits for twin girls who are due in December.  I was thrilled to bits I love making little girl things so this is what I've done so far....

Two little jackets

I like to keep things very simple for newborn babies and this design is just that, in fact it's a joy to knit it's made top down all in one with just the sleeve seam to sew up,  I hate the sewing up part don't you, so that why this lovely pattern is such fun to make.  It's Marianna's top down with sleeves and you can find the pattern here

Two hats

This is the hat pattern that goes with the tops, to be honest I could just sit and knit these all day you can find the pattern here

Two Pairs of Mittens

The most simple I could find, I'm not sure why they all look different sizes in the photo when they are all exactly the same in real life.  Another design by Marianna you can find them here

Two Pairs of little Booties

Ribbon bow booties, thank you so much Marianna for sharing so many great patterns! you can find the bootie pattern here 

The yarn I used was bought years ago at my local Aldi store I just knew that I would find a use for it someday, I love the colours and the fact that although I'm making two the same of everything the variegated colours make them just that little bit different.

I'm now in the process of making two little dresses and I'll share those when they are finished.  The NELH group are meeting at my home this Tuesday and they have all been making things for the twins too, I can't wait to see what they have been making. 

Linking these to the stash-buster party only 185 grams of yarn used for them all but great stashbusters just the same. Look at my right sidebar to see where else I'll be linking this week.

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  1. They are super cute and the wool is just beautiful x

  2. It's great that you know exactly where your makes will be going. Here, I crochet for the sake of doing so and then give it all away to charity hoping it goes to the right people. Organizations aren't quite so organized here when it comes to handmade donations.

  3. They are wonderful Linda, such a great pair for lovely little ones.
    Hugs to you and good use of that stash yarn, I just polished off another 600 yards from my stash.

  4. Very sweet indeed. The colors are delicate and beautiful and all the stitches are neat and pretty.

  5. Your baby knits are beautiful.

  6. :) You just made my day! I am so happy to know that you are still enjoying my patterns Linda. These are all beautifully knitted. Well done :) x

    1. Thank you Marianna your patterns are the best. :) xx

  7. Those sets are very sweet, Linda!!:) You are right that with charity you can make different things without thinking whether you need those.

  8. Lovely and sweet colors for two beautiful sets !!!!
    Have a cosy week !

  9. Awh they are all gorgeous....I must follow the link for the hats....I'm always looking for baby hat patterns. The yarn knits up beautifully.

  10. Ah, so sweet and beautiful, twice.
    The two sets are so lovely and I love the soft yarn.

  11. The little girls outfits are just beautiful Linda. :) Thanks for sharing them at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.

  12. Beautiful work, Linda; the babies will look delightful in those little sets. I bought some of that wool from Aldi too!

  13. Great outfits and it's amazing that they used up only 185g of yarn.

  14. Good Evening Linda, Oh my, those little cardigans are gorgeous. I love it when I find patterns which need very little sewing, as sewing the garment together isn't my favourite chore either.
    I have to say, I have found some lovely wool in Aldi and at reasonable prices.
    Take care.
    Best Wishes

  15. Oh that's sweet indeed! So wonderfully soft colors, great work, Linda. Happy weekend!! xxx

  16. These are all so pretty! How great that you make these to donate! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle!

  17. Such beautiful makes and that yarn is just perfect for twins, they'll be dressed alike but very slightly different.

  18. Hi. Happy to tell you that twochicksandamom Featured your lovely knitting at Snickerdoodle Link Party:).


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