Sunday, 20 November 2016

More Sweetness

Thank you for all the lovely comments especially those with regards to Joanie, I'm pleased to say she is getting better and she has been transferred to another hospital closer to home which makes it easier for friends and family to visit, the next step will be deciding where she goes from there. She isn't really safe at home anymore so some tough decisions ahead for both her and her family.

She absolutely loves her poncho so I'm so pleased that I've managed to make things a little easier for her even if it is in a small way.

I managed to finish the dresses for the twins ....

one with a pink trim

and one with white

This is a vintage pattern revisited you can see those I made previously here but this time I have left it without a ribbon trim as younger colleagues have convinced me they aren't practical and the dresses look better without anyway. 

I used donated poundstretcher yarn.

This works up brilliantly and is such good value I have loads left enough for lots more cute baby items.

My group met up last Thursday and have made the sweetest things for the twins too which I'm dying to show you but it's been too dull and gloomy to take any photo's, I will be taking some as soon as I can. 

I hope you all have a great Sunday, it's my Birthday today so I'm off out to lunch with my lovely family.

See you soon :)

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  1. Happy Birthday to you! Glad your friend's mom liked her poncho. The baby dresses are very cute.

  2. Happy birthday Linda! Just realised that I am just one week older than you! The dresses are lovely, I have a pattern for a matching cape, I think - it is in a crochet book I bought when I was a teenager ;-)

  3. The sweaters are adorable :-)

    It's too bad about the ribbons though as I think the ribbons add a touch of cuteness to baby items. Just my opinion though.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely work and have a great birthday celebration today! Happy Birthday to you from WA State, USA ;-)

  4. Ooh, happy birthday, Linda. The dresses are lovely. I can remember it was very special the first time I put Daughter into a dress instead of the usual babygros.

  5. Happy birthday, enjoy your day. Those are sweet dresses and your poncho turned out lovely.

  6. Happy Birthday Linda. The dresses are adorable. Have a fun day.


  7. Happy Birthday Linda, hope you celebrate in style.

  8. Happy Birthday, Linda!! :) Hope you had a great time.
    The dresses are so sweet and the yarn looks soft and lovely to work with.

  9. Those dresses are so sweet. I hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday.

  10. Happy Birthday to you Linda.
    Hopefully it will be better with Joanie.
    The dresses are really gorgeous for the twins!!!

  11. Happy belated birthday Linda, I hope you enjoyed your meal. The dresses are so cute, love the yarn choice x

  12. Belated happy birthday Linda.. the dresses look very very cute!Lovely

  13. Such beautifully-crocheted things! They are all wonderful. Saw the things from your previous post too. You've been busy!


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