Sunday 29 September 2013

Come Visit Yarndale

A trip to Yarndale for those who couldn't be there, go grab yourselves a cuppa, sit back and enjoy.

Yarndale was crowded with all kinds of craft loving folk. It was hard to get around all the pens a lot of squeezing and a little pushing was inevitable but everyone I encountered was friendly and didn't seem to mind. 

The Bunting 

Outside Yarndale

See if you can spot yours!

did you spot it yet? 

No? well maybe it's inside.

Lets have a look round

Don't you just love buttons? I had to drag myself away!

The Workshops

 Meeting Lucy

Hungry anyone

Then at the end of the day either take a shuttle bus to the station or

Take a moment to drink in the beautiful views 

and then take a walk in the park.

The little ducks are watching the river antics 

I'm so glad we took the walk in the park. :)

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Yarndale. 

I had a lovely day despite the crowds, there was so much to see, touch and feel.  Lots of inspiration and sharing of knowledge.
Yes we had to queue  ages for food but I was fascinated by the young woman who stood in front of me knitting an intricate lacy pattern while she waited with her friend who was wearing the most beautifully knitted cardigan.  We were with like minded craft loving folk and the atmosphere was lovely.

What did I buy? buttons of course. :)