Sunday, 25 September 2011

Preemie Ripple Poncho.

I love this sweet poncho, it's made with 4 ply yarn and it's for a preemie baby, I am going to try it with thicker yarn and hook next time I make it and hopefully it will fit a newborn baby.  You can find the pattern here

and little booties

Find a newborn version


  1. Really Beautiful set!!....Any Mother would just love to put her newborn in and show them off!!
    Would love to get pattern!!

  2. Love this pattern but am quite confused on row 4 you never say what to put in the ch 3 spots . So I am stuck here tell you up date this pattern please help

    1. Hi Tanya, this is not my pattern and as it's quite a while since I made the little poncho I have forgotten how the pattern works, but as I can remember I did find it easy to follow at the time, I don't actually know what you mean about the chain 3 spots, I would think that the chain 3 counts as the first dc.


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