Friday 31 December 2021

Happy New Year!


Wishing everyone all the very best for 2022!

Tuesday 21 December 2021

Last Minute Rush and Have a Merry Christmas.

 I have decided that I work better under pressure, I know it sounds mad but I get more work done when I know that it has to be done in a very narrow time frame, that's why most things get left until the last minute, that includes last minute little gifts to give to friends and family like these cute little angels..

You can add your own little touches by adding beads, you can find the quick and easy pattern here.

I am still enjoying the Drops Christmas Advent calendar and have made quite a few of the little patterns, I love those Christmas socks and have put them on my to do list for next year. Then the other night I decided to give the Christmas tree coasters a try and I love the result, again another one for next year everyone needs a Christmas tree coaster in their life 😄

Wreaths have been made

The only thing left to do is to complete my Twelve Days Of Christmas Sampler, there isn't a great lot to do for the twelfth day but with everything else that's going on it's finding the time to actually sit and complete it.  I won't have time to frame it but that doesn't matter as long as the sewing is done I will be happy.

I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well so that you can spend sometime just to relax and enjoy the season. I'm hoping to spend lots of time with my youngest son who is visiting from Qatar with his lovely wife, fingers crossed that Covid restrictions won't affect us too much, son number two and his wife are recovering from corona virus as we speak, it has been a rough time for them both but we are hoping that the worst is over.

Christmas blessings to you all, have a safe and very happy Christmas. 😘😘

Friday 10 December 2021

More Christmas Crochet Mosaic

 Mosaic Crochet continues to become more and more popular,  this time last year I was frantically  trying  to complete my Mosaic cushions and luckily I succeeded, it was lovely to see them again when I went up in to the loft in search of my Christmas decorations.  

I know I have just made new cushions but they will have to step aside just for the month of December and let these take centre stage.  I had planned on gifting some of these but I liked them too much to give away, I do plan to give one to my daughter.

I used panels from Letitia's Holiday CAL blanket by Rosina Plane

Last Year my Mosaic Christmas post was so popular I thought I would add to it just to give you an idea of what new patterns are available this year. 

More patterns seem to be added to the mosaic Christmas list by the day and here are just a few of those that I have seen and loved enough to purchase the patterns, all of these patterns are for the overlay mosaic technique. 

Christmas Table Runner
by Anneke den Outer

Christmas Penguin Potholder
by Anneke den Outer
This designer has some fabulous designs and you can see them all here on Ravelry

I had to purchase this pattern as soon as I saw it, I know my daughter would absolutely love it, I would love to make it and use it as a wall hanging but I think it would turn out too large even if I used fine cotton yarn. This designer's patterns have 35% off the price until the 12 December.
You can see them all here
By the same designer, I had my little grandson Mikey in mind when I bought this one
Oh Christmas Tree

Winter Wonderland
by Ana Morais Soares

So many beautiful patterns so little time! certainly not enough time for me to make any of them this year.  

I am in the process of making  some of these Mosaic Stars because they are so easy and although it's a bought pattern the YouTube tutorial is free.  

Mosaic Stars
by Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir

I had a lovely relaxing evening crocheting these along with Tinna and I plan on making more if time will permit, they are small enough to pop into an envelope with a Christmas card as a little Christmas gift and lovely to string to together to make a garland. Tinna gives you lots of idea's in her tutorial too, you can watch it here 

More Patterns I have seen

Let it Snow Afghan
by Lynette Kosar

I will add to these if more become available, please let me know if any of you come across more Christmas Mosaic and I will add it here.

Click below for...

Friday 3 December 2021

The Countdown has Begun!

 Happy December! The count down to Christmas has officially begun. 

I never really start to seriously think about Christmas until the beginning of December and it's only then that I start to get gift inspiration for friends and family, of course that usually means that I've left it far too late to make much out of the ideas that are spinning around in my head, I do try in the months leading up to December but nothing seems to work because my heart isn't in it. 

To be honest I have been busy with other things, I decided to change the décor in my living room and give it a winter vibe, so out went the pinks and purples and in came the reds and oranges I bought a new rug in the local market 

That meant that accessories had to be changed and before that could happen yarn had to be bought..

I just love it when the postman brings a parcel of yarn to the door, this is the second parcel in as many weeks as I had already bought red and cinnamon but ran out of the red, I decided then and there that in order to avoid p&p the only sensible thing to do would be to spend over £25.  I had to laugh at the postman, he pointed to the parcel and said,  more yarn! then he started singing - when will I see you again😂
Anyway I have made cushions to compliment the rug, six in all..

I am in the process of  completing the last two square cushions and I'm hoping they will be done in the next couple of days.  I think that the colours  match quite well..

I absolutely love the texture in this stitch, the cushions may be plain but that texture lifts them to another level I think.  If anyone would like the pattern please just leave me a comment and I will write a post on how I made them. Although it's hard to see in the photo the larger cushions are made in the same stitch. 

Along with the cushions I have changed my pictures on one wall it had to be a winter scene of course..

You can't get more wintery than that! These are photos taken by one of the leaders of our u3a photography group, he is so talented his photos are beautiful, this is the same scene taken at different times of the day and I just love them.

I would like to make an easy  throw with what is left of the yarn and my brother has asked me to make a cover for his wheelchair cushion so I have a lot to get on with but other things are stirring in my mind, if you remember I showed you a beautiful blanket back here believe it or not I have seen yet another....

I have bought both patterns and I'm thinking that perhaps I will make them slowly throughout next year and hopefully they will be ready for next Christmas, I'm not committing myself to it because like I said earlier I find it hard to make Christmas stuff out of Season so watch this space, will she or won't she!

We woke up to this yesterday morning!

It came as a surprise as we weren't expecting it, I haven't been out in the garden since before the storm that hit us last weekend, my bench is still overturned and I have damage to the summerhouse door and windows but I was very lucky compared to some. Power has yet to be restored to quite a number of homes. 

That little bit of snow doesn't look like much but it was very icy underfoot, I had to walk to my hairdressers appointment as the roads were too icy to risk taking the car, luckily I managed to get there in one 

piece but fortified myself with a cappuccino in Costa before I walked back home again, the sea doesn't look that inviting does it?

Can you believe we have cold water swimmers who actually swim in that sea every morning they must be very brave I couldn't do it could you?

I look forward to the Drops Advent Calendar every year, it's fun to click and find a free pattern everyday some of them are really cute,  I have already tried days one and two so quick and easy,  a nice little project for the weekend.😊