Friday, 3 December 2021

The Countdown has Begun!

 Happy December! The count down to Christmas has officially begun. 

I never really start to seriously think about Christmas until the beginning of December and it's only then that I start to get gift inspiration for friends and family, of course that usually means that I've left it far too late to make much out of the ideas that are spinning around in my head, I do try in the months leading up to December but nothing seems to work because my heart isn't in it. 

To be honest I have been busy with other things, I decided to change the décor in my living room and give it a winter vibe, so out went the pinks and purples and in came the reds and oranges I bought a new rug in the local market 

That meant that accessories had to be changed and before that could happen yarn had to be bought..

I just love it when the postman brings a parcel of yarn to the door, this is the second parcel in as many weeks as I had already bought red and cinnamon but ran out of the red, I decided then and there that in order to avoid p&p the only sensible thing to do would be to spend over £25.  I had to laugh at the postman, he pointed to the parcel and said,  more yarn! then he started singing - when will I see you again😂
Anyway I have made cushions to compliment the rug, six in all..

I am in the process of  completing the last two square cushions and I'm hoping they will be done in the next couple of days.  I think that the colours  match quite well..

I absolutely love the texture in this stitch, the cushions may be plain but that texture lifts them to another level I think.  If anyone would like the pattern please just leave me a comment and I will write a post on how I made them. Although it's hard to see in the photo the larger cushions are made in the same stitch. 

Along with the cushions I have changed my pictures on one wall it had to be a winter scene of course..

You can't get more wintery than that! These are photos taken by one of the leaders of our u3a photography group, he is so talented his photos are beautiful, this is the same scene taken at different times of the day and I just love them.

I would like to make an easy  throw with what is left of the yarn and my brother has asked me to make a cover for his wheelchair cushion so I have a lot to get on with but other things are stirring in my mind, if you remember I showed you a beautiful blanket back here believe it or not I have seen yet another....

I have bought both patterns and I'm thinking that perhaps I will make them slowly throughout next year and hopefully they will be ready for next Christmas, I'm not committing myself to it because like I said earlier I find it hard to make Christmas stuff out of Season so watch this space, will she or won't she!

We woke up to this yesterday morning!

It came as a surprise as we weren't expecting it, I haven't been out in the garden since before the storm that hit us last weekend, my bench is still overturned and I have damage to the summerhouse door and windows but I was very lucky compared to some. Power has yet to be restored to quite a number of homes. 

That little bit of snow doesn't look like much but it was very icy underfoot, I had to walk to my hairdressers appointment as the roads were too icy to risk taking the car, luckily I managed to get there in one 

piece but fortified myself with a cappuccino in Costa before I walked back home again, the sea doesn't look that inviting does it?

Can you believe we have cold water swimmers who actually swim in that sea every morning they must be very brave I couldn't do it could you?

I look forward to the Drops Advent Calendar every year, it's fun to click and find a free pattern everyday some of them are really cute,  I have already tried days one and two so quick and easy,  a nice little project for the weekend.😊


  1. Haha, your postman sounds like a jolly fellow. The cushions are lovely and they match the rug very well. It's sometimes hard to judge what a colour will look like in real life when you're ordering online but you made a good choice there. Yes, that sea certainly looks choppy and rather those swimmers enter the water than me, I'm too much of a softie to put myself through it, haha.

  2. Cozy home, lovely cushions and beautiful pictures !
    Have a nice weekend !

  3. I would love to see how you made them.

    Thanks so much!

  4. It's nice to change things up a bit in our homes. I enjoyed looking at the photos and I hope you enjoy yourself for the holidays. Have a nice weekend Linda.

  5. Los cojines son muy bonito, y la textura la acertada¡¡¡.....y no, yo no me bañaria, como tampoco me baño ahora en el mar Mediterraneo, que es una mar mas calido que el Oceano

  6. I love that the postman has you figured out :)
    Your new cushions are gorgeous and your room is looking cosy and inviting. X

  7. I cannot imagine swimming in that freezing sea in your winter. LOVE your new room, Linda! A change is as good as a holiday. Your cushions are gorgeous and go perfectly with the lovely new rug. Your friend is a fabulous photographer; those photos are amazing. Your postman sounds like the most delightful fellow, with a great sense of humour. As for the new pattern you showed us; it is a beauty.

  8. I would love to have the pattern stitch for your pillows....they are beautiful. Thanks.

  9. El cojín quedó espectacular!
    Me ha gustado mucho el punto con relieve y la combinación de colores.


  10. We went to hobbycraft the other day and of course I came out with 3 balls of yarn. I have no idea what I shall do with them but they were so luscious that I just had to bring them home. lol
    The Christmas cushions are lovely.

  11. Your postman sounds wonderful, ours is lovely too always cheery and smiling ...

    I do like your rug colourway and your cushions are great, they go so well.

    That is a very nice photograph of a wintry looking sea.
    No sooner do we say goodbye to Storm Arwen when we now have Storm Barra heading our way!
    Stay safe and warm.

    All the best Jan

  12. I'm the same, no Christmas planning for me until December then it's suddenly a bit of a rush. That 3 colour block cushion is lovely, what a beautiful texture.

  13. Lovely combination of colours and gorgeous cushions which go very well with your new front room colour scheme. I do like that rectangle cushion and as you say the stitch is what makes it stand out and yes please I would like the pattern as well. Actually and to be quite frank I don't like making crocheted cushions myself. I am not sure why its one of those things I rarely make perhaps because my daughter said they look frumpish ... sigh! Never-the-less I do like this pattern and I think she will change her mind if she sees one like this LOL. Happy December. Amanda x


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