Friday 15 October 2021

Snowmen a Ted and an Angel

 Thank you for all the lovely comments I received for the Haven Baby hat and a big thank you for the feature Rhondda.  I have got a few more patterns to write up when time allows, I know that I should do it straight away but honestly my time management is appalling, it didn't used to be, I found that when I was working I could fit more things into my day now that I'm retired it seems to be more difficult, maybe it's a case of well I can do it later there is plenty of time, the problem is there isn't haha

I have been making those snowmen I mentioned a couple of weeks ago and here they are, 

I enjoyed making them but I find that making faces is always my downfall I hope that the faces on these won't scare anyone off.  These are for N.H.A.P. and will be put into little Christmas stockings and given to parents who's babies are in hospital or are born around Christmas time. 

This is the pattern but I did tweak it as I usually do. 

I have made eight and I'm not sure if I want to make any more, I was thinking of maybe making some knitted ones too but I do have other things on my hook, poppies are still being made, I have started a Christmas Angel, I have seen a cute dinosaur pattern which I'm sure little Mikey would love and I want to make a blanket with wintery colours what do you think of this it's a Mosaic Pattern...

Sholach Mosaic Christmas Trees

I love it but I still haven't made up my mind, I want a throw that can be used for all of winter and not just at Christmas but I have left it too late for this year, unless I make something that doesn't take too much thought.

I had a Zumba class yesterday morning when I told a friend of mine that I was going to Zumba she said why!? and I'm thinking has she got a point, am I mad for doing Zumba at this stage of my life and then I thought not at all you are never too old.  I must quickly point out that this is Zumba Gold for the more mature person of course one can put as much effort into it as one is able.  This particular class is very popular and it's clear that these ladies have been attending this class for years because they all know one another, I'm a relative newcomer and stay right at the back out of the way haha. One of the ladies is 90!

Here she is all dressed for her 90th birthday celebration, they organised a Zumbathon  for 90 minutes, a minute for each year of her age and then had a lovely buffet for her afterwards, unfortunately (or fortunately I don't think I could have managed 90 minutes)  I had to leave half way through as I was visiting a friend in hospital.

The friend I was visiting, Jennie has had a stroke and it has affected her left side, it was heart-breaking to see her like that but she has a possitive attitude and hopes to make a full recovery, it will be a long hard road for her but I really hope that she does.  I made her a little Ted to keep her company...

I have made hundreds of these they are so handy to give as a little gift the pattern is here.

Visiting someone in hospital is not for the faint hearted in these Covid related times. You have to book an appointment well in advance as only one visitor is allowed onto the ward at a time and then you are gowned and gloved. I was sat there thinking how hot and uncomfortable I felt and it brought it home to me just how uncomfortable it must have been for the poor staff who had to work all hours wearing all the protective gear.

That Angel I mentioned  earlier is finished, it's nowhere as good as it should be but I think it's ok for a first attempt. 

A big thank you to Rhondda from  from Oombawka Design Crochet for sharing this free pattern.

This is Holly, you can find the pattern here. Rhondda has lots of other Angel patterns too and I can't wait to try another one these would be lovely to gift for Christmas don't you think. 😊

Well I think it's about time I got dressed and ready for the U3A Committee meeting this afternoon I'm ashamed to say that it's now noon and I'm still sitting in my pyjamas.🤦

Have a great weekend.😘😘

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  1. Cute little snowmen ! And lovely angel !
    Love the blanket...Firs are lovely and not only for Christmas...
    Have fun with Zumba !

  2. I'm so grateful for you sharing the patterns for the snowmen and the little Teddy, I shall certainly be making some of those.
    What exactly is Zumba, I've heard of it but have no idea what it is.

    1. It's an exercise class Briony, dance type moves done to Latin American music. x

  3. Linda, your snowmen are not scary at all! They are gorgeous. And I absolutely LOVE your angel - it is so beautiful. I also love your Christmas tree blanket - are you sure there isn't time to make a general wintery one? At the speed you produce them, I'm sure you have plenty of time! You are never too old for an exercise class - we have some 90+ in our keep fit class - and you are right to keep up with the zumba (look at me going to ballet at my age hahaha!) See you on Tuesday xx

  4. Lovely makes, they will put a smile on a lot of faces. I do love that blanket and there's nothing to say that it has to be used just at Christmas, you could use it right through winter. I've never don Zumba but Mick's auntie is in her eighties and she's been doing it for years, there's no stopping her. She's done line dancing, tap, all sorts of things over the years, and she goes with a friend who is well into her nineties. Honestly, you should see them, there's no stopping them, you really wouldn't think either of them are the age they are. I think keeping active is a very good way to keep you young.

  5. You are such a busy person. The snowmen are adorable and I love the little teddy. Hope your friend keeps her positive attitude during her recovery. I was just introduced to the project I found a quilted heart and love the concept. Another project prefect for winter for me to work on. Have a great weekend, make some time for yourself.

  6. I love all of your creations Linda. It's great that you make so many different things. I love that pretty angel and the snowmen are just adorable. That is great that you are doing Zumba Linda. I love doing Zumba and you have fun and it's great exercise. Thanks for the blog visit and enjoy the weekend.

  7. I do like the snowmen, the angel and teddy ... lovely craft work.
    Zumba seems to be quite popular, although I haven't tried it.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  8. So, so many gorgeous crochet pretties! Those little snowmen are sweet, as is the little bear. Beautiful angel, too. I hope your friend makes a good recovery. It sounds as if she is determined. Your Zumba group sounds fun. How fantastic is the 90 year old lady; she did make me smile. Love her outfit! Oh, I forgot, the blanket you are thinking of making is lovely....and so very clever!

  9. The snowmen are cute. It was very thoughtful of you to make that sweet teddy bear for your friend in hospital. A small gesture to lighten up her mood. I hope she gets well soon. Love your angel! Enjoy your Zumba classes!

  10. Love your adorable snowmen. I'm sure they will play nicely with the beautiful angel.

  11. That blanket is fabulous but I am inclined to agree with you as it is very Christmassy :-) I love the snowmen too thinking they would make great Christmas cards instead of that is LOL! keep well. Amanda x

  12. What a cute line up of snowmen! :) And what a sweet little bear to make for you friend. I hope she recovers fully. I've never done zumba, but I'm glad to see that any age can do it. 90 is impressive all by itself. To zumba at 90 is amazing!

  13. Just found a link to your blog on Crafty Cats corner.. I am so pleased she posted the link as it is exactly the kind of blog I love. I'm going to have a good look through your older posts.

  14. You have been busy. I think the little snowman are so cute, not scary at all. And I love the Christmas angel. Such a clever design. Thanks for joining in Ginx Woolly Linx Party for October.


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