Friday 29 October 2021

Cute little Critters and Happy Halloween!

 I'm not one for making fiddly things but some of those fiddly things are so cute sometimes I really can't help myself.  

As I have mentioned before I run a crochet group for the u3a and as such I have a display board at the u3a's monthly meetings.  I try to make the board look attractive to encourage people to join the group, I usually have a garland pegged to the top of the board which is mostly seasonal like the one below which I showed you last year in this post

This time I went a step further, along with the leaf garland I decided to inject a little bit of Halloween fun into the proceedings and this is where cute came in. 

The pumpkins are so easy to make and to be honest I had to stop myself  from making more, but I do have other things on my hook so I reluctantly dragged myself away from the creating of pumpkins and  moved on to the mice, I have been wanting to make some little mice for a long time just because I think they are so darn cute and this seemed like the perfect time.

Amigurumi is amazing but so fiddly, making the bodies is easy enough but it's the sewing on of ears and other appendages  that gets me, and so for the pink mouse rather than crochet the ear and sew it on I surface crocheted them straight onto the mouse, so much easier and they look ok I think.

I  had to have a hedgehog to complete the display, I'm still looking for a  more realistic looking hedgehog pattern maybe I'll try and design one myself but this one had to do and I think he looks cute enough.

This small display caused quite a bit of laughter at the meeting last Wednesday especially when I told the Chairperson that we had an infestation of mice in the Town hall she looked horrified and said, have you reported it! then when she saw the display she just burst out laughing and announced it when she was addressing the members, it's amazing what a bit of crochet can do to raise the spirits and bring a bit of fun the the proceedings.

I found the mouse pattern in this book here but ended up doing it my own way anyway, here are some cute mouse patterns if you fancy hooking up a few.

Little Christmas Mouse

Tiny Crochet Mouse

There are lots of great pumpkin free patterns, I used this one by Planet June and adapted the size by using different weights of yarn and hook sizes.  More patterns below.

Autumn Pumpkin Pattern by Bella Coco

Medium Crochet Pumpkin Pattern by crochet 365

Crochet Pumpkin Pattern by Petals to Picots

The hedgehog pattern I made is like this one here Easy Crochet Hedgehog by the Whoot but I have since found  one I like better and am going to make more using this pattern The Hedgehog Hedda by Yarnhild

Unfortunately a few days after my last Crochet group session two of the members who had attended the meeting came down with Covid, there had been ten of us in a room much smaller than I would have liked but the large room where it is usually held was not available.  I had to get in touch with everyone concerned and ask them to do a lateral flow test and to watch out for symptoms, luckily now 14 days later we are all fine thank goodness. 

The two ladies in question had attended a birthday party and they think that that's where they caught it.  They have been quite poorly despite having two doses of the vaccine, they had just received their boosters but obviously the effects of those hadn't kicked in, on the bright side they will be both super charged with antibodies and thankfully they are both on the mend.

Thank you for the lovely comments about little Mikey's solar system outfit, he is getting lots of use out of it apparently he has already attended two Halloween Parties and my daughter in law has organised a neighbourhood Halloween trail so he will be wearing it again this weekend. 

If you are celebrating Have a Great Halloween. 😊😘😘


  1. Little Cotton Rabbits has a super hedgehog pattern(£1.50) plus lots of free patterns like mini Xmas stockings etc.Worth a look. I have done the hedgehog one and it is good.
    Wish you were in my u3a!

  2. I love your Halloween display Linda, and how nice to be responsible for some fun and laughter at the u3a. I'm glad to hear that Mikey is getting his money's worth out of his

  3. Oh, they're all fabulous. I do wish my crochet skills were up to making things like this, especially that little pink mouse and the hedgehog. It did make me laugh that the chairperson thought there was an infestation of real mice, haha.

  4. I made these mice for my 5 cats and put a little bell inside them, they love them and throw them all over the place, they are getting a bit worse for wear now. lol
    Just love you blog. thankyou.

  5. Linda, me gusta todo¡¡¡ las calabazas, yo tambien he tejido varias este año, los ratoncitos¡¡¡....el erizo las hojas y las piedras con servilletas?, el resultado es fantastico

  6. I really like everything you made Linda. The costume, the pumpkins and the mice. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  7. Very sorry to hear about your two friends getting Covid. You just can't be careful enough with this terrible virus. I am not suggesting at all you and your group were not careful obviously you were as you have been getting them to go and get tests straight away! However you see just from attending a birthday do it is so easy to pick it up if someone there was bringing it in from another place! I wish people would take more care it is still with us as I keep saying ! I had to tell a young chap to keep his distance in the PO today! He didn't like it at all but he was just a step away from me. I am so fed up of this bug! I certainly agree Linda that lovely Halloween display must have really lifted your groups's spirits! It is gorgeous and the little mice are so cute. Ha! Ha! I can just imagine the chairperson's face when you told her there were mice everywhere. :-). Gosh! yes! amigurumi is so tempting but the little bits are so time consuming and as you say "darn fiddly". Take Care. Amanda x

  8. Oh, how gorgeous your little mice, pumpkins and hedgehog are, Linda! They are all adorable, but, it is the hedgehog that has won my heart. He is beyond cute! I love the leaves garland from last year, too. I hope the two ladies are on the road to recovery. How unfortunate to be so sick even though they were double vaccinated. Mikey sounds as if he is having the best time celebrating Halloween, in his fabulous solar system outfit you made for him. He is going to have the best memories of all the fun times.

  9. I do like everything you made here.
    So sorry to read about your two friends having Covid, hoping you keep well.
    Enjoy the weekend.

    All the best Jan

  10. Adorable little critters. Hope the members of your crochet group recovered quickly. Glad everyone else is okay.

  11. I'm relieved to hear that you are okay. Love the pumpkins. This post has encouraged me to make some more colourful ones for next year. X

  12. The mice are so cute and everything looks great. Sorry to hear about the two ladies. Covid really is everywhere still. Keep well x

  13. Your autumn crochets are so cute and awesome, our craft group hasn't been together yet and I really miss that.


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