Friday 13 November 2020

A Mosaic Christmas

 New Mosaic Christmas Patterns seem to be published almost daily and it's hard to keep track, of course when I see one I want to make it because every single one of them is beautiful.

I had intended to make the Letitcia Holiday Blanket shown below but decided that I couldn't justify making another blanket at the moment and have decided to use the pattern to make cushions instead.

cushion cover,crochet,mosaic crochet

I really enjoyed making this it was a really fun project. I used the stitch count for the small  size and just followed the pattern with a few slight changes.  I added a green panel at the top and bottom of the cushion to get the correct height and at each side to get the width which I overlapped at the back to form an envelope opening in which to insert the cushion pad, I made four button holes and will add Christmas tree buttons although it doesn't really need any, I'm waiting for them to arrive or I would have shown a back view as well.

(If anyone would like to make this and would like more details just let me know)

I used Dk yarn

Green - Home Bargains (just £1 for 100 gram and it's good quality,soft and squishy) 

Red and navy - Stylecraft Special Dk

White Sparkly (although it doesn't show up in the photo) for the trees and plain white for the pom poms (snowballs) From Wilco.

I bought a cushion pad from Amazon sized 20 x 12 inches.

I plan to make more cushions using the other panels from the pattern and if they turn out as cute as the one above I will gift them at Christmas.

I have complied a list of  Christmas Mosaic Patterns and will add it to my Mosaic Crochet Post and will update it as and when new Patterns become available.

I have already included this blanket in the original post but I'm highlighting it again to remind everyone that  part of  the pattern is free and the full pattern discounted until 23rd November......

DESIGNER Rosina Plane


by  Meagan Burke

by  Robert Sophie


  1. What a great idea to make cushions instead of a blanket, it's turned out beautifully and I'm sure anyone who's gifted one for Christmas will love it.

  2. Lovely cushion !!! And lovely pattern for Christmas !!!!!
    Have a nice weekend too !

  3. Wow, the mosaic Christmas patterns are so beautiful!
    I like the reindeer on the Christmas socks, all those patterns are awesome!!

  4. I love that cushion you made Linda. You are so talented! Thanks for the lovely blog visit. Have a happy Friday and weekend.

  5. I love the cushion idea, so much quicker to make up. I'm like you, not sure I need another afghan for myself or to gift to someone. I still haven't decided on my next project.

  6. So many patterns, so little time! I bet you are going to have a bunch of fun making some fun mosaic projects.

  7. Oh wow, all of these patterns are incredible! BUT....I must say your little cushion is amazing. Love those little trees and the green at the bottom and the top somehow sets off this gorgeous pattern perfectly. LOVE those pom poms kissing the corners...such fun!

  8. So many pretty mosaic patterns. Every one is beautiful. I really love your cushion and that you had the forsight to do that. Very nice!

  9. Oh my! The patterns are amazing. Your cushion is gorgeous, and I know what you mean about blankets. I have far too many as well. X

  10. Wow! There are so many beautiful mosaic patterns! I love that technique. Your cushion turned out so well.


  11. Such a lovely looking cushion.
    I think the mosaic Christmas patterns are all amazing.

    Enjoy these November days, they seem to be going by so quickly.

    All the best Jan

  12. The patterns are amazing; what you did with them even more so! Thank you so much for sharing it with us at Farmhouse Friday!

  13. That cushion is fabulous and will make a gorgeous present!! So many beautiful mosaic patterns they make me drool!!! keep well Amanda x

  14. Such a good idea to make a cushion instead of a blanket. You can showcase the lovely pattern without it taking so long. Plus who doesn't like a festive cushion to bring out at this time of year?

  15. Hi Linda, I love your pillow ♥ I also love the links you shared for Mosaic Christmas Patterns. Thank you for visiting and linking up at our party. Your pillow is being featured tomorrow. Here's the link to the post in case you'd like to share the feature: Wishing you the best, Rhondda

  16. Such a distinctive pattern on your cushion. Thanks for joining in my link party.

  17. Lovely cushion. Such a great design.

  18. Very pretty! Thanks so much for linking up with me.



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