Friday, 6 November 2020

Socks and Flowers Still in Bloom.

 There seems to be an awful lot of sock making going on in blogland right now and I have been trying to resist the urge to join in as I really don't need any more socks, I have looked back and found that the last pair of socks I made for myself was in April 2017 it doesn't seem that long ago!

I really enjoy making socks and could quite happily have a pair on the needles all of the time but I'm trying to be sensible, how many pairs of socks does a gal need! I have noticed that handmade socks never seem to wear out I'm still quite happily wearing the first pair I ever made back in May 2015 and they still look brand new.

So why did I start...well apart from being influenced by everyone else's sock making, I was in a weakened state because I had just finished her Majesty the Queen (thank you so much for all the lovely comments in my last post about her by the way😊) and was between projects which is quite a dangerous place for me to be, I need to have something to work on all the time!

To be fair I've had the sock making urge for a while and when I found sock yarn in my stash that was it...

It's so nice to make something mindless for a change because those mosaic blankets do take a bit of concentration.

I will be casting the second sock on too so that I can knit them both together and avoid second sock syndrome which I am quite prone too. I'm following the basic 4ply sock pattern which can be found  here

I was able to get out into the garden yesterday and do some work because we've had dry weather for two whole days! I have been wanting to give the grass it's last cut of the season but it's been too wet 

After! still lots of  baby apples on my little tree

Autumn leaf clear up, these went into an old compost bag and will make great mulch for the flower beds once they have broken down.

I love this Fatsia it has done so well this year and it's produced it's own Firework display.

And here is Ben (you can read about Bens makeover here) quite unperturbed about the leaves surrounding his feet, I was going to put him indoors for the winter but he insisted on staying outside he says the cordyline tree shelters him quite well and he refuses to give up his pipe  and smoking indoors is a big no no.  I will keep an eye on him though and if I see any signs of distress, inside he will go pipe or no pipe. 😉

I'm going to pick whats left of the dahlias and enjoy them indoors before the frost strikes.

 So this weekend I will be working on my socks and a couple of other things I've started to be revealed later, why is one project never enough? have a count and see how many you are working on right now, counting the sewing I have five plus one which I have put aside for now to be completed later.

I am also planning on making a lemon drizzle cake which was shown on Lorraine this morning .....

Recipe here if you fancy making it too.

Have a cosy weekend.😘😘


  1. The socks are going to be so pretty when you finish making them Linda. Fall is the perfect time for gardening and I love the flowers. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Socks are so addictive and if you don't need any more yourself, how about making them as gifts? I always seem to have a pair on the needles. It seems everyone's getting their gardens tidied up ready for winter, I was hoping that Mick could give the grass one last cut this year but I don't think he'll get chance now, it just doesn't seem to dry out enough.

  3. You are so lucky still having blooms in your garden. I need to work on two socks at the same time as I get that second sock syndrome too. That is a really nice sock your you have chosen. Like you, I don't need any more socks but I do need something to keep my hands busy in the evenings while watching tv.

  4. Your garden is still looking colourful, and it was nice to see Ben :)

    Lemon Cakes are just so good aren't they.

    Have a good weekend.

    All the best Jan

  5. What gorgeous yarn! Those are going to be very fun socks. :)

  6. Lovely garden you have !!!!!
    And lovely socks you will have ;)
    Have a nice weekend !

  7. Your sock yarn is lovely!! I so like bright socks but it is a shame I haven't been very successful crocheting socks . Would Ben have anything to do with the Flowerpot men, perhaps distant relatives?? He is obviously the outdoor type....all weathers by the sound of it!! LOL! keep well Amanda x

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  9. Oh, I think to be working on just one pretty at any given time is a wee bit boring. =) I must say those socks don't look mindless at all! Surely you have to think about all those little patterns that appear. You have lovely flowers in your garden, Linda. I don't think I have ever seen a Fatsia shrub before. Oh my goodness, what fabulous flowers these are. Love your pretty Dahlia, too.

  10. I am always amazed with the self striping work for watching the patterns emerge as they are knitted.

  11. I hope to knit some socks as winter progresses it's been quite some time since I have knit any. Love the flower photos. The Fatsia is very interesting I have never seen that plant.

  12. Love my homemade socks and you can never have too many. I love wearing them all winter and Fall too.I have about 4 or more projects on needles right now for Christmas gifts. That is not counting the sewing I have to do too!!

  13. I laughed out loud at second sock syndrome! So glad you started another project that makes your heart sing (whether you need the socks or not)
    Thanks for sharing with the Slow Sunday Stitching crew!

  14. Lovely sock yarn, and gorgeous flowers. I think I will have to go out and mow again next week too! Happy knitting!

  15. I do love that self stripping sock wool. I use winwick mums sock pattern too and you've reminded me I have some sock wool waiting in the wings , just need to finish some projects first!

  16. I love your garden photos. I have yet to make socks. I have some yarn to do so. Maybe someday.


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