Friday, 20 November 2020

Knit A Lot To Save A Tot

 The Knitting Needles Are Out Big Time!

My needles have been in hibernation for quite a while until recently. My first love was knitting until crochet came along and nudged it to one side, but I always go back to it given the smallest excuse and this is one of those times.

The Sun Newspaper published this last weekend Do Your Knit Asking for knitted baby blankets

Without even really thinking about it I dove into my yarn stash and found some appropriate yarn, do you know I can't even remember where or when I bought this, I do remember it was on sale and I bought four 100 grams balls I have a feeling it's discontinued now but it's lovely yarn and I like the fact that it has both pink and blue shades so can be used for a boy or a girl.

It's coming on slowly, because although I'm enjoying it I have to be careful with knitting as it hurts my joints now which isn't really surprising since I have been knitting on and off for 60 years. 

I'm only going to make one blanket because when an appeal goes up like this I know that they will be inundated with donations because everyone wants to help. 

The Socks 

I'm at a crucial stage right now turning the heel so they aren't at the nice  pick up and do a few rows stage this is the bit that needs a bit of time and total concentration on my part...

I'm quite pleased with myself actually I think I've matched the yarn almost perfectly. 

What something else!!

Yes indeed and it's another charity project....

See if you can guess what it's going to be, the colours could give it away but then again.🤔

Look what came in the post I was amazed because I hadn't ordered anything, I have discovered I have to be very careful what I say around my family, I did just happen to mention that I had never had one of those posh looking food mixers handheld yes but never hands free. I was watching Bake Off At the time are you watching? who is your favourite to win?  Anyway I digress....

My lovely daughter ordered it for my birthday, it came a couple of days ago but I refused to take it out of it's box until it was my birthday day which is today yay! I can't wait to use it healthy things only of course.😉

Have a lovely weekend.😘😘


  1. Oh Linda, those socks are stunning! Is it really thin yarn? I wish I had know you wanted a food mixer when I was emptying Mam's bungalow as she had one. I sold it on ebay. Never mind, Mandy heard the cry and got you one for your birthday. Happy birthday! xxx

    1. Yes Babs its 4ply but it's quite surprising how quickly they work up.x

  2. Happy birthday, I'm with you on knitting, love to have some yarn on needles

  3. Wishing you a very happy birthday, I hope you're having a lovely day. What a fabulous gift, I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of that. I haven't been enjoying Bake Off this series as much as I usually do, I'm not sure why but I've still watched each episode. The baby blanket is going to be lovely, but I find large things like blankets work up so much quicker in crochet than they do knitting. The socks are fabulous, I love all those colours and yes, you've matched them perfectly. It's fascinating watching the colours make those patterns as you knit, isn't it.

  4. What a wonderful gift from your daughter. I'm sure you will put it to very good use. I haven't watched the Bake off show for ages, since the team changed to be quite honest. Love all your knitting, so many projects on the go.

  5. Happy Birthday Linda . And it is lovely to see that you are knitting again. M xx

  6. Happy Birthday, i hope you enjoy using your gift :-) I'm afraid I haven't every watched bake off as I don't like cooking programmes and I very rarely watch TV anyway.
    The baby blanket is going to be lovely and your socks are perfectly matched, well done!

  7. Happy Birthday! What a great gift. I use mine all the time. I am actually on my second one, my mom bought me my first for my wedding shower 35 years ago. That baby blanket is going to be pretty. I too have to limit some of my stitching. Knitting doesn't bother my hands and wrists, but crochet and too much cross-stitch make them ache. Those socks are wonderful. I have yet to try sock-knitting.

  8. I did not know that knitting was your first love. Love the colours of the yarn you are using for the blanket; so pretty and soft. I look at your socks and I must admit I am impressed. Each knitted block of pattern looks amazing with that above and below. Now about your lovely gift from your daughter. How sweet of her to buy you that "posh looking food mixer" for your birthday. You won't know yourself now. You will be whipping up all manner of delicious baking treats.

  9. Happy Birthday, and what a great gift! Great knitting projects you have going! Happy knitting!

  10. Many Happy Birthday Wishes.

    How lovely to be making a baby blanket,
    I do like the look of the socks,
    Happy knitting :)

    All the best Jan

  11. Great knitting projects, you are right, beautiful socks.
    Happy Birthday!

  12. The sock colourway is fabulous. I think Peter might win Bake Off :)

  13. Happy birthday! What a great gift from your very thoughtful daughter. Enjoy using it for all those healthy baked goods!
    Love your socks and the baby blanket. Have a great week

  14. Such nice projects you are working on Linda. Happy belated birthday. Hope you have a nice week.

  15. Happy belated birthday, Linda! Enjoy that posh new mixer.

    I love your vibrant socks, and the blanket is going to be very pretty.

  16. Belated birthday wishes. My left wrist is giving me constant problems now so I have to be careful with the way I twist and turn it. Cross-stitch seems to bother it most because of the way I hold the aida when stitching. It's always nice when you can create something for charity. Enjoy your new mixer.

  17. A belated happy birthday wish to you, Linda. I hope you're enjoying the new mixer. The knitted baby blanket is going to be just beautiful. I love the colors in that yarn. And your socks really are perfectly matched. My first guess on the mystery project is Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, but I'm thinking that maybe it's not so obvious. How about a yule log? I don't know, but you've got me curious now. :)

  18. Splendid birthday present! Belated birthday wishes and I hope you had a wonderful day! I always say my socks are my mini protest against social norms!! Why because I always wear really brightly coloured socks so I just love these you are making...fabulous colours. keep well Amanda x

  19. A belated happy birthday wish to you from me as well, Linda. Such sweet makes! I'm exactly the same - I abandoned knitting in favor of crochet but keep going back from time to time, for special projects.

  20. My favourite person won Bake Off. I really think Hermine should have been in the final. The result could easily have been different if she had been.


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