Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Great Syrian Knitting Appeal

The events which are happening in Syria have affected every one of us.  It's heart breaking to see the suffering that is experienced by families having to flee their homes.
Some of you may know that I lived in Syria for many years and my four children were all born there. I have family and friends still living there so this is a cause which is close to my heart.

I was delighted to find this appeal for knitted and crocheted items here in the UK  there are drop off points throughout the UK and even better there is a drop off point in my area so myself and the members of my local Loving Hands craft group will be making as many items as we can before the deadline at the end of October.  

A huge collection of beautiful projects made by Diane
Cute little crochet Jacket made by Lynn
These were all donated at yesterdays meeting so I think that we have got off to a brilliant start.
The items most needed are hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, cardigans sweaters and blankets.
If you would like to help too you can find out all about this great initiative here 
Please note the deadline is different in each area.
Other ways to help

Many of you are making squares for LILY find out more here and here the need  
for squares is on going.

Hand in Hand for Syria  are having a big aid drop in November. Or you can send your 
Knitted/crocheted donations to

Hand in Hand for Syria,  254 Kilburn High Rd, London, NW6 2BX

Also Operation Orphan are taking clothes to the refugees in November.


  1. Thanks for these links Linda. I shall certainly knit some more things for this heartbreaking cause.

  2. It's wonderful you're working for such a worthy cause. Blessings on all your projects and crafters.

  3. Linda - I would love to participate - If crochet is ok too. ;-)

    Is there an address I could send some things to from the USA? I could not find one from the link.

    My heart goes out to these people and you are so kind to post about it.

  4. Hi Linda. I am so sad when I see what's happening there on the news - I just don't understand why there always has to be wars on this earth. I'll pray for them. ♥

  5. I would like to participate! Poor children and families...

  6. I have a parcel of hats ready to send tomorrow Linda x


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