Sunday 29 September 2013

Come Visit Yarndale

A trip to Yarndale for those who couldn't be there, go grab yourselves a cuppa, sit back and enjoy.

Yarndale was crowded with all kinds of craft loving folk. It was hard to get around all the pens a lot of squeezing and a little pushing was inevitable but everyone I encountered was friendly and didn't seem to mind. 

The Bunting 

Outside Yarndale

See if you can spot yours!

did you spot it yet? 

No? well maybe it's inside.

Lets have a look round

Don't you just love buttons? I had to drag myself away!

The Workshops

 Meeting Lucy

Hungry anyone

Then at the end of the day either take a shuttle bus to the station or

Take a moment to drink in the beautiful views 

and then take a walk in the park.

The little ducks are watching the river antics 

I'm so glad we took the walk in the park. :)

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Yarndale. 

I had a lovely day despite the crowds, there was so much to see, touch and feel.  Lots of inspiration and sharing of knowledge.
Yes we had to queue  ages for food but I was fascinated by the young woman who stood in front of me knitting an intricate lacy pattern while she waited with her friend who was wearing the most beautifully knitted cardigan.  We were with like minded craft loving folk and the atmosphere was lovely.

What did I buy? buttons of course. :)


  1. Thank you Linda from the bottom of My Heart for sharing all those most WONDERFUL photos of Yarndale... LOVED them all and especially the ones Meeting Lucy.. What a huge smiley face she had on.. Obviously enjoying every second of Yarndale. NOW Linda I thought you said YOU "Dragged" yourself away from those buttons. LOL Hugs Judy

  2. Oh Linda - I have never heard of Yarndale...may I attend with you next year? :-)

  3. Thank you Linda. For sharing your photos with us who couldn’t go. Too far in my case. I too am glad you walked in the park, I love the ducks and the yarn bombing. I wonder what will happen to it all after the event. To see the lamas and rabbits, just think that is where all the posh yarns come from. I just loved all your photos so again THANKYOU. Pat (silver surfer)

  4. Oh wow! Lucky you! I don't like crowds, but I do like yarn and crafty inspiration. The bunting is fantastic -- certainly makes a statement. And the crocheted food is absolutely fantastic! Fun times indeed. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Great post Linda! I loved seeing your day. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of Yarndale. We all wish we had been able to go........

  6. Hello Linda
    I've seen mine whoopee!!!!!! They are on Lucy's table right in front of her all laid out in sequence...fabulous!!! Thank you so much Linda for this virtual tour of Yarndale and all these wonderful photos. It looks absolutely fantastic and oh my dear all those buttons!!!
    Can I use the two photos you have taken of Lucy please to post on my blog. I want to show my bloggy friends that I have found my triangles. I'm sure there will be loads of bloggers that will see their triangles thanks to your photos!!!!
    GREAT POST!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  7. Thank you, thank you, Linda, for taking all those photos and sharing them. I almost felt I was there! I could almost feel the warm afternoon sunshine in the park and I would have loved to see those little rabbits. I probably would have spent an awful lot of money though!!

  8. I so wanted to go but couldn't, however seeing these fab photos makes me feel that I was there. Thank you Linda for sharing them :0)

  9. I loved the photos and want some of them bunnies the wool looked lovely and I too would have bought buttons also I love canal boats I'd love to live on one lol thank you for sharing the experience with us

    Love annegraham74

  10. Oh Linda - thank you so much for inviting us along on your visit. As with Kate - I so wanted to go but circumstances didn't allow! Your piccies and words made a lovely virtual tour

    Pam xx

  11. Oh how fun seeing all that stuff, and the! Thanks for taking us along. Looks like lots and lots of FAB stuff!

  12. I am so glad you took so many pictures so we could all feel like we were there too. It looks like a fabulous day.

  13. oh thank you for sharing, what a wonderful event. to be there must have been such fun!

  14. I wish I could be there!!! thanks for showng photos. Everything looked so festive and fun :-)

  15. Oh Linda, I wish so so much I could be there with all of you! It really seems like a great, fun event! and Hi Lucy! :) May be some day I come to UK to meet all of you!!! :)
    You did great job, bunting, and yarn bombing! Also I also would have bought buttons there :)

  16. Linda, thaaaaank you sooooo very much for the lovely tour. I was so excite for everyone who got to go and was so anxiously waiting for a tour and you gave us a wonderful one. Thanks so very much!

  17. Nice to have a virtual tour after reading a lot about this event in the making. Looks like a perfect place for yarn types to hang out. Love all the pictures of the goodies on display and the walk in the park. There is something special about the little ducks by the canal.
    Thanks for sharing

  18. Thank you for sharing those pictures, Linda - wished I could have been there myself!!

  19. Thanks for sharing this experience, it's been like I was there myself. . . and meeting Lucy must have been lovely too. I looked out for the bunting I made for it but it is just impossible to spot it amongst all those wonderful bunting !!

    Sounds like it was lot of fun !!


  20. Wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing. I have never heard of Yarndale, it certainly looks a brilliant day out for us like minded craft loving folk.

  21. I love your descriptions and photos of 'Yarndale a virtual tour' all those gorgeous colourful buntings the cute little ducks and the yarn bombing along the canal just a perfect craft day full of like minded folk,thank you Linda for sharing with us. Anne xx

  22. First timer I know what yarndale is! I would be in yarn happiness all day if I where there. Looks like you had wonderful time. I can't believe you only came out with buttons.....that will power!!!
    Hugs, Shari

  23. After seeing all your wonderful pictures of Yarndale I think it's a good thing I couldn't be there in person because I'd be worse than broke...I'd be in debt!!!! LOL What a fine time it looks like everyone had. WTG y'all!!

  24. Thank you for sharing all this Linda!!!!!!!
    .....I cannot spot my triangles!!!!! sigh!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxx Ale

  25. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing your photos :)

  26. Hello Linda, Thank you for such a wonderful post. Obviously I was there but I didn't get to see all the wonderful yarn bombing so thank you. I'm grinning from ear to ear. I'm going to put a link on my Yarndale blog post to yours so everyone can enjoy it. x
    So glad you love your felted flower brooch, I spotted my little field mouse wall hanging and mannequin of flower brooches in your post ;)

  27. What a fabulous write-up....thank you!!!! It all looks quite wonderful I must say :o)

  28. Would so have loved to looked wonderful...but unfortunately too far away from North Wales! Lovely to see your photographs of the event to make up for it! Do wish we could have an event like this, for all the crafters to get together as it can be quite a lonely business being an artist and maker.
    Hope there are more events to see and visit in the future!
    Vicky xx

  29. Thank you for this Blog...really envy anyone who was near enough to come to visit!
    Wish we could have something like this in North Wales...I know of loads of people who would absolutely love it..the nearest we ever have a Craft or makers show is probably based in Manchester or Harrogate, which are still very far from us.

  30. I love the cherry pie! and well, everything else. I'm a new follower. Found you through Tammy.

  31. Thank you so much for the fantastic round up of Yarndale, sadly I couldn't go this year but I did spot some of my bunting on Lucy's table - you've made my day!

  32. grossartig gefällt mir sehr gut!

  33. Thx so much for sharing your Yarndale photos...WOW is all I can say. MO


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